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New life of

So happens only in the fairy tale. In that, you remember, about the boy growth about a finger. Here such little boy appeared also at us. Though it was a rostochok not about a finger, and is much bigger - 59 cm, but souls we in is mute did not hope as well as fantastic parents.

everything Began

a little unexpectedly. First the thought of the child strongly sat down at my head, then on some circumstances it was necessary to recede from it. But when the test showed two strips, I resolved that again I will become mother.

at the beginning of pregnancy I felt well. The feeling when I, waking up in the mornings, knew that in me there lives a tiny little man was the most surprising for me. Still nobody sees it, and it already is, and I was happy.

Much of us can hurry time waiting for any event. On the one hand, I wanted too that my child was born somewhat quicker, and with another - I understood that these nine months are given not only to him to grow and be ready to birth, but also me that to understand a lot of things and to feel.

Initial blissful thoughts of my pregnancy were replaced by thoughts about that how many it is necessary to make before the child is born. The most important - health of the kid therefore I have to care for the health. Before pregnancy I attended classes of a hatkh - yoga and decided not to refuse them, but adjusted for my situation. Now I practiced yoga for pregnant women. And me, and to the kid of occupation brought huge pleasure. Besides, both of us liked foot walks, swimming in the pool and, of course, campaigns in a bath. And still we with small liked to listen to music: classics, the author`s song, fate - N - a beater. We even had favourite works... There was time and for reading books. But it were not just books - it were books of my childhood, one may say, rarities. Once they were read to me by my parents and grandmothers, then I read them to the oldest daughter, and now these remarkable works were heard by one more my child. In food it was necessary to refuse some addictions. But I made it easily, understanding that it only on advantage to small.

mother will hardly be able unambiguously to answer with

the question “Whom Do You Love More - the Son or the Daughter?“. Therefore it was not important for me - the boy will be born or the girl. The name was selected both for it, and for it. At the choice of a name for the girl the head was broken - both Masha, and Maya, and Vasilina... And here is how to call the boy, solved at once - Gleb. On it girlfriends told me:“ If at once the name was selected, so there will be a boy“. And it turned out.

B of 13,5 weeks inspection of ultrasonography showed that the little sonny grows in me. It a few a little afflicted the oldest daughter: very much she the little sister wanted - to braid braids and bows to tie. But the family was very happy - boys - we did not have that yet. Now, talking to the kid, I called him by name.

the Fall was in the heat. The day of appearance of the child on light became closer, the more there were pleasant efforts: purchase of a bed and carriage, diapers, clothes, toys and other necessary trifles.

I there came day when my sonny was born - on November 4. This day the first time went snow and all around - trees, roads, houses - became white - white. I was by the hospital window. It seemed, looked in the fairy tale. 9 months of happy expectation ended, New life began...

So happens only in the fairy tale. In that, about the boy growth about a finger. Also there is a wish to believe that our boy will grow up and will become for mother and the father hope, for grandmothers and grandfathers - the assistant, for the little sister - pleasure. And as far as it will turn out, will depend only on us.