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As my Alyonushka of

My name is Nastya, my daughter was born 6,5 months.

Small background... 1,5 years prior to this pregnancy I had a stood pregnancy on the term of 14 weeks...

Everything began

on October 3 when I remembered that monthly I have no 5 days. And before they came to the day, well, sometimes one day later, and to the last cycle even per day earlier... Well, I think, somewhere got lost... Generally, I decided to buy the test. Also I think that now I will come into a cafe to eat, there and I will make in a toilet. Came to cafe, descended in a toilet, and the result did not keep itself waiting long, on the test there were 2 stripes. My pleasure was not a limit. I wanted to shout at all cafes, at all street that I am pregnant, but I nevertheless decided to be silent. And did not tell the husband this day, and decided to buy still the test and for the next morning defiantly to make and report. So I also made. However, the day before I hinted it that monthly something is not present days 5... Well, his first words were:“ Means, we will sell the car“. And I at that moment went to driving lessons...

All pregnancy I easily went flew, more precisely, (and still were surprised from where I have so much energy), however, very strongly worried and waited for the first ultrasonography since during the first pregnancy on the first ultrasonography I was told that I have a stood pregnancy... But, thank God, everything was good, and term to me was put for June 11. Well, I thought that I will give rise on the birthday on June 17 since to my mother also put the term of childbirth. Well not here - that was, the daughter decided to please us with the emergence a little earlier.

Can tell

what began still on May 19, only about it I did not even suspect. That day I completed which - what cases on additional work and at ten o`clock evenings decided to go to sleep. At me sipped a waist on the right side and a stomach bottom too on the right a little, but I did not attach special significance to it since. thought that was simply tired (within an hour went on the market), and this everyday occurrence. Laid down and asked the husband a little to rumple a waist, but nagging pains did not stop, and I decided to drink but - to a shp, but did not find it and decided to insert a candle with a papaverine. Thought that I will wake up again in the morning, and nothing will hurt. Went to bed and at once fell asleep, and exactly in 12 nights I woke up in a toilet, and it seemed to me that on a leg some liquid flows. When descended in a toilet, afterwards I poured out liquid - the whole palm. I at once began to awake the husband, I speak: “Sasha from me flows some liquid what to do?“ And he says to me that he will call now and everything learns... Called “ambulance“, and they say to it that your wife gives birth, and he says to them that it still early, in 3 weeks term costs to it, and there are no fights.

I here I shock on the fact that at me it is collected nothing and have nothing (was going to go to buy next day). There arrived “ambulance“ and began to ask questions, and the husband even forgot how many to me years.

here he tells

I to me supposedly give, collect everything according to the book. I left everything in a package, but I even had no laying, and waters flew. The husband saw me to the car, and carried me to maternity hospital. Drove up to maternity hospital at 00:45. When there was a nurse and rushed off to a reception, I hurried behind her since it was dark, nothing is visible. And here... Oh - Bach! I fell (but, thank God, not on a stomach), tore apart to myself palms and a knee, and were watered even stronger. Here the nurse with questions runs up:“ You did not hurt? Did not fall on a stomach?“

is Sent, doctors handed over me and left. Here began to ask me questions about me, about the husband, about pregnancy, then led me on a chair, the doctor came there and began to climb painfully (probably, wanted that the stopper departed). Told that disclosure one finger, then led me to be washed away, do an enema, to shave, gave stupid scissors to cut nails. I remember that at this moment it seemed to me that I can fall. And still I was very strongly thirsty, but I was not given. The head was turned from - for the fact that fell. Then I speak: “Well, though to me grease hand wounds...“

B 1:45 me was led in patrimonial office, put on a bed with iron springs which stuck into a back. Here the duty midwife approached and it was presented, spread to me a hand and stuck something (probably that to cause fights), connected the device to a stomach to listen to heartbeat of the child and to control fights. But fights were very weak. Then she told me to go on chamber and to go to a toilet each hour. And here speaks: “And what you laying even with yourself did not take?“ And I to it: “Yes I was not going to give birth so early“. And it to me: “What do you have at all a bubble - that bursts? Perhaps had sex?.“

Here I already had fights each of 5 - 6 minutes... At 4:00 me connected the device on control of fights again, but the midwife told that fights are, but not regular. And still showed that as soon as fights are frequent and painful, it will be possible to give birth. At 5:00 I was connected to the device again and put a dropper from which the head was a little turned, but fights were in 5 minutes and painful. At 6:30 stuck a prick through a dropper again and from 7 in the morning began to thrash already through 2 - 3 minutes. Here all began to keep ringing to me. I constantly talked to the husband, and he told me that he will go with the sister to choose a carriage etc. now, and I told him that I do not want that his sister chose things for my child, it began to calm that will choose, and she will just prompt. Here I remembered that we did not buy still the camera, called and reminded the husband. And here already thrashed me every minute. I remember that he tried to tell something else to me, and I say to him that I cannot hear it any more, me turned inside out. Here I hear that already all go, communicate, and do not approach me. Here I wanted to make an effort, I at first suffered, and on the second attempt did not sustain and was a little extinguished, and so nobody approached me. And I already shout: “Pancake, well approach me though somebody! I here, maybe, already give birth, and you do not even see!“


B 8:00 suited the doctor and says that disclosure of 5 fingers, disclosure of 8 fingers... All - on its chair! I laid down, and they saw at me grazes on hands and speak: “And what is it?“ And I say to them that I when I went here, fell, and they: “What, walked?“ I speak: “No, on “ambulance“ brought!“ Doctors told that when attempts begin, it is necessary to make an effort. It seemed to me that on a chair of an attempt became weaker. But I so quicker wanted to give rise that I tried. Here I gave rise to a head, and doctors said to me that it is necessary to make an effort still. Pain was very strong, and there was a wish that the baby did not suffer and most there was a wish to give rise quicker. And here I collected all forces and began to make an effort, and all! At 8:40 I gave rise.

At first I saw that I a cub sirenevo - pink color, and got a fright and as soon as cut a pupovinka, the child cried. I very much was delighted, even tears with happiness poured down. I it was not given at once, and turned and put on a table. And while I lay on a chair, watched all at the daughter and thought how she is similar to Alyonushka. Quite so we also called it. The daughter was born on the term of 37 weeks, the weight 2780, height of 49 cm. Here such at me rasskazik about childbirth.