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The inhaler treats cough of

Quite recently I faced a big problem - to mine 2 - x made to the summer son the diagnosis “False croup, a stenosis of 1 degree“. In hospital I learned a remarkable and easy way of therapy - use of a special inhaler - the nebulizer. This device for certain is useful in the home first-aid kit, it can be used with success to treatment of a wide range of a bronchial tube - pulmonary diseases. As forced to begin acquaintance to this subject me an illness of my child, I would like to pay some attention to symptoms and the principles of the urgent help at grain, and then to pass to more detailed consideration of opportunities of inhalers.

What is a false croup? The false croup arises against flu, ORZ, and also measles, scarlet fever, chicken pox, stomatitis. Attacks of a false croup often happen at night, against “full health“ or insignificant cold, and are followed by the complicated, whistling breath, “osiplost“ of a voice and the “barking“ cough, asthma can develop. The attack can be also provoked by allergic reaction. After assistance the attack can repeat within two days. But at appropriate care of the child recurrence happens extremely seldom.

When developing asthma needs to call immediately “Ambulance“, but before arrival of doctors it is possible to help the child as follows:

  1. to Calm the child, in any situation in your actions there should not be panic,
  2. to Provide with
  3. access of fresh air (to slightly open a window leaf in the neighboring room)
  4. to
  5. Plentiful warm drink - it can be warm milk, tea, broth of a camomile, a dogrose. Sour drink is very useful (for example, cranberry drink), it dilutes a phlegm.
  6. to give to
  7. For removal of an allergic component an antihistaminic preparation - (Suprastin, Tavegil, the Dimedrol), I will increase in the dosage which is a little exceeding corresponding.
  8. of Inhalation.

If necessary inhalation can carry out

by an old “antiquated“ way, i.e. having covered with the head over a pan with hot (not boiled water) water. But such way is suitable for kids a little. During an attack I took the son on hands and carried away in a bathroom. There I corked a drain opening of a bathtub and started up boiled water. In the gathered bathtub I periodically poured soda “by eye“, and gave to drink to the kid warm tea.

Should consider

that if at your child once happened an attack, the probability of its repetition is in the future quite high (the disease usually meets usually till 5 - 6 years from - for physiological and anatomic features of a children`s organism). Inhalation method is considered the most effective therapy, not only at a false croup and laryngitis, but also at some other a bronchial tube - pulmonary diseases and rinosinusopatiya.

of Inhalation have advantages before other ways of delivery of medicines: first of all is a possibility of direct and fast impact on an inflammation zone in mucous membranes. And in - the second, unlike drug intake inside, quite often causing allergic, toxic, metabolic and other frustration, medicinal aerosols work mainly locally, in the pathological center that allows to reduce quantity of a preparation, to increase its efficiency and to reduce probability of complications of medicamentous therapy. What diseases it is possible to treat by means of inhalations? First of all are the acute respiratory diseases which are followed by such symptoms as cough, dryness, irritation or sore throat, allocation of a phlegm. Other group of diseases at which inhalations are simply irreplaceable, - chronic inflammatory processes of airways, such as chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic pharyngitis.


in medical practice use Now three main types of inhalers: steam , ultrasonic and jet . The last two are united by the term “nebulizers“ from the Latin word nebula - fog, a cloud. They generate not couples, and a stream of the aerosol consisting of microparticles of the inhalated solution.

I carried out by

in search of suitable model the present review of the market of inhalers, as tried to present in the following table:

inhaler Type Model the Price
the Steam inhaler 1700 r
Ultrasonic inhalers the Monsoon 500 - 700 r
Disonik 400 r
the Aura 800 r
Ingport 2000 r
Omron From 3000 r
Compressor inhalers Boreal, etc. 3000 - 5000 r
Omron From $250

can Buy inhalers in Medtekhnika shops (for example, at m. “Trade-union“, m “Leninsky Avenue“), in House Medicine shop (m “Tretyakovskaya“, med - shop. ru/), and also in the Internet - shops.