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Childbirth with the husband... And Caesarian

I am very happy with the childbirth in maternity hospital at CDB of Novosibirsk though everything turned out at all not as I expected. We with the husband planned joint childbirth and long prepared for them. Our wish was fulfilled only half - so as far as the emergency Caesarian allowed...

And birth of our child was a surprise. Of course, emergence surprised nobody, but till the birth we did not know who will be born: boy or girl! All pregnancy me was accompanied by unshakable confidence that I wait for the boy. The confidence was supported with the statement of the doctor who was carrying out ultrasonography on 18 - y to week: “Classical boy!“ The child was named Innokenti and long before emergence is supplied with golubenky baby`s undershirts, kombinezonchik, etc. What our amazement when on 35 - y other ultrasonographer with confidence told week the absolutely return was. Generally, absolutely confused, last one and a half months we called the baby not Kesha any more, and just “child“, and looked forward to it not only, but also with intense interest.

the Behaviour of the child least of all resembled maiden. Having begun to move approximately on 14 - y to week, the child soon developed improbable activity: liked to be engaged in rhythmical jumps on several minutes in a row, learned to tickle mother from within, forcing it to jump up from surprise; in recent months my uterus became for the kid something like a punching bag - with that difference that this pear thrashed from within. From my liver the child suited the exercise machine for small, but oh what firm pyatochek. On 9 - m month these feelings were added with an intolerable skin itch. There was an awful wish to give rise at least to cease to scratch.

on June 12, on the eve of PDR, me it seemed to

that waters leak. We went to the husband`s parents to the Campus where were going to give birth. In the evening on “ambulance“ went to maternity hospital. To our horror, was on duty this evening Vorontsov to whom I, having read responses and having had heard plenty of girlfriends, very much did not want to get on childbirth. The main thing that frightened me, - Vorontsov, by hearsay, very much is fond of stimulations, I wanted childbirth natural, without stimulation and anesthesia to the maximum. This intention at me was created after reading of the book G. Dick - Read “Childbirth without fear“. Very much I recommend it to future mummies.

Vorontsov examined me quite unmercifully, found disclosure of 1 cm and told that the bubble is whole, and I took a stopper which departed three days for waters. He began to insist that I laid down in “pathology“ “to get ready for childbirth“, that is to be pricked and dripped that did not include in my plans at all. Besides houses near the husband who can make also massage at training fights are much quieter. We hardly beat off, wrote refusal and ran away home under thunderous exclamations of Vorontsov: “Meter fifty, the husband at it meter eighty! With your growth and your stomach - you a shot number one for “pathology“! You will get on Caesarian!“

Decided to conclude the contract with Irina Anatolyevna Myagkova (it the familiar midwife recommended) the next day incidentally not to get to Vorontsov.

This night, with 12 on 13 - e June, quite painful contractions whether from - for survey began p in the afternoon, whether already time came. Fights continued, went irregularly (an interval from 5 to 10 minutes), but it was already impossible to stay at home with them, and we went to maternity hospital again - this time to a taxi.

previously phoned with

To Myagkova, and it accepted me. It appeared, disclosure still 1 cm. I wanted to begin to yell: “You scoff, perhaps?! Why I suffered days?“ Myagkova took an interest why we need contract childbirth what we would like from them. She considered my wishes, but warned that it is necessary to be ready and to cases when not to do without intervention. She suggested to lay down in “pathology“ before childbirth too, but I agreed only after KTG which showed not really good result. Besides I presented how it is necessary to go here for the third time... Having said goodbye to the husband, I laid down to wait for childbirth.

, with 13 on 14, me delivered to

For the night a prick which removed fights till next evening. And here at the night 14 - go this preparation did not help any more. I tried to fall asleep, not to pay attention to fights, but it was impossible, and I trudged to look for the duty nurse. In office was nobody - neither on a post, nor in sisterly, nor in a staffroom. After the next attempt to fall asleep I despaired and went down on the elevator in an accident ward and asked that to me though somebody was sent. The duty nurse who came back on a post was very dissatisfied with my act: “You why in an accident ward went down? You give birth, perhaps? There is no patience, perhaps?“ But then took away to the doctor on duty on survey. Heard laconic: “In labor. 2,5 fingers disclosure“. I did not believe the ears for pleasure and ran in chamber behind things, having almost forgotten about fights. There was about 0. 00.

Ya called the husband and Myagkova. When went down in an accident ward, the husband was already there, dressed in a hospital suit very nice light-turquoise color. We went in rodzat where were going to spend the forthcoming night. Alas, everything quickly changed. Before our eyes KTG began to show decrease in pulse of the child. Without waiting, ourselves ran for doctors: “Pulse falls!“ Myagkova told that it is necessary to open a bubble and if waters appear green, - means, the child has a hypoxia, and it is necessary to do “Caesarian“. So it also appeared. Took off just given hospital dressing gown from me and carried to the operating room. Epiduralny anesthesia did not manage to be made: me banged from cold (weather stood cloudy, and the maternity hospital, of course, was not heated), it was impossible to be bent properly. The anesthesiologist, it is ineffectual potykav a needle in my backbone, decided on the general anesthesia... At this time the operating room window had a husband.

After a radio mask everything rushed somewhere... Under anesthetic I dreamed something unimaginable: it seemed that it is necessary to check all events, and I cannot because I collapse on pieces, and I will hardly be able to gather sometime... When I began to depart, there was a feeling that all lower half of a trunk is cut off, and I very much wanted to convince doctors as it is necessary to me - I was afraid, suddenly they will not sew it back. Nearby the anesthesiologist and the nurse, everyone in a double copy swam, and someone`s voice repeated: “Freight and cold“. The husband was not near, the child too, and it was so not similar to that childbirth which I once imagined. I asked that with the child. Just in case, without confidence that there has to be a child.“ With the child everything is all right, - answered me. - girl, 3950, 50 centimeters“.

our Katenka I saw

for the first time in the camera which was given me by the husband to chamber of intensive therapy. She was born on June 15 in 3. 30. The husband told then that he nursed it the first half an hour is, I think, the most important for what he was here, after the birth the daughter appeared on hands at the native person. Then it was brought in chamber - such silent, hardly spelenaty and soft. Did not allow to put to a breast in day after operation, promised only tomorrow when I am transferred to chamber. And I lay and thought: “About what chamber there can be a speech? Really I will be able sometime to get on feet? I even sideways cannot turn!“ Generally, it was sad and lonely, and I felt as the little better than a kafkiansky bug. In addition and phone was discharged, to the socket which was in a half a meter from me, not to reach so it was impossible to talk plainly to anybody of the family.

Next day I could already get up, overcoming the cutting pain in the field of a seam. The husband came to maternity hospital, and I still lay in “intensivka“. “When I will be transferred to chamber?“ - “When you will be able to go“. The incentive - desire to meet the husband - was so strong that I nearly run (so it seemed to me) pripustit along a corridor. Then brought also the daughter on the first feeding by colostrum. She stuck at once quite surely and ate as small nasosik, with full awareness of gravity of the work. Two more days brought it only on feedings, and on 4 - y after the delivery gave day to me to chamber (the truth, the next morning I fainted from - for a sleep debt).

Ya lay 8 days after the delivery, on 9 - y I was written out. Everything was pleasant - single chamber - luxury, an arrangement of maternity hospital near the wood (a wonderful view from the window, rare freshness air), and, above all - the relation of doctors and nurses! Of course, there are and here small exceptions - but what to complain if the manager. explained to each woman with office which is engaged also in a physiotherapist`s office sense of all procedures and personally helped to reach chamber the most exhausted (including to me). And in the majority all in CDB so concern mothers and children. Also I think, my paid program of childbirth here at anything.


Well and, of course, I am very grateful to team of doctors led by Irina Anatolyevna Myagkova. Doctors could so well help the daughter to be born, and to me - to give rise and recover.

For Kesha we will go to the same maternity hospital!.