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I believe that kindness will save the world of

Hello, dear and our beloved Grandfather! We with the daughter are very glad that you reached our city and invited to us the real winter. As it is beautiful when our windows decorate intricate patterns, there is a lot of fluffy snow around, all trees are dressed in fantastic dresses, snowflakes in the light of lamps slowly fall and sparkle. As it is healthy when it is possible to build ridiculous snowmen. Cheerfully shouting, to ride from ice slopes and to come from a frost into the warm house excited, red-cheeked and happy. And as it is joyful and long-awaited - pleasant New Year`s Eve vanity, a meeting with you and happy New Year, an unforgettable anticipation of magic!


only one Afflicts: when human callousness and nonsense can disfigure winter beauty. One idle time, but very bitter example - a case which occurred quite recently. Somehow in the evening, reaching, as usual, through the neighboring yard home, I saw the whole round dance of the snowmen who are beautifully painted and decorated with hats, a beads. Some miracle is simple! She told about it to the daughter, and next day at once as soon as she woke up, reminded where we will walk today. However we were waited by bitter disappointment - instead of snowmen in the yard there was the real medley from snow, all in a night the miracle turned into a nightmare. I do not even know at whom the hand is raised to spoil beauty, to destroy what was made from the heart and hard work, and I do not know how to call such people.

I do not know

why I write you about it, the Grandfather, can because the spoiled mood, for chagrin of those who did snowmen, and in general for people who side by side live with such morons is still offensive for me for ours with the daughter. Or perhaps because I trust in your force and kindness, I believe that you will be able to think up something and to improve such terrible state of affairs. Kindness will save the world, and you the live embodiment of this kindness.

I Remember

how in the childhood I always tried to be the obedient and kind girl because trusted in a miracle and magic which you give first of all to obedient children. You know, the childhood passed, but the habit to live on conscience and not to do the evil remained. And I consider that those people who trust in a miracle and create good deeds on this earth, receive at some moment magic gifts from you and from destiny.

Big to you thanks for a fairy tale piece in our ordinary life!