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How to choose a carriage for twins of

the Carriage for twins is very serious purchase, not to do you without it. The carriage is the most important and expensive purchase of parents for their kids.

its acquisition causes a heap of questions in profane persons: “What carriage for twins is better - an engine or in a row? To buy two carriages? Winter boxes and summer? Or transformer?“

the choice of a carriage for twins is small

In the Russian shops, especially in country towns. As sellers explain, demand for them small, and high price, here and there are carriages till several months, will not find the buyer yet... Sometimes offer purchase of goods according to the catalog by making advance payment and expectation within a month - another... As alternative to shops the children`s markets in which often it is possible to find models of carriages of “middle class“, and also absolutely cheap polsko - the Chinese analogs serve well-known to all parents. One more way to catch desirable model - to find out the address of official representative office of firm - producer in Russia. As a rule, such companies have all product range and can sell at once and without store margins or will order it and will call the time in which she can be brought.

Unfortunately, often to future mother owing to medical indications and feeling sick it is difficult to leave the house and to draw conclusions on the basis of what was seen. It is good if health good, and you during pregnancy are able to find the necessary copy. But happens so that else a lot of things are not bought yet, and children decided to be born earlier, and the newly appeared father much of the replenished family should buy in addition quickly remained, and sometimes the choice is limited to time. Therefore before buying a carriage take and write the main requirements to a carriage. Also you do not hurry to buy that got even if children were already born.

the Main criteria upon purchase of a carriage for twins are:

Types of carriages for twins
  • of “Engine“ So call

    type of a carriage in which kids are one after another. Depending on model, kids settle down to you a back or a face; backs lean back in whole or in part; sitting settle down at one or different levels. A kind of “engine“ is so-called“ limousine“ in which kids sit the person to each other.

  • “Side by side“
    Kids sit side by side
  • , sidewise to a flank. This type has the distinctions depending on novelty of model and its producer too. So, in newer models the back of each armchair leans back irrespective of another, over armchairs not one fastens, but two umbrellas, exist a strong partition and armrests.
  • “Transformer“ the Carriage with the replaced boxes and seats. Often in such carriages of kids it is possible to put as nearby and face to face or on / against the movement course.
the Engine


  • it is easy for li to pass

    on narrow paths

  • attracts attention to twins Less
  • easy to operate even one hand


  • difficultly to be developed
  • the Main inconveniences are caused to the kid sitting behind.
  • to
    • limited visibility (will lead to the fact that the child will overhang that to make out everything);
    • have not enough place for legs; often in full horizontal position only one sitting leans back;
    • at the lying provision of a forward chair behind remains very few place
  • Children can argue from - for forward places
Side by side


  • At twins more place better the review
  • to Each child is provided to

    “own“ space

  • Each child is in “a reach zone“ when mother is lucky a carriage
  • If between seats there is no partition, then in the middle it is possible to place also the third child
  • the Big basket in which it is possible to place things and products.

  • Draws with

    attention to twins

  • will not pass through narrow doorways
  • difficultly to operate if in a carriage only one child (perhaps, the second is capricious and it had to be taken on hands), but usually latest models are adjusted so that it was possible to carry even one child.
the Transformer


  • Can deliver to

    only one cradle or sitting if it is necessary to go only with one child somewhere;

  • you buy by
  • only one carriage which suits you and when children grew up or there came the warm season. There is no need to urgently look for a stroller.


  • Big weight. Often such carriages quite heavy and bulky.
  • the Grown-up children cannot independently get into a carriage

Alternative to use of a double carriage are

  • Two standard carriages. If the second parent or the assistant walks with mother, it is possible to get two usual carriages (or to take from somebody “by inheritance“) and to operate everyone separately.
  • the Standard carriage and “kangaroo“ (the baby sling - to whom that is pleasant). If mother has to walk with children of one, it is convenient to arrange one kid in a kangaroo, and to put another in a carriage, but these are children absolutely small so far and that this way has a heap of the inconveniences, for example, keeping on hands (in a kangaroo) one child, it is difficult to be engaged and calm another.
  • of the Basket - carryings or autocradles.

we Wish you a good choice!