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My victory in Prague you Want

, I will tell you a story which happened to me this fall on vacation? Once parents asked me: “Dima, you want to go to Prague to the European championship on hekvondo?“ “Yes! Of course, I very much want, I want and once again I want!!“ - I began to squeal. “Well. But for this purpose it is necessary to train much,“ - the father told. And mine of triumph were interrupted. I understood - the same two trainings in day. The words “Dima, Dovorachivay a Heel, I String on a Twine, Below, Beat Still More Strongly“, - still did not disappear at me from the head after the previous championship of Ukraine. No, this horror, likely, not for me. This year I will not endure it... Though... After all Europe!

Next day thoughts left, came everyday life. I did not manage to go to bed as at 6 o`clock in the morning I heard over the ear: “Rise! Get up on jog quicker. Three kilometers, to the small river and back.“ Around, of course, everything was very beautiful. Birdies sang. But, unfortunately, run on sand not strongly allowed to admire the nature. Already every day. A release in 21 - 30. the Diet as I got excess weight. And daily two trainings. And at trainings... As always: “Above leg! Dovorachivay heel! Beat stronger! Work quicker! Hurry up! Rebound!“ - it was heard to me from two parties - from the trainer and from the father standing nearby. “Everything, I cannot any more,“ - I said. And for everyone “I can not“ received 50 push-ups on fists.

“For what?“ - I shouted. Also received additional 100 push-ups. Here past these 3 weeks so awfully quickly. But the nightmare ended, and everything remained behind. Before departure 2 days. I lie and I have a rest.

“Everything, came true,“ - I say to myself.

Yes, ahead still championship. But the most terrible - preparation for it.

Here day of departure also came.“ It is time to go to the station,“ - I told. Approached a bag and tried to tear off it from a floor. But not here - that was! The bag was very heavy.

“That here?“ - I was surprised.

“It we to you a little bit products put

,“ - the grandmother told.

“Yes why to me it is so much? I on a diet! Me boys will ridicule.“ But already nobody listened to me.

When I arrived to bus station, saw children who with me went. They had bags not less mine. In my opinion, parents decided that we go to round-the-world travel, but we do not go to the European championship. And at the same time also we drive weight. As derisively above these bags sideways there was our senior, Dima, and held in hand electronic scales.

Ya greeted all, we dragged heavy bags in a minibus, took seat and began to tell jokes and ridiculous stories. The car drove off and travel began!

In 2 hours we, yawning, crept out in Dnipropetrovsk and trudged to the station where the train by which we had to reach Lviv had to wait for us. To the train was for a long time. And we ran to look for ice cream. Pushing each other, we flew in shop and began to look for the refrigerator. Running on a supermarket, we loudly shouted

- Here! Found, look! Here!

But in all refrigerators. And at last, in the corner there was a long-awaited refrigerator with ice cream. We chose to ourselves on a pack and, leaving shop, began to eat it greedy. Ice cream was such tasty as if we never ate it.

- Here it, freedom! - I thought. - Ten days without trainer and parents.

When we returned to the station, we had sticky hands, and persons with white short moustaches. Therefore it was necessary to go to wash. The toilet was far, having reached it, we learned that it is paid. Since anybody had no money, it was necessary to come back. Here and there passed the train waiting time.

We got

on the train, all had an inspired mood. But to us it was spoiled right there by the assistant trainer Dima who told that ice cream was superfluous therefore to Lviv we are will not be since it is necessary to watch weight. Therefore instead of a dinner we began to play cards on shchelbana.

- Oh! Ouch! Yes it is sick, - shouts from our compartment began to be distributed after a while.

- All! A release, - Dima told and turned off the light.

- Yes, - I thought, - to sleep - it is good, but at me in such time only appetite wakes up.

Therefore, having waited for measured puffing in a compartment, I quietly opened a bag, got a leg of roast chicken from there and greedy began to eat it.

I suddenly Dima sharply moved, I from surprise even flew from a bed. All from a perepug jumped, light lit up. And, present a show - I sit in the middle of a compartment, in a mouth chicken, I make with insult a helpless gesture and I speak:

- Fto, fto, to you it is good, and I want to eat.

the Laughter was such that likely passengers from the last car woke up. And only here I paid attention that all, except Dima, had persons in crumbs. So I was not one such. Dima got scales. We got up on them in turn with razinuty mouths. All had an excess weight. Appetite at all at once was gone.

- Well, - Dima told, - we will be engaged in unloading tomorrow.

- Tomorrow is not today, - we thought and right there forgot about his words.

Here and Lviv! Waiting for other members of the national team of Ukraine we came into buffet and somehow everyone not considerably began to buy - chocolates, fruit-paste sweets, cookies. Well, and that? The road to the Czech Republic long! Everything would be good if here cunning smiling Dima did not come. He asked: “Oh, and you incidentally did not forget about unloading?“

we met

of the Head coach of the national team of Ukraine, in 50 - y running all over time around gas station near which collecting was appointed. We managed to run 30 more circles before landing in our bus.

we came Into the bus quietly. Seated on seats and began to watch the movie.

Driving, of course, was cool. We drove up to customs. In 30 minutes we passed 10 meters. Continually at us checked passports and documents. Therefore when the bus crossed border, it was met by a storm of applause. So imperceptibly I also dozed off. And when opened eyes, it turned out that we already in Prague stopped about our hotel. Having grabbed bags, we ran to be settled. But it appeared, we hurried in vain since moving begins after 11 o`clock in the morning. So we settled comfortably in chairs of the hall and began to watch football. And then, after moving, went for a walk on the city. We had a day off. Competitions and weighing - all this tomorrow.

We, of course, knew that till tomorrow we have to watch the weight, but tell which of you would keep when around everything dazzled and flickred from bright wrappers of sweets. And the smell of fresh pastries got into a nose. We tried to buy everything on slightly - slightly. But there were so many shops on the way, and then it was necessary to buy with itself. We were expected by “hungry“ evening in hotel.

Day passed

imperceptibly. But morning was dreadful since as we understood that if there are problems with weight, then it is necessary to us during 2 - x hours to run in clothes that to drive it. Present what our surprise when weighing showed that weight at all is normal was.

- Well, it is possible and to eat now, - we solved. And Dima laid to us a holiday table.

Here and day of competitions. We woke up early in the morning, warmed up, have breakfast and went on foot to sport center. We reached minutes for 10. Found a locker room with the inscription “Ukraine“, changed clothes and went to watch tables of fights. My fight was 21 therefore I went on stands to watch how our children fight. I do not know where it was hotter, on courts or in the stands with the audience. All shouted, squealed, jumped, waved a hand, encouraging the athletes. And if also to present that all this was said, at least, in 20 languages, then present what there was “market“. If it is honest, I was shocked at once. But in 5 minutes I stood between the Pole and the Frenchman and shouted most loudly as on the first court the 7th fight was started, and my companion acted there.

the Intrigue of fight remained up to the end. Our athlete won. This fight as began following with participation of our athlete on other court did not manage to end. I ran there. Here so I also ran until as it was time for me to prepare for fight. Having put on equipment, I approached court and looked at the warming-up rival. It was higher and is more senior than me. But the fear was not. It ended on preparation for competitions. And here I came to win.

- Sidzhak!! - I heard. Also rushed in attack. Around shouted people. But as it is not surprising, among this shouting I heard voices of our children.

- the Good fellow, - they shouted.

Ya out of the corner of the eye looked at a board. Also saw the score 5:3.

- Yes, really the good fellow, - I thought.

But in a break between rounds I learned that I am not a good fellow. Time managed to pass 3 blows and did not finish 2 begun attacks.

- Miro - chag should beat with

, - Dima told.

- it is good

, - I told. Also went to court.

- Miro - so Miro, - I thought and took additional two points.

Fight ended with my victory. With the score 9:3.

Me was congratulated on the first victory. Declared a break, and the ceremonial opening of competitions began. National flags rose, played different anthems, there were teams of the countries - participants of competitions. Something was spoken languages which I did not understand. Generally, I cannot tell that it was very cheerful, but it is, however, interesting. If not so long.

I here again I in the stands, hang down down and I try to outvoice all. As it seems to me that I know what blow our children need to carry out to win. So imperceptibly also evening came. I already was tired, but ahead there was the most interesting since I as a result of the victories appeared in the final. For gold I needed to struggle with the champion of the Czech Republic.


- needs gold, - Dima told me.

- Aha, - I told, - it is possible to think that the Czech does not need it.

- you talk Much, - Dima warned. - You will not win, you will be wrung out.

- Here to you and gratitude, - I thought. It is possible to think that silver so and is bad. But time to be wrung out, gold is better. As there are already no forces.

I started Fight accurately. The rival rushed to me, but I met him by Miro - chag, and it departed head over heels.

- Hurrah! - I thought.

right there was hit

I a leg in an ear. 1:2 became the account. Unfortunately, not in my advantage. It was necessary to rush to attack and to recoup. After the second round we with the rival both flat-out sat on the places, and the account was 5:5.

- Now that`s something like it, - I thought. - and it is possible to fly.

- Be adjusted by

, - Dima told me. Deceive the rival, not at on him as the tank, and do not climb under blow.

- it is good

, I will try, - I told. Also appeared on the court.

Almost all third round we jumped with the rival in court and tried to play each other. And only in 30 seconds until the end of fight I made deceptive blow and carried out to the right-legged momdola - chag to the head to the rival. For as got the victorious 2 points.

- Kyman! - told the referee and stopped fight.

On a board was 7 - 5...

- Ur, I won, - I exulted, jumping with joy...

Me were congratulated by boys, I was handed a gold medal, a cup. And I was the happiest person on the earth. Though not only I won - there were many weight categories and age much. Nearby my friends rejoiced, the trainer of our national team rejoiced, our team took the 2nd command place, but the happiest was, in my opinion, all - I. Yes, for the sake of these minutes it was worth plowing at trainings. For the sake of these minutes pleasures are sense to themselves to refuse something.

Well, and just smart rest was farther than

. We walked across Prague, went to Karlov Bridge, visited the museums, very beautiful cathedrals. Embraced in a zoo of giraffes and fed from hands of owls. Then bought home souvenirs. Also went to hotel. In the morning the way to Germany was coming us. But it is already other history. And I will tell you it next time.