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As my Polinka - the picture of

31 was born. 01. 2009 I together with the husband went on shops to buy to itself a number of things as recently I recovered a little. Having bought me panties and jackets, we went home. Passing by a drugstore, I stopped, thought a little and came all - bought the test for pregnancy. If it is honest, I had no thoughts of pregnancy, though there was a delay for two days. I bought the test in order that as always after the test made by me monthly began. It occurred constantly earlier. I considered, as this time there will be no exceptions. Besides in the summer we planned a trip to the husband`s parents for 3000 km therefore so far pregnancy did not include in our plans.

When in the evening I decided to make by

the test, having seen two strips, told myself: “Everything abruptly changes!“ In a week on ultrasonography delivered me the term of 5 - 6 weeks. I was in the seventh heaven!

Pregnancy proceeded easily, apart from the fact that according to each analysis or the word told me in consultation I panicked and looked for information on the Internet. Also tried to find at itself any diagnoses. What for? I do not know. Such here bad head. The husband swore, said that he will cut all cords to the computer. I said that it was the last time, but climbed there again and again. And read everything, read and read. It is necessary to tell that I prosherstit the Internet completely, and it was grounded in many questions.

once again on reception at the gynecologist I heard

In 38 weeks: “You did not give rise yet?“ It is “strange“, - I thought, - “term 05. 10. 09, here I will also give rise then. Just exactly 40 weeks will be!“ But the gynecologist held the ground. Said that I will give rise soon therefore I need urgently to lay down in pathology on prenatal preparation. Having pretended that agreed, I received from it the direction and left, having said goodbye forever.

I was not going to Lay down in maternity hospital ahead of time. Besides, having read on the Internet of stories about childbirth, wanted to get there at once with fights on an ambulance car. Having stayed week of the house, I began to panic a little. It seemed to me that the child does not move at all, still any rubbish climbed to me the head. Therefore 28. 09. 09 I came to give up to office of pathology of pregnancy. I decided that let I will be better under control of doctors, than I am at home to suffer and worry. Now I understand how I there were not rights.

On the one hand, girls in chamber of office of pathology got to me excellent. Our chamber always “stood on ears“. We cheerfully spent time, laughed, told each other different stories and periodically saw off some on the treasured first floor where there were prenatal chambers, rodzala and chambers of intensive therapy. And on the other hand - my bottom terribly hurt as me iskolol the pricks preparing my neck for childbirth. When there passed week, I became nervous.“ Hour of X“ came, and fights everything did not begin. Though after survey at the manager of office at me the stopper departed. And the stomach considerably fell. Besides every night my uterus came to a tone, relaxed. But childbirth did not begin. Then the manager and the doctor who supervised my chamber made the decision - to enter gel which I had to buy for 800 rubles on a uterus neck. The event was appointed on 06. 10. 09.

Early in the morning 06. 10. 09 I got up and went to a shower to be clean and pretty by the time of a meeting with my baby. From a shower window I saw two rainbows. Improbable show! I understood that today precisely there will be a miracle!

About 10 hours for me the doctor came to chamber and told: “Gather in viewing, with yourself take gel.“ Began to potryasyvat me a little as began to reach me that back there is no road and that one I will not leave maternity hospital any more. At ten o`clock the manager of office entered to me gel. It is necessary to tell, quite unpleasant action. Having lain down 10 minutes on a chair, I returned to myself to chamber and began to wait for approach of fights. And fights for some reason did not come. I was terribly upset as I was already adjusted on the fact that today my daughter will be born. By 14 o`clock I began to feel light fights. But when I got out of a bed, everything stopped. I about it very much worried and said to little girls that fights very ridiculous, and I want that they were patients because sick fights are the presents. They over me laughed and said that in several hours I will regret about the words. Here it is necessary to add that this day in chamber settled the woman who snored as the huge drunk man to us. I did not want to listen all night long to her terrible snore therefore I decided to give rise by all means today. And I went to walk up and down fights.

C 15 till 17 o`clock I went on a ladder with 1 to the 3rd floor and back, and persuaded the daughter to be born exactly today. Spoke to it that she was not afraid that everything at us will be good. By 17 o`clock fights considerably amplified, but were tolerant. I packed the things, again descended in a shower and decided to report about the feelings to the midwife on point duty. That took away me on the first floor where I underwent registration procedure. In each room changed clothes of me for new shirts and dressing gowns. Allocated me prenatal chamber in which there were two beds, and between beds pass to 20 cm. But I did not manage to lie down. Almost at once I was taken away in “viewing“. At 18 o`clock me punctured a bubble and told that disclosure of 4 cm. I was terrified. Fights already were rather painful, and I on the Internet read that disclosure on each centimeter continues on average hour. I decided that I will not sustain 6 hours of pain. I did not know that it is not pain yet. When after a bubble puncture I returned to the chamber, hell began just. I was terribly hurt by a back. Already I will also not remember what I compared these feelings to. I, by the way, do not remember that I was ill me though slightly - slightly a stomach. Only back. And it is terribly sick!!

my baby stood and did not move. I cried and said to myself and it that everything will be good. Suddenly zatoshnit me and began to tear. On the one hand I was delighted as I read that vomiting occurs when the neck quickly opens. Pain was intolerable. And I read in some of stories about childbirth that the hot shower very much helps. I decided to try. In soul it became easier for me not, but it was all the same more pleasant, than just to lie on a bed.

From a shower me was taken away by the midwife to transfer me to other chamber. The chamber was on four. There were already two girls, one of whom I knew. It was from “pathology“ too. In chamber there was a rocking-chair, and there was a fitball. If it is honest, during the all the time spent in this prenatal at me even the thought did not arise to rock in a chair or to jump on a fitball. The midwife decided to deliver me the device KTG. To lie 30 minutes not movably under KTG is a mockery. I coiled, lifted up legs and tried to make something to facilitate the fate, but nothing helped. Kardiotokografiya did not show any results as quietly I did not manage to lie down, but I heard a heart of the daughter and calmed down. I tried to adjust myself that to my lyalechka too painfully, maybe, is even more sick, than me and therefore I should be quieter and to try to prodyshat fights. But nothing left.

From pain I grew dull and talked any nonsense. I asked midwifes about euthanasia and asked me to kill. But they laughed over me and said that euthanasia is forbidden at us in the country. Then I shouted:“ Any money for anesthetic!“ Said to me that it will not help me (really, then delivered me some anesthetizing prick from which was not to sense at all). I said that I then will die itself, said that I midwifes - cruel men, constantly ran away in a shower which did not help me, out of a shower I was brought all the time by midwifes as I crept on a lap there. And suddenly I felt that I want to be extinguished. And as midwifes everything got lost somewhere, I tried to be extinguished. Even it became slightly easier for me. I began to make an effort and accompany all this with some growl because in a different way it was impossible. The midwife came running, looked at me and told that disclosure at me only 4,5 cm and that it is impossible to make an effort in any way. But was already late. Me began to grieve on each fight. Then to me began to open a neck hands. Count of time is lost. I wanted to give rise quicker. I damned the husband and all man`s population for the fact that in all this process at them the most pleasant role - to conceive and call.

I was called on a chair where the doctor examined me and helped a neck to open to 10 cm, after that I was told to resemble 10 more minutes while prepare rodzat. I did not believe that I will give rise soon that this pain will abate. On each fight I fell on knees, grabbed a bed spring, made an effort and growled. Generally, behaved as the hysteric woman.

I treasured words sound here:“ Lena, give in rodzat“. Before rodzaly put on a disposable dressing gown me and told to climb on a chair in the middle. I even a chair would not call it. Some adaptation like a table and a chair, with the moving-forward lower part. It is necessary to tell that rodzat to me it was pleasant. It was divided by glass into two parts: rodzat also the room for newborns. There was an European-quality repair, and everything looked some cozy. To me put on some boot covers to a hip legs and told to make an effort 3 times on fight. And that I did not make an effort in a face, the doctor pressed fingers to me on a stomach and told to make an effort so that to push out his hand. It became painful to me from his hand, I could not sigh therefore I did not understand any more where fight and where pain from his hand. I made an effort, made an effort and made an effort. Many say that they felt how the head was born, and then all body. I did not understand anything. There was a feeling of the deepest lock. When I saw that midwifes near me began to fuss, I understood that I gave birth to the sweetie, and relaxed then I heard shout of the doctor: “Legs - give rise to that!“ I pulled the socks up and gave rise to legs of my beloved girl who right there cried.

So, my Polinka - the picture was born at 21:15. I, without knowing what is told in such situations, began to mutter: “Yes you are my lassie and you are my good. What do you cry?“ The daughter was lifted and showed me for some reason her buttocks, having asked to whom I gave birth. I told that the girl. To me put my girl on a stomach. The first what I paid attention to, is her handle with the long nails. I told: “And nails - that increased!“ Midwifes laughed. Then I gave rise to a placenta, and I opened bleeding. It turned out that the neck was very strongly torn from - for the fact that I early began to make an effort.

Sewed up with

me under the general anesthesia therefore, having regained consciousness, I did not even know the weight and growth of the baby. The girl who gave birth on the next table, told that my Polenka 3400 and her growth - 50 cm 7/8 across Apgar weighs. The midwife brought me my phone, and I reported to the husband and parents about our new family member. And then I began to cry with happiness, with the half-meter happiness.

When me on a wheelchair was delivered in the elevator to transfer me to postnatal office, I shouted to midwifes that wildly I apologize for the awful behavior. And that more to them I will not come. And they laughed. Probably, I they such had not one. Pain passed into the background, and I understood that this main event of my life!

Next day after the delivery I thought that it is never more - in life I will never give birth. And now, two months later, I look at the little girl and I think: “And it will be needs the brother!“