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The main thing - never you reflected to believe

A from where this phrase? “Trust, and everything will turn out.“ And yes the truth, our thoughts are material. Also are material as we want it. If something happens, we blame anyone, but ourselves in the last turn. Probably, it is so easier to live, or we are just cowards, we are afraid to admit to ourselves the mistake.

Each mother having the son wants

the daughter and where the daughter - there and the son. Of course, I was not an exception. But always repeated and I will repeat: any child desired, irrespective of color of eyes and the floor, the main thing - healthy. This most important for the baby.

Here so in one day watched

how the son laps in a bathtub and represents the submarine... At this time I learned that I for the second time will become a mother. I was overflowed by emotions... The husband was not near, and I just sent him the message in which there was a test photo.

the Reciprocal call followed

instantly, quietly muttered in a tube:“ Heavy not to lift, I will call back“. The husband was disconnected. Work... Joyful, I fell asleep with the son. Explaining to him that mother in a tummy has a lyalechka.

From the first day I began to train for

the son that he is the senior brother that in a tummy at mother a lyalechka. The little son - the good fellow: seized all and absorbed. Everything is good, but about the 6th week the bad picture was painted: to krovit the beginning. Wrote out a heap of tablets, but nothing helped. On ultrasonography told that everything is good. But the fact remained the fact. By 11th week I so was already tired of everything that I waved a hand, come what may, to what to be - not to pass that. Raked up in an armful of the son and went to visit in Moscow area to the girlfriend. On the road I thought that everything came to an end, and evening will end in hospital. But on a visit at me everything sharply stopped and did not begin any more. I all joked that it was necessary to arrive earlier. But it turned out that all this florets. On the 10th week (here yes, such all clever) me made screening and how you think what I received? Yes, quantity of weeks of a nervous state.

- Light?

- Yes.

- ZhK disturbs. When to us?

- The day after tomorrow.

- Suffers

, just I have to report, rules are that, screening came bad.

I Throw everything, I will leave the mother-in-law son, I fly to ZhK, I fly in an office:

- That?!

the Doctor tries to convince me that it is a mistake that it often happens that I should not be nervous etc.

I came back home any, the husband as ill luck would have it all did not go home. That day it had a holiday, I it seems kept, but by 6 in the evening when it at last arrived, I already was in bad condition. Put to it a piece of paper, he fluently looked and told that it is necessary to throw out it, all this the useless scrap of paper. Called other doctor, the doctor to me told so much!! Having hung up, I started howling. I just quietly fought back tears, the husband did not touch me.

in the Morning it left for work again. From work called, gather supposedly leave small to mother, I wait for you there - and there-. Arrived to the doctor. Do ultrasonography, I just do not breathe. They say that term is not suitable for screening, but on ultrasonography there are no deviations. For my tranquility send us to the geneticist. How many clever words I heard that day that I now cannot even reproduce. But the state was it... It seemed that all around are mistaken. The husband told me one: “Whatever it happened how it turned out, this kid - our child, and we love him. Also we will love it what it is. And point“. Felt better.


To December 3 appointed repeated screening. After blood donation I ran away from laboratory as if to me in a trace will begin to shout:“ Bad result“.

Result to receive 4 numbers on hands. The husband promised to take away. I ike a cat on a hot tin roof stayed all day. Works was at the husband much, and that day plainly we could not talk. At one o`clock in the morning nevertheless phoned, and I cannot take courage to ask, as well as that. Talked, discussed tomorrow`s plans and said goodbye. I cannot sleep, I sit in front of the computer. In 15 minutes calls back.

- Forgive to

, absolutely twirled, the analysis - that was brought, everything is good!!

- Well why you were silent?

- was Once (many will sniff, but, alas, I understand it) and we with you knew that everything is good. I did not even worry.

As after it to sleep? I stayed in the Internet to 3 mornings, communicated with girlfriends. Here it, female essence. Probably, for such pleasure our daughter decided to award us once more next day: kicked me very much the first time.

Yes I after this case did not breathe on reception at the doctor when did ultrasonography, on the 23rd week considered a floor. Girl! Fine - that as!! But I at heart thought that there the boy. What is fated to be to me mother of two boys.

Then everything was good

, pregnancy proceeded, as well as had to. I was engaged in the son, slowly bought to the daughter of a thing. Went to have a rest to Moscow area. And in 5 days prior to childbirth stopped going driving. Painfully the husband swore. Went to have a rest for the second May holidays, everything is excellent.

In the night of 10 on 11 so twisted a back that I few times abused myself that we not houses. Then popustit. In 12 the husband came from work and speaks:

- Well, when we?

- I do not know, term - that on 19...

- to us would will keep within with 12 on 20... I houses, will depart then.

- we Will persuade.

Went on steps, devoured to bank of raspberry jam, hung up curtains, washed windows. Silence.

Went to ultrasonography 14. The doctor told that supposedly only touch you - you and will give rise, will be enough to walk. Yes I also understood, was already very much felt that the daughter low.

Retreat. I went the pregnant woman with one girl, and put to us terms nearby. So we somehow for fun once decided to choose day when to give birth since gave birth in one maternity hospital. Also chose the 14th. As a result on 14 it put planned Caesarian.

And so. Having left with ultrasonography, we went to MEGA. There nabroditsya, and there - that me the first time crooked. Yes so that I sat down. Did not tell the husband. In a stopper on the way home everything repeated. The husband grabbed phone, I stopped it. It needed to jump on affairs on work. And we with the son as loyal friends went with the father. We go, and I feel each stone on the road. Sat at work, went back.

- Call the doctor, tell that it seems as fights at me.

Called the doctor, the doctor told that I am too cheerful. Like, you will arrive home, descend in a shower and you will call.

Arrived, shifted the son in a bed, put a dinner on a table. A supper, time to 12 was selected. Also told the husband: “Eat. And I will go on the Internet I will sit that not to irritate you“. The husband was surprised...

Left. Arrived to maternity hospital, on the road of water at me departed. The husband nearly in an armful raked up me and wanted to drag in reception.

Accepted me, underwent all procedures, lifted in patrimonial. In comparison with the first time everything passed quickly and so to speak is smooth if such word approaches process of childbirth.

whether students, whether young specialists Amused me, I did not understand. Began to do me ultrasonography and speak: “And you are sure that there one child?“ Here and so, passed 9 months and did not know. A joke, they simply not correctly did ultrasonography.

the child`s Birth - all this some sacrament. Sacrament of the birth of new life. Our girl was born with the first beams of the sun. I can tell now that it was fine.

during fights I lay on a bed and looked out of the big window where it was dark, and I would even tell what is very dark. Never I will forget that feeling when I lay already on a chair and made an effort. And on the last attempt the sun lit up all patrimonial, even the midwife gasped. Here so at the dawn our Vera was born. Belief in better and only in the best.

the Second time I was convinced by

that childbirth is as the unlucky and productive working day. Came, gathered, fulfilled and got the award, best in the world. And if to part slobber, to feel sorry for itself - that nothing good leaves.

When you carry

under heart of the baby, trust in most better, sincere and light.

you Know

, here you remember how your child lived in you as he floundered there. Kicked you, did not allow to sleep... Toxicoses are all these, experiences and as and that. And now this miracle at 2 o`clock in the morning here sits, hollows toys about the crane of the elder brother and think: “And how it - to live without them? Without these sweet pyatochek, a direct smile, which such sincere, pure and full of children`s love... How we lived without these small fingers and tasty smelling top?“

we in forces to make

so that our children at the very beginning of the long course of life were happy. Are happy really.