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Candlesticks of

Present to darling the candlesticks made with own hands for creation of a romantic situation.

It is very simple

, I will teach you! You will not need many difficult devices! Only empty pure jars of an interesting form (I have banks from - under honey in the form of hexagons), stained glass paints on glass will be necessary for you plus contours (for the lack of special stained glass paints I used paints for the separating pictures for windows and from the same set contours), brushes (me were not necessary, because paints for windows in special tubes) heating candles (on one piece in each candlestick)

For a start I will tell

that I made three different candlesticks. One in cold blue - blue - violet tones, the second - in warm oranzhevo - it is yellow - dairy, the third - it is white - one-time - malinovo - brilliantly - violet. Candlesticks in cold and warm colors are painted with use of the uniform principle. Namely - I drew various New Year`s forms a contour and painted over all remained area of glass, leaving asterisks - circles - snezhinochka on a transparent can background.

Plus I advise

not too to be fond of coloring and to leave alone the top banks which if something happens will heat up most of all I did not paint necks of cans where the cover twists. And kept covers, so it is simpler to store candlesticks and from candlesticks with covers it is possible to poimprovizirovat and arrange aromalampa if not to twist a cover, and having just turned to put from above (plus to pour water and to drip essential oil).

On one jar I used three paints of one scale. As sides on my banks there were six, three paints perfectly alternated and did not repeat.

Here such turned out these two candlesticks. Similar, but at the same time and opposite.


it was possible to make also, of course, the third candlestick in the same equipment, but this equipment mnnaskuchit. Therefore the third candlestick is not similar to the first two.

Here I at first ornamented all can the balls of the different sizes coming one for another. Approximately in an hour when the contour dried up, I painted balls in different shades is red - pink, trying that balls of identical color were not close from each other.

Attention: do not repeat my mistake and do not pour a lot of paint, it tends to flow a contour and such interesting drops turn out.

Then I painted with

still slightly - slightly top banks and a bottom.

needs to dry Later carefully turned-out candlesticks.

Needed only to be put in each of them on a candle, and the gift is ready!