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Again, again this vanity Saturday. All week we wait for days off not to go to work, to stay three together with the beloved daughter and the husband, and here at last they come - long-awaited, on weekdays seeming such far so long, long and memorable. Days off. Saturday. I wake up under a silent cooing of the daughter, one second earlier opened eyes in the bed standing near and right there reporting to the world about the awakening. I embrace the baby, and then I plunge into maternal cares which I am deprived on weekdays. And here I remember that approaching urgent “necessity“ once again threatens to destroy our plans to stay together, three together, a family, to devote time to the child. Today it is a trip to GAI and the other efforts accompanying design of the machine. Besides, on Monday at the husband the next negotiations therefore he needs “to drop in“ in a hairdressing salon. We need also to buy products for a week as we do not want that the grandmother who is looking after on weekdays the child, gallop rushed with a carriage on hot shops, hoping that the kid who is wrapped up completely during this time will not manage to sweat and catch a cold.

On the road we have to run in bank and pay a communal flat, light, gas and other services of numerous services without which existence is impossible in our century. It is necessary to clean a jacket, to iron shirts, to wash, make the new schedule of food for the daughter to weaken the next splash in an allergy, to cook food, to clean the apartment and other, other. Looking at the husband who is trying to distribute rationally duties “taking into account speed and abilities of performers“ and still hoping to find time piece for “us“ I fatefully understand that the mass of cases will not decrease. In process of performance of one right there by gallant fighters podskanut others, same important and necessary. More and more distinct understanding that their avalanche stream is inevitable devours my thoughts, and I finally lose hope to find a gleam gap among a domestic squabbles kaleidoscope at least in Sunday evening. Unexpectedly for myself I speak to myself: “Not this time!“

Ya I persuade the spouse to postpone everything, except food of the baby, for later, the following or very remote days off, not very well! And nothing terrible that the trip to shop of children`s goods should put between the pressed owners of these days off and even that the next Saturday which is led round by a red circle in a calendar with astonishment gives to me signals - a pier, planned survey of doctors. It is a firm shrine which will not be stuck by flank in any way and will not leave the place to other actions at least because one road to clinic will occupy time a great lot as nobody cancelled the Moscow traffic jams.

of Nothing terrible since we, submitting to a rhythm of the big city with its eternal haste and vanity, risk not to notice simply how life will fly by by.

We seat the one-year-old baby in a carriage and we go to the park which is built up quite recently and therefore especially charming with its still not profaned benches. The park which is strewn lightly with soft snow with the pure, exactly laid out between trees paths which were not in time to become covered by cigarette stubs with the strange winter silence broken only by quiet talk of mothers and fathers walking with carriages.

the Husband pulls out

from a carriage with astonishment - the daughter, happy from presence by a number of both parents. We go on a path, and the spouse tells the baby about life of the trees covered with snow krone that birds will fly in the spring and perelivchato will start singing the such different and at the same time similar songs. The daughter listens very attentively, apparently, understands each word. I for a while take off a mitten from the small handle of the child and I allow to stretch a palm towards to the falling snowflakes. The baby with interest looks at the events, we try to count quantity of kristallik in a snowflake - time, two, three, four, five... We draw parallels. And five fingers at the child... It squeezes cams as if wants to keep a snowflake. And, having found drops in a palm, joyfully laughs. I am surprised to how everything can be clear to it in a year? And maybe, it is pleasure because what nearby the father and mother? We walk with the daughter only on days off and, so it turns out, in turn.

We with the husband build a snowman, and the daughter shows us eyes, a nose and a mouth. Losing the letter “sh“, distinctly says “uk“, looking at snow lumps from the head of the newly made snow friend on each side. New year, and feeling of a holiday is transferred to the daughter soon - she rejoices at last to the dropped-out snow, substituting it a cheek, smiles to a snowman and with pleasure sees off the father`s eye turned towards the sky as though understanding his story about New year and anticipating appearance of the magic Father Frost dissecting a winter blue in fantastic sledge. I throw a snowball into the husband, it theatrically falls, and eyes of the daughter light up cheerful sparks and even her cheeks which are slightly “frozen“ by an allergy seem more pale.

Happy, we slowly come back home and on the way we meet neighbors. Our neighbors are parents of the same baby who was born too in New Year`s Eve December and ahead of our daughter for one week. We invite them on a visit, and they agree to visit us on Sunday.

Sunday went off

with a bang. Neighbors came with the toys, and children with interest studied treasures of each other. Our daughter learned to get a roundabout with bears pressing of a button - it at us in general the big specialist in different buttons and switches (beginning from switches of light and finishing with the old tape recorder). The neighbour`s baby, showing us dancing skill, it was funny shaken as if a bear cub. In reply our daughter bragged of ability to twist “small lamps“ handles towards the lines “Beads Hung Up, We Will Get Up in a Round Dance, Cheerfully, We Will Cheerfully Meet New Year“.

We with surprise opened

for ourselves that it is possible already to try not to moisten cookies, looking as the coeval of our daughter dexterously deals shortly with him, showed to children a performance where participants - Porosenok and Mishka - were put on fatherly hands. There were poprobovana on tooth prematurely acquired cards with the inscriptions “woman“ “father“ of “grandfather“ and “mother“, a time an applause “Noah`s Ark“ drowned in a bathtub - beautiful, bright, with various animals, filled with weight zvenyashche - the turning features is rescued. I remember even that the children`s shop did not inhabit it in couple for each passenger. It was not a shortcoming at the choice of a toy by us. About “each creature -“ the daughter recognizes by couple when she grows up, and now the fact that all animals by the ship different, it is even more interesting to the one-year-old child.

Wonderfully there passed this evening. And though joint tea drinking with cake was very short-term, we managed to communicate very sincerely, having received the response invitation on a visit from neighbors.

Monday Imperceptibly crept with

, but in spite of the fact that it as well as other our days, is stamped by a brand “mortgage“, we are very glad to it since it the last this year! Behind it - a holiday. New year!