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I also did not think that I will write you

of Health, Father Frost! My name is Ratibor, I am three years old soon, and I learned to use the computer for a long time. The father speaks, at me not bad it turns out, and he is a good judge of it. So while the computer is free (on the laptop inconveniently, there is no mouse, and it is not connected to the Internet), I decided to write you the letter.

I was told that for New year it is accepted to ask gifts from Father Frost. We with mother read the book about you, and I know that you can grant any desire. At first I thought: well, what to wish me? As I am sung in one song, of course not the tankman because I have a father - the programmer, but mother is a teacher, but I it seems so far have everything for life... What to ask? Of books at me it is full, there are enough calendars too... I, of course very much love sweet delicacies and good surprises, but not to such an extent that for the sake of it to distract from works of already busy person. But then, having thought a little, I understood that around it is full of things about which I know for the present not all and which could diversify and improve mine (and not only mine) existence. Oh, as it is difficult to decide on the list of desires! It is even more difficult to choose from them one, that...

A, you know that, Father Frost, I think, it will be so fair: make something not for me, and for someone else who cannot ask for himself. Here that: make so that in the coming year each ownerless cat found the hostess. Life in this world will be adjusted, crisis will take place, the government will cease to squander resources of the country, and in governing bodies corruption will disappear. And there at last the people who are really caring for the citizens will begin to take places if cats are happy and happy. You do not represent: in boarding houses on the lake Turgoyak near Miass vagrant cats - such mice, clean and well-fad thanks to abundance, and entertainments of tourists - in general are shot! Everything in the world is interconnected, I remembered it absolutely precisely, one uncle whom mother called professor of philosophy (by the way, the world man so spoke - allowed me to measure the cap and presented the machine). Here I also want that all were happy.

Wow as it turned out much, I also did not think that I will be able to write you such big letter! Just incredibly! You know, my mother considers that on New Year`s Eve there are most surprising miracles, and she is, seemingly, right - it already begins!

A still if you to me come to wish a Happy New Year, I will tell you the poem which translated from English just on the eve of the second birthday. You do not trust? The truth - the truth! So itself left, I did not even expect. Also gave out. Still nobody translated this children`s rhyme, here will see... You will be the first who will hear it (except parents, of course). Well, if still you for it present me a small naborchik of the Scandinavian soldiers, one happy person on Earth, definitely, will become more. See you soon, sincerely your Ratibor.