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As Princesses of

are born the Story will be about my second childbirth. At that time I already had a sonny - prince Arkasha, and she this time had to be born is a princess Ulyana!!

the Last month of pregnancy I most of all was afraid to give rise to

at night... Well, itself I do not know why... Whether because, what I prefer to sleep all - days at this particular time, whether from the fact that did not want to strain anybody... And besides to allow the family and the doctor to sleep. But waters began to depart in 4 - 20.

I Slept not really well since I before practically days felt disgustingly, appetite was not - and all fibers of soul I had already a presentiment that “here - here“. Puzyakina long persuaded to give to the father the chance to complete the affairs before our childbirth, and to mother to note on March 8. And then it is possible to be born in any day, since March 9.

So it also turned out. I slept not really tight, and in the head heard click and began to flow. . Removed a dream as a hand. Thought what flowed out very little, and, maybe, it not “it“? Minutes 10 suffered... Woke the husband. We posomnevatsya amicably, and I decided to sleep further, but as soon as, having closed eyes, began to fail in a dream, again something began to flow... Having amicably decided that now - that it precisely “it“, began mylno - rylny procedures. One of prenatal fears was also connected with the fact that I want to be washed and shave houses!

Washed the head, shaved - well! Time 5 - 30 - called mother. She took the call with words:“ Well, all? Began?! I go“. Alarmist. I speak and so - waters departed, I will call the doctor soon, but there are no fights. At 6 in the morning called the doctor Zhanna Zakharovna. Of course, it was so inconvenient to awake her. Agreed in 7 to meet in an accident ward in maternity hospital. Speaks supposedly waters departed long ago, there are no fights if that - it will be necessary to put the supporting dropper for the baby. Only hung up, and fights began. Break of 10 - 12 minutes.

Then there arrived mother, Arkasha slept therefore plainly to embrace - to press and to explain all - it did not turn out. Well, good luck!! And we went.

In the fight car already accrued, for 2 minutes with an interval of of 3 - 4 minutes.

entered an accident ward together with our doctor. While the husband made out me, I was examined (disclosure of 3 cm), made an enema. Then as usual: weight, growth, pressure, dab. And with things, a little strange looking and noticeable the being nervous husband, on the elevator in prenatal.

So far the husband accustomed to the unfamiliar room, the doctor took away me on survey. It became clear that from - for my bend the neck to the daughter is not possible to fall below in any way moreover and the bubble tore oddly somewhere sideways. It was decided “to correct“ slightly manually this situation. Not the most pleasant moment. The bubble was worn out, parted covers, and here specifically water so rushed. And the head fell at once, and fights became painful. To me stuck something good there and sent to the husband.


B prenatal, of course, all conditions for relaxation, only to be engaged in it was once - fights accrued. Again the doctor came and looked at me - opening of 5 cm, but the neck badly smoothes out. It left, and me as let`s shake everything, fights - though shout. As it is good that with me my Sasha went. I so am grateful to it for support! Seeing my tortures, he called the doctor, and she came with the anesthesiologist. And at me already in eyes mutno, all turns.... And at we wash it a high pain threshold! As the doctor explained, so the neck opened and smoothed out.


generally, made the decision to make anesthesia. Fir-trees seated me in the necessary pose, and fights nevertheless 2 through 2! As soon as I took seat, from me just began to whip water - the husband only managed to change diapers. And here to me stuck. About! At once there was a wish to sing and sleep - and at the same time!! I was carefully laid with the instruction that medicine works 1,5 hours, and then or still we enter medicine or it is given birth. Time - 9 - 30. Half an hour I lay then and had a rest, fights were somewhere deeply inside. I felt them, but remotely somehow. Then even minutes 40 we discussed weather, work, maternity hospital and a meeting with the daughter with the husband. Periodically called and learned whether Arkasha woke up - I so worried from - about it, though trained him for it the last 2 weeks. And in 10 - 45 took me. But I am the lady who was giving birth, I - that understood at once that attempts begin. Called the doctor. She looked at me once again: the neck is completely open and maleficiated, and suggested to be extinguished. And I - that... Well, you know, the lady who was giving birth - was extinguished also itself understood that she made everything correctly, the head went. The doctor suggested to peredyshat so far and called all the crew: midwife Tatyana Konstantinovna, Dmitry Yuryevich`s neonatolog. And here in a magic way my couch began to be converted in a chair.

So: time 11 - 08 (well hours it is direct in the face of). I already in a chair and me actively suggest to make an effort. Well, I also began to try. Periodically looked at the husband (as did not think that he on childbirth will remain, all wanted not to pass the moment when it with green complexion had to spread in a corridor).

I experienced

In this childbirth every moment. As my girl moved ahead to an exit... And here it is a final attempt... Also it turned out, so what I did not expect in any way. It got stuck. The head came exactly to a half, and all. There are no attempts, there are no movements. It was painful to me terribly!! I speak, make though something, to me it is painful! The husband is pale, costs, does not know what to make for me. And me go on: there are no attempts - not tuzhsya, and that will tear! And here, about a miracle!! Attempt. Last effort and...

11 - 15. And here it, happiness which for the present hangs at others aunt on hands and loudly informs the whole world on the birth!!

A to me! And me it is already good, and I do not remember either pain, or tortures any more. I already so want to see and embrace the girl and to tell her as long we waited for it emergence as all are happy that we have it now and as strongly we love it! And here my baby is put to me on a stomach, and she gently peeps something in the language, probably, greeting the mummy. Also I see the happy father with the eyes full got down also boundless happiness.

It all such white, in greasing, but my, native and favourite. And I press it to myself, I kiss on the top and I talk to it.

Then cut off an umbilical cord, the afterbirth was born. The daughter was weighed and measured with active participation of the husband. Also handed out it to it. And again in these eyes both tears, and pleasure, words of gratitude and delight!!

Are ringing, ringing

. Congratulations and surprises. We went in our “luxury“ to lick wounds. Ulyana was taken away to the nursery to put it in order. Then it was brought to us, and we, happy and happy, lay on a bed, and 2 pairs of eyes with love and tenderness looked at each other, at a fruit of the love.

A to Arkasha this day - 3 years, 3 months and 3 days. Here it here coincidence 3+3+3 = on March 9.