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For a healthy lifestyle of

our young family does not play professional sports, but very much is positive to it! Therefore we rank ourselves as fans. But in the childhood we played professional sports: the husband - boxing, karate, I - swimming, marching sport (at school even went on competitions in a tourist sport, and our team took the 3rd place across the Volgograd region).

Such love to tourist sports was descended by

to me: my parents studied in Sverdlovsk medical institute, and in the Urals, as we know, the nature stunning even in the downtown, in so-called city parks. For us, “people of the steppe“, such park is already the wood, and on suburbs of the city hills are already mountains!

of the Photo, lives of my parents which imprinted student`s, the most part are made in campaigns, at improbable heights, in smart mountain places, at fires with guitars etc. Romanticism of such campaigns overflowed also me. Over time other interests began to appear already, but the dream to descend in a campaign to the Ural Mountains still is live!

cannot Even tell

that at this vital stage some sport especially carries away us, but it is possible to allocate a little.

the General the hobby at us with the husband became bathing in an ice-hole. This year I at last too could bathe, and before pregnancy, from first year of acquaintance, we bathed in the winter in an ice-hole for the Epiphany! The husband in general in any weather bathes, not only in the winter and in November on the birthday. And so, without cause.

the Husband Pavel achieved the long dream and bought the professional bicycle. And now spends all the free time in search of the extreme wild route and with pride ranked itself as professional cyclists! Our daughter Ulyana Pavlovna only was 2 years old, but 2 bicycles she already mastered...

Now at the husband new dream - to buy the bicycle for me that there was an opportunity to go together, and in distance shots - and three together to conquer these wild extreme routes...

Ya itself I am positive to run very now, I skate on roller-skaters, in the winter - on skates. Driving on the sledge is more, probably, active recreation, but it is possible to call our driving on the sledge with a speed of 70 km/h in some measure sport (the truth, the daughter does not take part in such family sport so far). And as I in a maternity leave, everywhere we with Ulyana Pavlovna together. Therefore for it absolutely usually looks if we, getting out to the nature, check the physical capacities.

the daughter with ease overcomes various obstacles, imitate all what was seen. After the delivery, when free time began to appear and physical forces returned, in house conditions by means of professional consultations I actively began to put the physical shape in order. I can tell that I practically managed to reach an ideal, but completion still is required. The daughter, when began to grow up, in accuracy tried to repeat exercises. And when my friends, Ulyana Pavlovna come on a visit, having finally accustomed, begins “to wriggle“. Also gives some exercises... It so ridiculously looks! Such little man with a surprising accuracy imitates sports! It possesses all skills which are inherent in very flexible people therefore they already decided on a family council that at achievement of the corresponding age to do to Ulyana Pavlovna gymnastics!

We - for a healthy lifestyle, for healthy generation!