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We read between lines or what can tell handwriting of

On what basis about we make the opinion on the person, his character and abilities? Of course, on many signs among which the most powerful usually are behavior, the speech and appearance. However appearance, as we know, is deceptive, the speech can be a training product and to recognize people by acts, time is required.

Probably therefore interest in methods of faster and exact analysis of an interior not only among psychologists, HR specialists, etc., but also among a wide range of readers is big.

, of course, a large number of specially created tests allowing to reveal these or those features of the personality Exists. But their application (it is not about popular, and about occupational tests) and the correct analysis of results demand professional psychological knowledge and skills therefore it is better to leave possibilities of their use for the working psychologists. We will consider one more method of obtaining information on an interior - the analysis of products of its activity. It is possible to investigate results of creative activity (drawings, verses, stories etc.) but all have them not, but also their analysis cannot be carried out according to the accurate unambiguous scheme. Therefore in this article we suggest to concentrate the attention on handwriting of the adult - a product which is easy for “getting“ for the analysis or even to take an own sample.

the Graphology, or science about handwriting, unveils specific features of the person which are reflected in a certain writing of letters and lines. For years a certain algorithm in carrying out the comprehensive analysis of handwriting was developed. At once it is necessary to make a reservation that for the analysis the piece of the text written on not ruled leaf and containing the signature is ideal.

So before passing to detailed consideration, it is necessary to carry out a handwriting assessment in three basic directions:

  1. of the Harmony handwriting - harmony degree between the separate letters making words. Pay attention to general impression from handwriting: whether the feeling of a whole is created at you? If you favor an affirmative answer, then it is probable, the owner of handwriting possesses good taste and internal culture.
  2. Geometrical consistency letters - flatness of lines of lines and fields, similarity of distances between words and lines, uniformity of pressing. High degree of this sign demonstrates that the person possesses a large supply of internal energy, the developed strong-willed efforts allowing it to keep always internal balance, to brake undesirable emotions, to work after careful consideration.
  3. of Grafologichnost - deviation degree from calligraphical handwriting (to which all of us were taught at school). The more this difference, the more owner of handwriting it is inclined to show the originality and identity in life.
can pass

to consideration of separate indicators of handwriting Now. In general, such indicators great variety (including writing of separate figures and letters) therefore we will stop only on the main. It is important to mean that it is impossible to draw conclusions about lines of the personality, being based only on one sign. It is necessary to consider all range of the studied characteristics and degree of their expressiveness (the same as the doctor never makes the diagnosis on the basis of only one symptom).

1. Pressing by the letter.

Strong pressing is usually observed by

at people the vigorous and deriving pleasure from manifestation of the force and overcoming of resistance on the way to the desirable.

Weak pressing (lines thin, similar to the intertwining threads not noticeable from a reverse side of a leaf) testifies to sensitivity of nature. Such people are inclined to idealization, are subject to influence of foreign opinion though they can quite be critical. If easy pressing is combined with equal lines, then it can be an indicator of discipline of mind and ability to give rise to creative ideas. In case at weak pressing of a line uneven, separate letters are not legible, then it speaks about low initiative and inability to the considered strong-willed actions.

unevenness of pressing - one words, letters Sometimes meets or even their elements are written with strong pressing, and others - thin strokes. It is an indicator of unbalance, an impressionability, impulsiveness of strong-willed acts, existence of the internal conflicts.

If pressing by the letter weak in addition uneven, then is, most likely, about the person diffident, inclined to constant doubts for which decision-making presents considerable difficulties.

In case the analyzed handwriting differs in uniform pressing, then it is possible to expect stability in manifestation of the emotions from its owner, abilities to work systematically (without activity flashes, combined with the inaction periods).

the Particular interest are represented by cases of a combination of different pressing when writing the text and signature. If the text is written with strong pressing, and the signature - with a lung, then it is possible to assume that this person possesses strong character, but for some reasons wants to look soft.

2. Consistency of a line.

the “Direct“ line (on the lower part of letters it is possible to draw practically a straight line) testifies to steadiness and restraint writing, his ability to finish business.

“Wavy“ lines indicate

that the person possesses the flexibility of thinking and diplomacy allowing to bypass difficulties though to it can not get commitment.

of the Line, rising by the end, belong to people vigorous, self-assured, initiative and striving for success. They can worry from - for the failures, but usually find forces for new breakthrough to the purpose.

If lines, on the contrary, fall by the end, then and the owner of handwriting is characterized, respectively, by shortage of vigor for finishing business up to the end.

3. Handwriting inclination.

handwriting with an inclination of 45 - 50 degrees is characteristic

Of most of people, but the inclination can be more (i.e. a corner less than 45 degrees). There are also handwritings straight lines (90 degrees) and overturned (to 125 degrees).

If handwriting is too inclined, almost lying, then it is quite possible to expect manifestation of extreme lines and exposure of the feelings and preferences from its owner for show, and also enthusiasm in perception of all new.

the handwriting Overturned to the left often indicates

discrepancy of personal tendencies of the person with external conditions of education and life. On our supervision, it most often occurs at lefthanders that, however, does not contradict the aforesaid. At right-handed persons such inclination can testify to willfulness, obstinacy, insistence to people around, distrustfulness.

If handwriting vertical, i.e. has no inclination neither to the right, nor to the left, then it speaks about balance between mind and feelings and at the same time to restraint of the person in whose manners you will not see changes under the influence of sudden feelings or thoughts.

characterizes by

of Raznotipnost of an inclination (existence of the letters written with a different inclination) the person as mood whimsical or subject to fast change at which the reason and emotions are in the conflict.

4. Communication of letters in words.

If all letters are connected by

among themselves, then such type of the letter reflects ability of the person to approach problems from logic positions, to critically estimate them. Such person seldom trusts the intuition.

If do not have

of connections between letters practically, then written them - the person not too practical, inclined to pensiveness. For it it would be difficult to work systematically, however it can well work on inspiration, especially if it is about creativity. Such people rely on intuition more often, than on logic therefore motives of their acts are not always clear to people around.

5. Size of letters.

the Average height of letters makes of 3 - 4 mm, respectively as a bold hand is considered to be such in which letters are higher than this size, and small - below. Width of a separate letter is usually approximately equal to its height. If width of a letter is more than height, then handwriting call extended and if it is less, then squeezed.

the Bold hand often indicates

sensuality of inclinations, vigor in communication and impracticality in life, and also on lack of an objective self-assessment.

the Large and extended handwriting can be an indicator that in life this person neglects far-fetched rules and restrictions, seek to realize themselves in different types of activity.

Small handwriting is more characteristic

of people reserved, observant and at the same time very closed, not inclined to speak about itself.

the Squeezed handwriting characterizes by

the owner as very economical, economical and reserved.

6. Rotundity of letters.

“Round“ handwriting indicates

tendency of the person to soften contradictions, to go on compromises, to be steady in the opinions and tastes.

If in roundish handwriting to you angular capital letters met, then it is probable, you deal with quite gentle person who in certain situations can be persistent and aggressive.

“Angular“ handwriting says

that are peculiar to its owner sharpness, insistence, obstinacy. However at the same time it has such advantages as commitment, vigor, ability it is intense to work. Such people quite often show aspiration to leadership.

7. Writing of lowercase letters.

the vowels Opened from above (a gap in writing of the letters “and“, “o“ from above) are an indicator of peacefulness, trustfulness and ability to empathy, existence of deep attachments.

the vowels Opened from below, on the contrary, tell

about possible hypocrisy, insincerity and superficiality of feelings.

the Long loops at letters (for example, “at“, “d“) reaching the lower line or even blocking it, indicate the intuitive beginning in the person, trust to which sometimes covers ability to think logically.

Small loops are the testimony of laconicism in the speech and affairs, realness, ability to express only on business and taking into account the place and time.

8. Writing of capital letters.

If capital letters are considerably increased by

, it indicates vanity of the person (can be even excessive), his self-confidence and independence of thinking, aspiration to be allocated. The desire to attract attention and about sociability is demonstrated by also big loop in a capital letter.

In case capital letters of rather small size, people does not seek to be noticed, takes small and careful steps on life, always adhering to the beliefs.

Use in handwriting of printing capital letters characterizes by

the person as creative, inventive, having a quick mind and a good susceptibility.

Addition to capital letters of the evident curls and the other decorating elements demonstrates or requirement to draw attention to itself, or about romantic mentality.

9. Signature.

If character of the person can be recognized by handwriting, then its signature is similar to a self-portrait and creates at people around one more idea of it, in my opinion, more conscious and partially controllable.

the Signature without stroke - the testimony of taste and restraint.

If the signature is added with a direct stroke, then it indicates vigor of the person, his determination and courage.

the Wavy stroke demonstrates diplomacy and ability to bypass “acute angles“.

Underlining of a list - a sign of the developed self-respect.

the Signature rising up indicates


In case the signature comes to the end with a point, it is about the person inclined to introspection and able to finish business.

If the signature is executed by very large letters it means that its owner is concerned by the image and probably tries to make at people around deceptive impression about itself.

10. Distance between words and lines.

If in the analyzed handwriting have not enough gaps, the impression is also made that words crawl at each other, then it is possible to speak about the thrift of the person sometimes passing into avarice.

If in the text this sign of the generosity sometimes adjoining on wastefulness is full of blank spaces both between words, and between lines, then.

If you met such combination as small letters and rather long distances between words and lines, then before you the person, generous in relation to others, but showing avarice in relation to himself.


Of course, the considered characteristics of handwriting does not settle all variety of its elements and their combinations at all. However, it is enough to gain primary knowledge of the principles of the analysis of the written text. We recommend to pass with the same who felt taste to this occupation and decided to progress in studying of a graphology to reading the monographs devoted to this subject.