Rus Articles Journal

Family letter to Father Frost of

Hi, Father Frost!
At me to you a question: Where you take gifts?
As home to all you bear?
Why all you are in time?
It is aware of affairs, always you know everything?
From a family I write the letter,
Let to you it will reach.
At us a close-knit family:
Mother, father, brother and I.
Mother - at school the teacher,
to Children sets a lesson.
the Father at plant serves,
He is on friendly terms with computers.
the Brother goes to kindergarten,
It is rich in inventions.
I - am small, I do not go to a garden,
with the grandmother I stay at home. Here decided to write
And desire to think.
the Doll new I want,
you Will embody my dream? much is not necessary to me, Would be near mother the father,
the Brother protected, played,
Never offended.
Happiness, world and good!
to Sleep went, I - am small.

Hi, Grandfather! I am a brother.
Here I will continue in exactly.
That the little sister did not tell,
I will add for a start.
At me the designer is.
And still... Not to consider everything.
I like to Draw and to build.
And a surprise for all to arrange.
Let all kids of the world
Will have a world, a family, the apartment, Give a part of kindness
And execute their dreams. Well, and me that you want, give.
I love you! Farewell!

Mother with the father suited

here the letter found It. Took the handle and again
began to continue the Letter.
“Hi, Father Frost!
You brought gifts to us?“ the Phrase since the childhood is so familiar.
you Remember snow and a fir-tree of the house...
And under a fir-tree a surprise,
Well - bend - down!
How long all this was,
Much so water departured.
As we believed in you, Father Frost! Always loving,
We wrote desires,
their family executed.
- you Remember, you remember?
- I Remember everything:
Behind a window it is already dark,
And on a fir-tree sparks -
Winter`s Tale moths.
And now here children write
And look for a surprise under a fir-tree.

the Grandmother took

a feather:
“Ah as there was everything long ago!
, How many years and how many winters -
Father Frost and pleasure with it!
How many winters and how many years -
You are our best Ded!“

That`s all! To write it is over,
we wish a Happy New Year!
Come always to us to the house
With New Year`s magic,
Keep in the hearts of dream,
the wizard main you!