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In Russia most often as the main attribute of New Year`s festival the fir-tree ordinary acts, however not to be compared by it on beauty to the beauty a fir, not so extended on fir-tree markets. The fir is the most beautiful and festive tree among coniferous.

What positive and negative sides the fir in comparison with a traditional fir-tree has


Only “but“ is the higher price and lack of pronounced coniferous aroma at the Dutch New Year`s firs (though it is easy to correct this shortcoming, having in addition arranged in the room to steam of bunches of fir-tree fir twigs).

Not everyone will distinguish a fir from a fir-tree at once. First of all pay attention to cones. At fir-trees of the cone cylindrical cones of a fir - always to top as candles are directed to a bottom. Even if scales on the fir cone disappeared, on branches the cylindrical core long remains. Further we touch needles. It has to be soft, almost silky to the touch. And length a hvoinok at firs reaches 5 cm Stvolik of a fir is covered thin, soft and entirely with the bark covered with tarry swellings. At fir-trees bark rigid and rough to the touch. And, of course, pay attention to existence of the correct, pyramidal krone. By the way, according to the international standards, the fir of the first grade at height 1 - 1,5 meter has to have not less than 4 tiers of branches, and at height 1,5 - 2 meter - not less than 5.

Some more councils for the choice of a New Year`s fir. It is better to buy a tree all - not in shopping center, and on a specialized street fir-tree market. If the fir already staid several days in heat, then the term of its service will strongly be reduced. On the street of a tree are in as if in the “preserved“ state. Surely carry out with small effort on one of branches - thus it is possible to check whether needles are showered. It is possible as well slightly to stir up a tree. Color of needles has to be bright is juicy - green (or silvery for some types). The reddish shade of needles is not a new fashionable grade (according to the seller), and violation of conditions of cultivation of a fir in nursery. Stvolik has to have thickness of not less of 5 - 6 cm in the diameter.

So, the fir is bought. You do not hurry to bring it to the apartment at once. Without untying, take the beauty day in the cool place (for example, on a balcony).

Before dressing up, already at home accurately remove ropes or a grid, let`s a fir recover and straighten krone.

prepare a bucket with wet sand or a special crosspiece In advance - a support (it is ideal if it is with the tank for water). Put a tablet of aspirin and couple of teaspoons of granulated sugar on water liter in water.

remove bark on height of 5 - 8 cm From the basis of a trunk of a tree of a fir and slightly scratch wood in this place for the best penetration of water. Also refresh a cut of a stvolik.

do not overload a tree with heavy New Year`s toys, it can lead to an ugly otvisaniye of branches.

the good qualitative cut-down fir at due leaving can stay

in about eight weeks.

On sale many kinds of firs meet. The most known and the most often meeting is a fir of Nordman (Abies nordmanniana). This stately, high tree from long is bright - green needles, silvery from the lower party.

At a fir of the Phrase-monger (Abies fraseri) ideally correct cone-shaped form is reached by an artificial hairstyle of krone. This fir with exclusively dense branches, accurate and compact.

Fir Nobilis (Abies nobilis), perhaps, the most original of firs. Has dense needles it is gray - blue color which is slightly bent. She is very popular in the European countries and not without reason bears the proud name “nobilis“ - “noble“.

Interesting fact: the pounded needles of some species of firs can smell of orange (a fir Pretty Abies amabilis) or a lemon (a fir One-color Abies concolor).