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Are born or become the leader? Would Begin part 2

What natural inclinations this or that person possessed from the birth, it is possible to create on their basis certain abilities only in activity out of which mental development is impossible.

the Effective way of development of leader potential

to create new line of the personality at the child, before it is necessary to create a situation at which the child for the first time would endure the mental state corresponding to this line, and then this state to fix, make steady line of the identity of the child. For example, that the lazy pupil became diligent, he has to be put in such (or such) a situation at which it would make success from diligence, would endure content and by that would change the position. Thus, the main engine of human activity is the requirement therefore for development of leader potential of the child it is necessary to create conditions which demand manifestation of children`s activity.

the Initial stage in development of leadership skills sports or intellectual. It is necessary to begin with the most elementary games. Development in the child of feeling of belief in own forces has to become a main objective of parents and teachers: “I am!“, “At me it turns out!“, “I can!“ . Adults have to notice the slightest successful actions of the child and sincerely approve them. When the feeling of confidence at the child begins to become stronger, expediently gradually to increase the level of complexity of tasks, reporting about it to children after they achieve success in more difficult kinds of activity (“It was not simply, but you coped!“).

As leadership is connected by

with collective forms of activity, among children (among friends, children - age-mates or in group of kindergarten) it is possible to organize “A competition of talents“ in which each child will get a medal, for example. “The best poet“, “The best artist“, “The best dancer“, “The best singer“, “The best architect“, “The best accountant“, etc. Summing up the competition results, it is necessary to give to children a task to define winners). Each child will begin to show the medal “the Best...“ and to prove the superiority. After a while as a result of disputes children have to come to a conclusion that everyone has the talent, therefore, all are winners and there is no sense to choose the best of the best. After that it is necessary to approve the made decision, to emphasize its justice and to set to children a number of questions:

in the course of such conversation children will hear many positive comments on themselves from peers and at the same time will try to point to advantages of each peer. As a result the worthiness of each child not only will increase in own eyes, but also in the opinion of peers.

to Children, naturally, will like to be

as the winner, and everyone will seek to be the first everywhere and in everything. But, having met difficulties and failures, they can experience negative emotions of disappointment and fear therefore it is necessary to lead with children discussion on “Today - Won, Tomorrow - the Winner“. Children have to understand that to failures it is necessary to treat with humour. Negative result - too result. Thus, the conditions interfering achievement of right result, success in activity become clear. It is possible to tell children about several scientific and famous people who became famous not at once, and tested before bitterness of disappointments.

High quality of the carried-out preparatory work in many respects will determine by

the relation of children to experience of progress and failures in the course of search of an exit from problem situations. For development of leadership skills it is possible to choose labor or game activity, it is possible to organize trainings on copying and training of leader behavior on the basis of repetition of the shown sample, it is possible to diversify and complicate games - competitions, however, from our point of view, problem situations contain the greatest developing effect.

Children, without having in advance known algorithm of the solution of problems, at collision with real problems and need to solve them by own forces show helplessness. What less at the child developed ability to cope with undelivered and objectives, that he experiences big difficulties and negative emotions. At the same time the arisen problem is a source of self-realization of the child, and it is necessary to allow it to solve these problems independently. Thus children`s identity and creativity comes to light and develops, the child finds confidence that in certain cases he can make something without the aid of the adult.

Organizing the activity demanding from children of manifestation of search activity it is necessary to remember the following:

during research to avoid
  1. estimates of children`s ideas, criticism, directive receptions, to show tolerance to mistakes of children in the course of search of own decision.
  2. to Show the valid interest in any activity of the child, to be able to see an active brainwork behind inconsistent expressions of ideas.
  3. to Offer
  4. the help only when the child begins to feel hopelessness of the search.
  5. to Cultivate persistence in performance of a task, finishing research up to the end.
  6. to Finish with
  7. research and discussion of the solved problem before manifestation of signs of loss of interest in it.
  8. to Sum up of
  9. the research results.
  10. to Consider the emotional relation of children to the offered tasks. Whether “It was difficult to guess to the correct decision? What was the most difficult? What easily turned out? Why? Whether experiment was pleasant to you? What did you learn new? You want to investigate something still?“
the Feeling of competence and belief in own forces are formed by

since childhood. Development of the person does not have limits, it happens over all life cycle, is result of successful interaction of an individual with favorable opportunities of environment. Thus, each person can develop and improve the leader potential put in him. Ability to be in the lead significantly increases in process of a growing and acquisition of various life experience and professional skill. The main complexity consists in defining a field of activity for the best application of the forces. Can purposefully develop the leader potential of children since the early childhood not only teachers, but also the parents convinced of necessity and importance of high level of social, intellectual and emotional development of the child for his future life and especially for future professional activity.