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Labor pain relief of

Unfortunately, any of methods of medicamentous labor pain relief known today is not perfect. All of them, anyway, influence a fruit and duration of childbirth and their use it is possible not always. However there are anesthesia methods which do not have any contraindications for mother and the kid.

Methods of non-drug anesthesia are absolutely harmless, very simple and effective

, they can be applied at any stage of childbirth. Patrimonial massage, the special respiratory technicians weakening poses and motive techniques, use of a fitball (a gymnastic ball) and an akvaterapiya in labor belongs to the self-anesthetizing methods. To seize these receptions, only one is required - desire!

the Active position

the First and major factor of decrease in pain from fights is active behavior in labor. This term designates free behavior of the woman in labor, continuous change of poses and movement on chamber, search of the most comfortable position of a body. The movements in itself considerably reduce the general feeling of pain. And not only because any action distracts.

In - the first, the level of pain depends on blood circulation. During fight muscle fibers of a uterus are reduced, spending at the same time energy. The main “power fuel“ for work of all cages of our organism is oxygen; cages a miometriya (a uterus muscle) - not an exception. It is known that oxygen contains in arterial blood; therefore, breath of cages depends on level and the speed of an arterial blood-groove. At motionless position of a body the general blood-groove decreases, supply of oxygen to a muscle of a uterus is slowed down and pain accrues. If the woman in labor goes on chamber or moves within a convenient pose, owing to the movement the level of a blood-groove increases, and cells of a uterus are better provided with oxygen. Therefore at active behavior in labor pain from fights is much weaker, than at motionless situation. Even in a case when on medical indications the woman in labor cannot get up, she can actively behave during fight - to rock, spring on a bed, to part and cramp knees. These insignificant movements noticeably reduce pain from fight.

In - the second, the feeling of pain depends on the general tension. To tell more precisely, between these concepts - direct proportionality exists pain and tension-. That is the more we strain, the is more painful to us and vice versa. During fight when the uterus strains and there are painful feelings, some women instinctively “fade“, completely ceasing to move. Such behavior of the woman in labor is caused by fear of pain. The woman in labor as if hides for the period of fight from pain and from herself. In labor such behavior does not give relief:“ fading“, future mother unconsciously strains that leads to sharp strengthening of pain. The main assistant in fight against excessive tension during fights is physical activity. When we are in the movement, our muscles alternately strain and relax; therefore, the hyper tone (excessive tension of muscles) is excluded. And if the movement helps to relax, so it reduces the general level of pain.

of the Movement in the course of childbirth can be the most various. If childbirth proceeds without complications, the choice like movements during fight remains for the woman in labor. In this case there is one, but very important restriction. At any stage of childbirth it is not necessary to do sharp, gusty movements. Here examples of the most widespread types of active behavior during fight:

during fights should behave freely, choosing the most comfortable position of a body. There are many known poses reducing discomfort during fights and helping to relax. The basic principle on which the woman in labor chooses a pose for the period of fight - the comfort level, stability and relaxation. In the majority of “patrimonial“ poses four points of support and mainly vertical position of a body are used; there are also “lying“ poses. However, in order that poses helped, it is necessary to change as often as possible position of a body and not to forget to move a little within any pose. To reduce painful feelings in labor, try to accept the following poses during fight:

so-called “partner poses“ for which the woman in labor needs the assistant, Here several simplest and convenient positions for anesthesia of fights Are:

Recently in many maternity hospitals to women in labor allow to use

for labor pain relief a fitball. The fitball is a rubber gymnastic ball which is usually used for occupations by aerobics and Pilates. By means of a fitball it is possible to accept the most various poses, easily changing one for another, with guarantee relaxing and continuously moving, saving at the same time forces. For use during fights the fitball is inflated not up to the end that it remained soft and springing. On a ball it is possible to accept all poses which are listed above; besides, there are special poses with a fitball:

As you can see, the active behavior in labor does not demand special physical training. To use “active“ labor pain relief, only knowledge and desire of the woman in labor to be a participant of childbirth, but not the passive patient are necessary.

the Anesthetizing breath

the Most effective way of labor pain relief - special respiratory technicians. The analgesic effect of breath is based on hyper oxygenation - blood glut by oxygen. The respiratory center of a brain, registering excess of oxygen in the woman in labor blood, sends an impulse to a hypophysis - the main hormonal gland of an organism which is responsible for emission of endorphins. These substances called by “pleasure hormones“ regulate a threshold of painful sensitivity of the person. The more it is allocated endorphins, the pain threshold is higher; that is why the correct breath in fights and attempts anesthetizes not worse than analgetics.

Respiratory technicians can use

at any stage of childbirth without restrictions. They are applicable in any position of a body, equally effectively help both at the normal course of childbirth, and at development of various deviations of patrimonial activity.

at the beginning of childbirth when fights are almost painless, recommends to use “breath by a stomach“. At the beginning of fight the woman in labor takes the weakened slow breath a nose, and then long exhales air a mouth (as though blows on water). Such breath helps to relax, removes nervous excitement and provides high saturation of blood with oxygen, stimulating and anesthetizing fights.

To the middle of the first period of childbirth when fights accrue and become painful, “breath by a candle“ well helps. This frequent superficial breath at which the short breath is made through a nose and exhaled - a mouth (as though we blow out the candle). In process of strengthening of fights breath becomes more intensive, but still remains very frequent. It is necessary to breathe thus only during fight; upon termination of pain the woman in labor takes a deep breath and an exhalation, leveling breath, and has a rest before the following fight.

at the time of full disclosure of a neck of a uterus when fights become especially long and frequent, most effective to breathe “engine“, This breath represents alternation previous the technician. At the beginning of fight future mother uses breath by a stomach, saving forces. In process of strengthening of pain breath becomes frequent and at peak of fight becomes the most intensive. Then, in process of fight “subsiding“, the woman in labor calms and levels breath.

In the second period of childbirth when the fruit begins to move ahead on patrimonial ways, each fight is followed by a false desire on a defekation (desire to release intestines). Such feeling is caused by the fruit head pressure upon a rectum close to a vagina. At this stage the woman in labor needs to avoid premature attempts and to relax as much as possible, helping the kid to fall on the patrimonial channel. For achievement of this purpose during fight it is necessary to breathe “doggie“. This frequent superficial breath by a mouth which is really reminding breath of a dog. At breath by “doggie“ a diaphragm - the main muscle of an abdominal tension - is in the continuous movement that makes an attempt impossible. Breath possesses the maximum anesthetic and the weakening effect.

Magic touches

in One more effective way of non-drug labor pain relief is massage, Stimulating during fights certain points and zones on a body, future mother can independently regulate a painful impulse, reducing the level of pain and relaxing.

the massage zone, Most “popular“ with women in labor, is the waist, to be exact - sacral area. A sacrum - motionless connection of vertebras in the lower part of a backbone. In this area of a spinal cord the sacral nervous texture is located: the nerve ganglion innervating a uterus and other bodies of a small pelvis. Stimulating during fight a sacral zone (a lower back in the middle), the woman in labor blocks transfer of a nervous impulse, reducing thus pain. Massage can be carried out both one, and two hands, massing a zone small pillows and bones of fingers, the fist basis, the palm basis, inside of a palm or a manual masseur. The movements during massage can be stroking, pressing, it is possible to pat, pinch from time to time and even slightly to tap area of influence. That on skin of sacral area there was no irritation, it is possible to grease it with cream or oil periodically. If you did not stock up with oil for massage - be not upset: ask liquid vaseline oil which always is in maternity hospital for the midwife.

during fight can stimulate with

ledges of pelvic bones from a stomach on each side. These stones it is necessary to influence as well as a sacral zone. It is possible to try different methods: to squeeze, press and release, stroke, to pinch from time to time. Choose that type of massage stimulation which most effectively reduces pain to you. This method is some kind of distracting maneuver transferring a source of pain.

Periodically during fight gently stroke a semicircle a stomach bottom, area of a bottom of a uterus (the most top part). The same stroking movements can be made, moving hands from lateral ledges of pelvic bones along an inguinal fold towards a crotch and back. These movements calm the woman in labor, help to relax and improve blood circulation in a uterus, the Following option of massage it is the most convenient to p to apply

, lying on one side or sitting on a ball. Press inside of palms to an internal surface of a hip. During fight move hands with pressing, without tearing off palms, - from a groin to knees and back, In this area there passes the returnable nerve innervating pelvic bodies. Massage of an internal surface of a hip helps to lower pain and to relax as much as possible.

In partner labor the assistant can constantly carry out by

the light weakening massage of all body, avoiding only a zone of a breast, a crotch and the woman in labor stomach. The touch of hands of the loved one calms future mother and helps to relax better.

Water as the assistant

the Main plus of an akvaterapiya - in the weakening and anesthetizing properties of water. In warm water of fight are felt softer, blood circulation improves, the woman in labor has an opportunity to relax and accept a comfortable position of a body, is tired less. Water excludes emergence of such collateral factors of discomfort in labor as dryness of skin, the increased sweating, a fever or feeling of heat,

in many maternity hospitals began to apply Recently non-drug anesthesia of fights with the help of influence of water. For childbirth with an akvaterapiya use the special shower cabins and the tank with a hydromassage located in delivery room. Rooms for water procedures in a rodbloka are in a special way disinfected. Of course, stay in water at the time of delivery without risk for health of the woman in labor and a fruit perhaps only under control of the qualified medical expert. When using of a special bathroom future mother has to be located in it entirely, having an opportunity to turn and change position of a body. Water temperature should not exceed normal body temperature (36,0 ° With - 37,0 ° C) and not to fall lower than 30,0 ° C. Near the woman in labor (in soul or about a massage bathtub) constantly there has to be a partner in childbirth or the specialist of maternity hospital.

Unfortunately, this remarkable method of anesthesia it is possible to use not always. Stay in the tank with water at the time of delivery can be considered absolutely safe only until the kid and a cavity of a uterus are protected by a wall of a fetal bubble. After a rupture of fetal covers the last barrier between a sterile uterus and an unsterile vagina disappears. Water through a vagina can get into a cavity of a uterus and cause its infection. Restrictions for use in labor smothering less: it is necessary to refuse this way only in that case when the doctor recommends to the woman in labor a bed rest.

If childbirth proceeds without complications, it is possible to visit shower quite often during all first period of childbirth. For this purpose two conditions are necessary: existence in a rodbloka shower, equipped for women in labor, and a possibility of supervision over future mother during water procedures. Shower cabins for women in labor do open (without doors - for a possibility of medical supervision), use pallets with a “nonskid“ covering, and on walls establish convenient hand-rail. During all stay in shower near future mother there has to be permanently a midwife or the doctor. Of course, it is possible only in case of individual conducting childbirth; however, at partner childbirth by “observer“ and assistant there can be the woman in labor spouse.

can achieve

of Optimum anesthetic and the weakening effect, using a water stream as an akvamassazher. For this purpose it is necessary to take a shower nozzle in a hand and, changing a water pressure from weak to average and even strong, to water a stomach with roundabouts during all fight. If you have an assistant, it is possible to ask him to massage a water stream a waist and a sacral zone. Between fights it is worth making a pressure of water weaker and to direct a stream to a face, shoulders, a breast and legs, trying to obtain full relaxation. Ideal water temperature for anesthesia in sorts 36 - 40 ° With; lower temperature affects nervous system excitingly, and too hot water can provoke bleeding.

the child`s Birth - the most remarkable event in the woman`s life. Of course, the process preceding this event demands many forces and patience from future mother. But to you it is not necessary to wait from childbirth of torments and intolerable pain; childbirth is a grateful work. And if the woman got ready for childbirth, is able to help herself and goes to give birth with a smile, this concerning event becomes the real holiday. And pains during the holiday not the place!