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As Artemka of

Well, here was born and there was a long-awaited moment. The test shows 2 strips. What is it? Truth? Mistake? To tell the husband or to wait? Ran for the second. And again 2 strips. Hurrah!! At last that occurred this miracle and in me small appeared.

How now to behave? To tell all or so far is not necessary? No, we will not be. So far it will be our family secret.

Here the first reception in policlinic. The doctor confirms pregnancy existence. Was registered. Wrote out the direction on analyses, round of experts. Told, term approximately of 4 - 5 weeks. Rhoda approximately on April 9. Here approximate long-awaited date of addition in family.

But here and first stresses. In the morning bloody allocations began. I awake the husband, we go to reception. And here we are directed to hospitalization. From this day to childbirth the hospital and pregnancy for me were as twin sisters are almost unseparable. For pregnancy I lay down 9 times in a hospital. All the time there was an interruption threat.

I forgot

About work at once. At first sick-lists, then holiday and decree. Pregnancy I as could kept. In me there lives already our part, our dear and beloved sonny.

Well, here term approaches childbirth. I am put about a hospital. Hurrah, it is the last hospitalization, from here I will leave already only with the son on hands. There passed 1 week, I lie, the second week comes to an end. Any signs of patrimonial activity. Doctors decide to cause childbirth. Appoint date - on April 7, 2009. Here I already know that I will precisely give rise now moreover and this day coincides with day of the Annunciation. In the evening I prepare for childbirth and lowered in patrimonial in the morning. Big chamber, in the center - a chair, the equipment, on each side - a bed, the couveuse, a pelenalnik. Panic begins: I will be able, I will not be able. How everything will be here? I am covered by fear. But there is no road back. To me enter gel, in 20 minutes fights begin. There now and everything, process went.

At 11 o`clock puncture with

a fetal bubble. And fights continue with a bigger force. There is no Terpenye, and here all doctors go and learn, how are you. Who will look, who will rumple. There passed hour, the second, third. Well, when end of tortures? Forces begin to abandon me slowly. 6 hours later the doctor speaks: “Time. Pass to a chair“. Remained absolutely slightly - slightly, it is necessary to gather by forces. Here begin to speak to me when to make an effort or not. I tried to obey doctors that it is correct to make everything and not to do much harm to the sonny. Speak to me: “Tuzhsya!“ I make an effort, seemed a head. Suggested me to touch it. I touch so accurately, it is scared. On a body even goosebumps ran. And here speak: “Give, once again properly potuzhsya!“ I collect the strength, I make an effort and I feel only “glug“. And shout! It was shout of my kid. The pleasure was not a limit. Doctors cut an umbilical cord, put it to me on a stomach. These moments never to forget. They cannot just be described. Here so I became a mother. I gave birth to the son Artemka.