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Pregnancy is an unusual state!

A I have three remarkable daughters of Vasilis - 3 g 8 months, Varvara - 2 g 4 months, Milalika - 1 g. I very much love them! The first pregnancy was given me very hard: 4 months of toxicosis, three times lay on preservation and constantly worried about the baby (doctors are able to intimidate). But there were also fine moments! My daughter was long-awaited, I so dreamed of her!.

that she is pregnant I learned

- felt! - without any tests, and term was only two weeks! If it is honest, I cannot even explain why I so was confident in it. Just felt, just knew that at last I have small “treasure“ and that I very much love it!

when I the first time felt

A how it moves... It was similar to a touch of an easy breeze. The pleasant and inspiring feeling. Even when it was already noticeably kicked, I thought:“ As smartly you are kicked - means, with you everything is good.“

As was amusing and touching to be watched the husband when it carefully touched with hands my tummy to feel how our daughter is kicked. But she always at this moment calmed down, and the daddy was a little angry. And there is a lot of such wonderful moments...

All nine months of wonderful “situation“ I was the real optimist. Toxicosis - it is not terrible! I had several rules: there is no from what it became bad; lemons and mint from nausea; to think only of good. And it really helped! And when lay on preservation, constantly talked to the baby. It calmed me and adjusted on a good harmony! And here I scrupulously checked benevolent “horror stories“ of doctors, rummaging a heap of literature. Manner, strange at them: will tell about pathology and what actually occurs? do not consider it necessary to explain. Well, here, for example, me told that I have some changes in a placenta, it is necessary to be treated urgently, and here what is it from where undertook and it is how dangerous - to explain did not work. And on my questions waved away: a pier why to you know it that told, do! Here I was frightened first, but then I think: “Well, is not present, I will get to the truth!“ And at once somehow calmed down. And at any difficult moment of my pregnancy I tried to think of good. “Soon my daughter, and all these difficulties nothing in comparison with that happiness which expects me will be born!“

here the following two pregnancies I was quieter

A because I already knew a lot of things and did not worry on trifles. I looked forward each daughter. And now I just adore them! And I very much want that all women understood how pregnancy is fine, and learned pleasure of motherhood!