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The report on a landing with humanitarian aid to office of pathology of newborn and premature children of

at the end of October took place the next landing with humanitarian aid from The Child about One Year conference in office of pathology of newborn and premature children of children`s hospital No. 3 in Izmailovo. As always, things were gathered much, and this time there were such unusual gifts as soft toys and even a New Year tree which was brought by Natasha (aka Lisa). The fir-tree is decided to be put in a staffroom that doctors who are engaged in kids had a festive mood. Doctors were pleasantly surprised and touched by such care. The matron as the child, rejoiced to new diapers and at once ran to credit them (to stamp).

that day when we arrived there, was in office three negative detiyek. Two, however, since morning were already managed to be sent to the House of the baby, without having forgotten to supply with a dowry from last stocks of clothes from 7ya. ru. There was one kid. We photographed it. It has a surname, but there is no name and parents. Impresses care of children and the attitude towards them. I long stood near one of boxes and admired one absolutely charming baby as I suddenly heard very loud shouts from the neighboring box. In a cradle the kid cried out and swung hands. Business was in the evening, in a corridor was nobody, and the aunt - the doctor appeared here. I very quietly told it that painfully strongly the kid shouts. She terribly looked at me and not less terribly told: “it is useful for them to shout, they so develop lungs!“ But, nevertheless, having come into the box and having bent over a cradle, absolutely changed!!! The person and a voice became gentle and tender, it popoit the kid water, povorkovat with it, gave a baby`s dummy, and the child fell asleep. I pulled out a simplification sigh: aha, so only her adults irritate :) Kids which mothers look after lie in office in pampers, dressed in elegant kombinezonchik and socks. So our gifts for negative children very opportunely - they want to be well-groomed elegant too.

the Only thing that surprised me, so is that as drink children are given ordinary tea! On my question and whether it is possible, doctors sadly answered: and what to do? Who will give us money for special children`s teas? And I thought that here it would be healthy if some firm of type of “Sivma“ or “A top - a top“ looked after this office, or perhaps not only it. To kids who lie there high-quality food and food are even more important, than that who was born healthy. Also special tiniest pampers for premature kids would not prevent there. Nurse children, since 600 grams!!! We found this day the least baby weight in kilogram. Even just the pampers for newborns to it will be so big that the kid can be turned in it entirely!

Ya I hope that our actions of collecting clothes and other useful things for children will continue, kids on 7e continue to be born, and grow at good and kind people.