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Italian smack. Kitchen of a New Year`s table

They are such passionate, sexual and hot these Italians that just there is a wish to eat something such too to become passionate, sexual and though a little Italian, well at least on New Year`s Eve. At the majority of us Italian cuisine is associated only with pizza and macaroni, and it is absolutely incorrect.

Olive oil

Italians who daily consume olive oil in food live on average on 15 - 20 years longer, than Russians. It is a lot of, isn`t that so? All the matter is that olive oil reduces the level of harmful cholesterol and extremely positively influences on warmly - vascular system. Besides, olive oil well influences both digestive organs, and skin, and even nervous system.

As the Japanese cannot live without rice, so the Italian cannot live without olive oil. Sicily is famous for it having fine taste and very useful to an organism to this day.

of the Lady, attention! Olive oil protects from presenilation and increases elasticity of skin (as a result, reduces quantity of again developed wrinkles). It is possible to fill with olive oil any salads or to use it for frying because it is known that only olive oil when frying does not emit carcinogens even if you prepare on the same oil already for the third time.

Nut mix - a peanut, cashew, almonds, black fox and hazelnut - put
in a soup plate, from above slightly sprinkle olive oil and add slightly - slightly salt. Then from above cover with other plate and shake so that oil and salt covered evenly all nuts. The tasty delicacy is ready!

Idea: (white or black) to sprinkle fresh bread olive oil, to strew from above with ground pepper and small chopped greens. In total!


Italian cuisine abounds with fish delicacies, and Italians use in only fresh fish. “The freshness at fish happens only one - the first, it and the last. And if sturgeon semifresh, then it means that it is rotten!“ - M. Bulgakov so spoke, and Italians completely agree with him. Especially as the Japanese scientists proved that the frequent use in food of fresh fish reduces risk of a heart attack almost vdovy.

Fish dishes easier, in comparison with traditional meat, presented on our New Year`s table therefore also more “festive“. In the sense that after a fish dish to dance and have fun much more simply, than after nourishing and heavy meat. It is checked!

Yes, nearly forgot, the American scientists surely declare that daily consumption of fish in food is an excellent prevention of depressions.

Fish in Italian is “peshe“ (an accent on the second syllable) that, let`s prepare very tasty, easy, low-calorie dish “peshe in milk“. We need fillet of any sea fish (250 g) and a glass of milk (100 g), absolutely slightly - slightly olive oil and salt to taste. On the frying pan warmed with olive oil we spread fish, we salt, we fry from two parties (before formation of a ruddy crust), then we fill in with milk and we place a frying pan in an oven. Through 15 - 20 minutes the dish is ready!


Cheese - it is very tasty. The most tasty breakfast for me - a cheese piece with a coffee cup. Always it seemed to me that after it I feel all day better, and recently I read in the magazine and understood that at all it “did not seem“ to me, and actually indeed: coffee and cheese improve health at hypotensives - people with low arterial pressure.

Italy was always famous for the cheeses, and in the fall here even there take place cheese festivals. The most popular Italian cheese at us and however, and in Italy is “Parmesan“. Still there is “Rikotto“ (red firm cheese to pepper impurity), “Pekorino“ (sweet), “Provolona“ (has the melon form) and some more desyatk grades.

At the moderate use cheese fruitfully influences sight, a condition of skin and a metabolism in an organism. However it is impossible to overeat it at all - cheeses extremely of a kaloriyna therefore can cause obesity, locks and other “pleasures“ of life.

On New Year`s Eve can try purely Italian dish with cheese - a lung in preparation and energetically valuable, it is enough to eat of all slightly - slightly and you all night long will have forces on fun without weight in a stomach.

For preparation of this dish needs 5 slices of firm cheese 1 cm thick, one egg, chopped greens, two tomatoes, breadcrumbs and olive oil. On the warmed frying pan to pour out a little olive oil, then to lay out the slices of cheese rolled in egg and breadcrumbs and to fry on both sides till golden color. So far cheese did not cool down, to strew it with greens and to decorate from above with a tomato slice.

of Coffee

Italians are inveterate “coffee-achievers“ with an experience, the first coffee house in Italy opened in 1654. Surprisingly, but at general love to this drink, Italians do not treat coffee drink as to ritual, and just like to drink it. Such approach imposes me most of all when the cup of coffee is just a coffee cup, without impurity of dushespasitelny and sentimental conversations and traditions.

In my opinion to opinion the most tasty coffee is a coffee in Italian today: add 30 g of the Amaretto liqueur to hot drink and decorate with a cap from the brought-down cream.

it Turns out p that the glass of coffee (I will specify, without “Amaretto“) can influence a human body wonderfully:

- two cups of coffee drunk in a day reduce risk of developing of cancer of liver by the whole 43%;

- coffee improves long-term memory, here, probably why it is pleasant to coffee to drink at office during negotiations.

By the way if you want to remember that you really did on this New Year`s Eve, then it is possible to drink a coffee cup instead of a glass of champagne, believe

, mind will be clear, and awakening for the morning - painless.

However the use of coffee has to be moderately - more than four cups a day can lead to deterioration in all indicators which I listed above. Yes, and still it is better not to drink it subjects at whom arterial pressure is increased.

Here where the imagination of Italians was developed by

of Sweet, so it in preparation of sweets! Panettone (something like our Easter cake with raisin), the torrena (reminds a water-ice with nuts and raisin), pandoro (slightly reminds cake) and a pan-fort (indescribable words of a vkusnotishch). That`s it a pan-fort we will also prepare for decoration of our New Year`s table.

All ingredients to us will be necessary for
in identical proportions: flour, sugar, water, candied fruits on of 200 - 300 Still an almonds handful, a ground nutmeg and a teaspoon of cinnamon. In a pan with water to pour out a half of a handful of almonds, sugar, a nutmeg and to cook everything on average fire of 5 minutes. Then we add candied fruits, flour to a pan and we cook 5 more minutes continuously stirring slowly. When homogeneous mass is formed, to lay out it on a plate, to decorate with the remained almonds and to cool. Then to cut on pieces and to enjoy!
the Festive New Year`s dinner at Italians begins

at 9 in the evening and proceeds till midnight. It is considered that new year will be successful if are present at a table at least of 5 - 7 dishes.

Italians recommend to eat

with That who waits of the future year of material welfare on New Year`s Eve fish; if you want health - try nut mix with olive oil; and if during peal of bells you swallow 12 grapes and do not choke, so the coming year it will be valid for you successful!