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Mother, why I do not grow?

How many parents suffered questions: “What my kid will grow up? Whether there will be it same high as the father or will go to mother?“ God forbid to the child to be below the peers, especially if it is the boy. At once some offensive nickname like “puny person“ will become attached or it is even worse. Tall girls are threatened by the offensive nickname “lanky fellow“, and in addition and neurosis against a depression. Who is guilty of it also what with it to do? Let`s understand together.

the Foundation of normal growth is laid by

even before appearance of the kid on light. It is not only about genes. Future mother has to think of the food, first of all. The food has to be high-calorie (not less than 1500 kcal a day) and to contain such minerals as iodine and iron, and also vitamins (To, A, D, folic acid). Deficiency of protein in food of the pregnant woman can slow down development of future child. Not by the way there will be also chronic diseases of mother, such as anemia, diseases is warm - vascular and respiratory systems. Well, and, naturally, all addictions.

Parents constantly compare the child to others: as far as it is lower or higher than the peers. And in vain. To sound alarm if the child is lower than most of coevals, absolutely is not necessary. Here not the number of centimeters in length matters (for example, 140 cm instead of 143 cm), and as far as the kid annually grows up.

That it was more convenient to p to monitor development of the child, write down since his birth of change of growth and weight. In the first year it needs to be done every month, and then - each half a year. Buy the kid amusing rostometr, and important research will turn for it into favourite business.

the Concern is only justified by

when the child grew in habitual speed, and then began to lag behind it sharply. In that case you should not address traditional medicine. The kid will not begin “grow by leaps and bounds“ if you force it to drink this unpleasant drink every day. And milk with eggs, and broth from a dogrose hardly noticeably will help. The most right step - to see a doctor, first of all, to the therapist. He will make necessary measurements and will define whether the growth inhibition - norm is or nevertheless there are problems with health.

the Baby - the son to the father came...

“Small growth“ is a considerable lag in growth in comparison with average value for age of the person, a floor and a nationality. The one who is lower than 97% of the peers of the same floor is considered undersized.

Genes of small growth are in most cases descended by

. Children of low parents are initially lower than the age-mates, but grow in normal speed. Here you will not argue with genes. Hereditarily small growth is not a disease and therefore will not respond to any treatment.

Quite often happens that one of parents high, and another - low growth. In this case the genetic growth of the child can be counted elementary. For this purpose growth of mother develops with growth of the father and the received figure is halved. Then to result 6,5 cm (if you have a boy) increase, or 6,5 cm are taken away (if you have a girl). By means of such simple arithmetic calculations you receive the possible growth of your child. However there are exceptions. For example, if the kid grows in better conditions, than his parents, he can overtake them on growth.

cases when children who at early age had normal average height have a delay of constitutional development Are frequent

. It is put genetically too. Usually delay of development begins during the period from 6 months to 2 years, and leads to lag from average values of growth. After 3 years normal growth rate at such children, as a rule, renews and they “catch up“ with the age-mates.

By the way, one more essential moment. Boys usually repeat the scenario according to which their father or other relatives on the man`s line - the uncle or the grandfather grew. Girls grow on “the female line“ as their mother, the grandmother or the aunt. So if the child`s father always stood on physical culture at the end of a rank, and then in a year “shot up“, most likely, the son will catch up or maybe over time will overtake age-mates.

growth Hormone

If the child grows at

too slowly or at all does not grow, the doctor appoints careful inspection. Only after it it is possible to find out the possible reasons. It can be chronic heart troubles, lungs, intestines or kidneys at the child. Harmful the improper or insufficient feeding during the baby period and during puberty influences growth rates. Considerable psychological stresses can also slow down growth of the child, especially if they happen at preschool age. The children deprived of maternal caress and attention lag behind in growth.

Often insufficient production of hormones is the reason of delay of growth. Growth is influenced by two types of hormones: tiroida and so-called hormones of growth. Shortage of these hormones comes to light only after careful inspection. In that case the doctor appoints drug treatment.

treatment will be the Most effective if saw a doctor prior to puberty (to of 10 - 12 years). Highly effective - at the address from 12 to 14 years. Treatment at the address from 14 to 16 years is considered effective. After 18 years it is hardly hardly worth waiting for results. Will be too late.

Fight for centimeters


Of course, heredity you will not change. And socially - it is not always possible to improve economic conditions. However to change food and a way of life - it is quite real.

Children who badly eat usually lag behind on growth the peers. The food rich with protein, dairy products which are the main source of calcium, and A, D, E vitamins is important for normal growth. Vitamin A contains in meat, milk, butter, pork and beef liver. Vitamin D - in eggs, sturgeon caviar, butter. Vitamin E - in bread, nuts, greens, vegetable and butter.

On a note
If growth of the full-term child keeps within a piece of 45 - 55 cm, and weight from 2,5 to 4,6 kg, so do not have reasons for alarm. At normal development doubling of weight happens to 4 - 5 to months and increase in weight by 3 times to a year. The healthy kid for the first year adds about 25 cm of growth. In two years the mark of growth has to on of 10 - 12 cm above. Till the teenage period the child adds on 5 - 6 cm in a year. Then there is growth a jump. Girls in 11 - 12 add years in height from 6 to 11 cm a year and by 15 years practically cease to grow. Puberty of boys happens later. In 13 - 14 years they grow by of 7 - 12 cm and continue to grow up to 20 years.

Parents who put the child to bed in time no later than 10 o`clock in the evening, arrive wisely. Scientists already proved that at night in blood hormone of growth is emitted and at this particular time days the kid grows.

Regular physical exercises without strong overloads and overfatigue are also important

for growth of the child. Physical activity makes active a metabolism, so, improves work of hormonal system.

one more “factor of growth“ Is is a quality of the dwelling. Pay attention to the house in which you live. In the crude room without appropriate sanitary conditions hardly the kid will normally develop. It is desirable that the room of the child was light, spacious and pure. And also, whenever possible, its personal. You should not settle the kid with grandmothers, aunts and other possible relatives.

If, despite everything the made efforts, did not manage grow up - you should not be upset nevertheless. Unless appearance is the main thing? Really small growth can prevent to get a job if you are talented? To meet darling if you are madly attractive? Let`s remember at least great people who struck history with the achievements and opening: Napoleon, Lenin, Yesenin... Their growth did not exceed 160 centimeters, however did not prevent them to achieve tremendous victories.


Low growth - the frequent phenomenon, but nevertheless people every decade become above. And, perhaps, the problem of small growth of years through hundred will not be actual any more. Today 1,80 m are a normal indicator of man`s growth. Though some 200 - 300 years ago men with growth 1,70 were considered as giants. And a knightly armor of the Middle Ages was tiny to ridiculous.

what it is connected by

C? It appears, for the last hundred years protein consumption very much increased. Protein as more than once it was proved, stimulates and determines growth rate. So, rabbit milk contains 10,4% of protein, and in human 1,1%. Respectively the rabbit grows much quicker than the person.

In Europe in 1850 consumption of meat on average on one person a year made 17 kg. In 1970 consumption reached 74 kg a year. Every year this figure becomes more and more.

One more reason of acceleration - big consumption of sugar. Sugar not only kaloriyen, it is capable to stimulate release of insulin. Insulin in turn speeds up work of the hypophysis excreting more than growth hormones.

Intensively growing children often complain of indispositions. The reason is covered that when the child too quickly and intensively grows, internals grow more slowly than bone system. There can really be a certain discomfort, an indisposition. There are muscular pains, but, as a rule, weak. At this time quite often at children so-called physiological noise in heart are defined, for example. Parents should not panic, but at the same time it is necessary to pay attention to complaints of the child at all - attentive and regular supervision of the doctor is necessary not to pass the beginning of really serious disease.