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New Year`s cocktails

New year - a fine holiday. And not only because - a fir-tree, snow and a feast, but also because it is an excellent opportunity for revelry of the culinary imagination - for New year all is possible. Everything that is irrelevant in the spring, is lazy in the summer, and in the fall not before, it is possible to apply for New Year`s holidays. The most unexpected combinations of drinks, bright colors and unusual forms of vessels, surroundings - all this to New Year`s cocktails only on advantage.

So, than New Year`s cocktails differ from all other and why they need to be special? New year - a holiday, half or more consisting of mood, of an imperceptible agiotage, purchases, a fir-tree smell, an anticipation and expectation new. “New“ there is also a keyword applicable to what is pertinent on the holiday dividing night on old, last year`s and dawn of new year. Besides, New year is also a holiday with deep roots and traditions. And still it is winter, cold weather and long months ahead to spring heat. All this smoothly brings to ideas of cocktails on the one hand from traditional ingredients, with another - bright and memorable the look and taste, creating festive and a little mystical mood.


For creation of cocktails needs the simple equipment. First of all, it is a shaker - folding capacity for mixing of ingredients manually, by means of stirring. The mixer - for intensive mixing, the blender - for crushing and beating, a strainer and a measured vessel, and is better a little - different capacity and with the closed cover. Besides, the board for cutting of fruit and a sharp knife will be necessary, it is desirable with a wavy edge. Icetrays will be still necessary. It is better if it are different forms with big, small and figured offices. For ice the tool will be necessary for a splitting as the good part of cocktails assumes chipped ice. Do not forget about nippers for ice - this trifle adds grace in expeditious production of drink. If you have a lot of chipped ice, it will be more logical to stock up with a small sovochok - special or any suitable. The juice extractor for a citrus will be useful. Except tools, jewelry and details will be required. For example, cocktail umbrellas or sticks for ice stirring, and also indispensable attribute of cocktails of all times - straws, both natural, and plastic different flowers.

Before beginning to prepare ingredients for cocktails, solve - whether cocktails only addition to other table will be or it will be “the central dish“ of evening. Some cocktails are self-sufficient, and for a good holiday can be enough their one, for example, milk or alcoholic creamy cocktails. Respectively, if there are also other dishes, then cocktails have to be the lungs refreshing with prevalence of fruit and citrus aromas. If emphasis is put on cocktails, and from food only light meals are assumed, then the structure of drinks can be rather saturated, with all scale of tastes, including chocolate, vanilla and other.

Now when for the purpose of cocktails everything is clear, can start the choice of option for your concrete case. It is better to choose cocktail type on mood, without forgetting about features of the place in which there will take place the celebration. If there is hot, emphasis can be put on citrus aromas. If you celebrate New year in a warm poorly populated situation, without noisy music, behind pleasant conversation with close friends, it is possible to experiment with delicate aromas and noble components. It is also important to consider whether smoke in that place where there will take place the holiday. If this is so, then is not present sense to do cocktails with light or gentle aromas - them it is necessary to strengthen or use initially bright components.

more than 20 types of cocktails - alcoholic and nonalcoholic Exist. If to make a start from a way of preparation, there are cocktails which can be made quickly by means of ice, sparkling water and several components, and the whole series of cocktails which prepare with use of special equipment (blenders, mixers etc.) . An optimal variant - to pick up 3 - 4 a type of cocktails among which 1 or 2 will prepare at most in advance and also those which can be prepared quickly during a holiday will become ornament and “the central dish“ of evening or them will be able will prepare guests independently.

the Holiday of New year is a pleasure winter delights: snow, frost and in the specific color of a decline which only happens such shrill to saturated red tones in the winter. Doing New Year`s cocktail, remember hot summer when from a heat there is no wish to move, and air as though measurement. There is a wish to remember summer in the winter, to dream and present a little itself far from the house, on the beach with white sand or small pebble, to remember the holidays spent at the sea or to present itself somewhere where there is a wish to reach. But do not forget about winter: needles, snowball and fresh frosty air. As it is good to create on New Year`s Eve mood of the solar beach among the Russian winter. If to sort this, the idea lying on a surface, then by itself connection cold (in the flowers) components - white, blue and light pastel tones with bright warm flowers of a citrus and fruit arises. In practice it can be milkshake with berries or juice, couple of cocktails with pieces of a citrus and one hot drink - in case it will want to go outside, and upon return to drink quickly warming something, but not strong. In general, cocktails cannot be done strong, the content of alcohol in them is comparable with a beer fortress. Cocktail serves for creation of mood by means of taste, aroma and distinctive details. But it should not “cut down“ the guest in a dream - the New Year`s Eve is short.

Try to open

evening simple cocktails. If you assume to be supported a little before having fun all night long, cocktails - aperitifs will be suitable for arousing appetite. Their essence consists in preparing guests for a meal, to stimulate at them appetite, behind conversation and behind a glass of cocktail there will pass some time, perhaps, half an hour, or perhaps and hour. This easy entry into festive mood, and is important not to spoil it. Let these cocktails will be easy, but reminding winter, with light coniferous aroma. Very well cocktails on the basis of bitters or gin will approach. Cocktails - aperitifs often happen quite strong. Control the fortress of the first cocktails. It has to be sufficient that appetite woke up, but also not so strong considerably to make dizzy. If you do not assume a plentiful subsequent meal, then cocktails can be made easier (with the smaller content of alcohol), and as snack to offer olives, salty nutlets, crackers or small toasts, a canape and tartinka.

Martini Cocktail


in a glass with ice: 9 parts of gin with 1 part of Vermouth, add a teaspoon of scotch whisky and give.

can choose by

as nourishing “winter“ cocktail any dairy or nonalcoholic flip. The main ingredient of flip - crude egg, except it there can be various syrups, milk, the concentrated juice. Flip becomes in the mixer or a shaker in which egg (or only a yolk) with other components is intensively shaken up, then is decorated with a segment of a lemon or falls down from above a grated nutmeg.

Crimson flip

Mix in the mixer within a minute 2 yolks, 80 ml of vodka and 30 ml of crimson syrup. Add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Give in a high glass. It is possible to decorate with grated chocolate.

Coffee flip (nonalcoholic)

Shake up in the mixer within a minute 1 egg yolk, 40 ml of coffee syrup and 120 ml of whole milk. Give in a glass.

By the same principle an egg yolk can be shaken up with sugar, milk and all possible components. Avoid a citrus in cocktails with milk (a lemon, orange etc.) - milk can turn. For the same reason never mix creamy and milk liqueurs with sour juice. Very well to add berry juice and fruit drinks to flips. Show consideration for crude egg - this component bears in itself a certain risk. It is better if it are rural eggs. Carefully wash up an egg-shell with soap before preparation!

can try to be prepared for

For creation of intensive summer mood kobler - cocktails in which there are a lot of crushed fruit which are filled in with strong alcohol. Koblera is not diluted with soda or juice. So, in a half liter glass there can be 2/3 ices, pieces of fruit and all this is filled in with cognac, liqueur or strong wine. It is possible to make and the nonalcoholic kobler - to use dense garnet or other juice. After the room of all components in a glass its contents are smoothly mixed a cocktail spoon.

Kobler with champagne

In a high glass fill

chipped small ice on 2/3, add 50 g of the crushed fruit and berries, 60 ml of champagne, 40 ml of cherry brandy, 2 teaspoons of cognac and as much lemon juice. Mix a spoon.

Kobler strong

add To the glass filled with ice 50 g of fruit, 50 ml of red port, 20 ml of cognac, 30 ml of liqueur, 2 tea spoons of juice of a lemon. Mix a cocktail spoon.


For expeditious creation of cocktail at the height of a holiday perfectly will be suitable cocktails - fixes. They are trained very quickly, using ready components and mixing necessary quantity in a glass. They do not demand beating. As a rule, fixes prepare in small glasses on 100 - 150 ml. 2/3 glasses fill with chipped ice, other components just add and stir a spoon. It is accepted to give fixes with a straw.

the Pineapple fix


a glass, fill it with ice on 2/3, add 75 ml of gin, 25 ml of pineapple liqueur and 25 ml of lemon juice. Accurately stir, decorate with a lemon slice.

the Fix “Mint“

Mix in a glass ice, 75 ml of vodka, 25 ml of mint liqueur and 25 ml of lemon juice. Add a lemon slice there. Stir and give with a straw.

you can prepare for

as hot cocktails mulled wine, a grog or punch. If it does not arrange or there is no wish to potter long with these drinks requiring attention it is possible to make cocktails - todd. All components for a todda can be prepared in advance, and to boil water just before preparation. All process of preparation takes several minutes. Usually todd are prepared on the basis of strong alcohol with addition of sweet liqueur, fruit liqueurs and spices and diluted with hot water directly in a glass.

Hot todd

Pour in a glass 50 ml to cognac, add a piece to sugar, cinnamon with a carnation (to taste) and one slice of a lemon. Fill in mix of 100 ml of hot water.

Note: cognac can be replaced with any strong alcohol, for example, rum, gin or whisky.

Vodka todd

In a glass mix

: 35 ml of vodka, 15 ml cherry (or any other) liqueur, add cinnamon and a carnation, 1 slice of a lemon and fill in 100 ml of boiled water. Let`s stand a couple of minutes. Cocktail is ready.

mint cocktails - juleps will help to be refreshed with

A little. These cocktails on the basis of alcohol, soda and the pounded fresh mint will not allow you to fall asleep. The charge of the refreshing aroma will rush on the house, and guests with new forces will continue fun. Preparation of juleps requires first of all fresh mint. It is possible to buy it in the grocery market, in the same place, where usually sell fresh greens. The basic principle of preparation of mint cocktail consists in crushing a spoon or a pestle mint leaves that they gave juice. For this purpose put mint leaves on a bottom of a glass, fill in with a small amount of syrup and pound mint that juice impregnated syrup. After mint is ready, the glass is filled to the brim with chipped ice and fill in the remained components. The glass can be decorated with a mint branch. It is accepted to give juleps with a straw.

the Julep with gin

Pound 3 - 4 escape of mint with 15 ml sugar (or fruit) syrup, add ice, fill in 35 ml of gin and 100 ml of soda or mineral water. Decorate with a mint leaflet.

the Julep with rum

3 - 4 escape of mint pound

with syrup in a glass, add ice, 35 ml of white rum, 100 ml of soda or mineral water and 2 teaspoons of dark Jamaican rum.

As you can see, preparation of cocktails - occupation at all simple and not requiring excessive efforts or attention. If properly to be prepared, i.e. to buy all necessary components and different alcohol, then at the height of a holiday in your house there can be most unexpected variations of cocktails and the holiday will turn out unforgettable, creative, sated with tastes and aromas that in new year as it is impossible by the way.

can celebrate the Last two decades

New year according to east calendar, noting the corresponding symbolics arrival of year of the Rat, Horse, Bull or other animals who in the Chinese tradition (and in general in Asia) patronize this year. But if to be exact, then New year in Asia will come only at the end of January, and the excessive hobby for symbolics of this or that New Year`s animal will not be absolutely pertinent. It is quite possible to manage a hint on the forthcoming event of Asian culture, but you should not forget about own Russian traditions of celebration of New year nevertheless, and even on the contrary - it is possible to emphasize them, to hint unostentatiously a detail. Cocktail - though the foreign word, but designates international ideas of preparation of drinks from different components. In Russia and in ancient Russia there were cocktails too. Bases for them were fruit, and even more berry. The frozen berries can form an excellent basis for cocktail. Except saturated taste from such drink also huge vitamin advantage!