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Perhaps, is not present such child who though once would not ask to buy it a dog. Or turtle. Or at least small fishes. But many parents remain are deaf to these requests. And in vain. Pets both entertain, and bring up. But it is important to choose them correctly.

From the point of view of psychology, the first animal has to appear to the house when to the child it was executed years 3 - 4, - the educational psychologist Yulia Nikitina considers. - It is age when your child begins to learn world around actively. And any living creatures - a source of knowledge of the nature: let the child take an animal on hands, irons him, feeling the invoice of a hair, watches behavior. However, it is necessary to look after the pet all - to parents. Here in general it is necessary to warn all at once: the message that “the pet develops in the child a sense of responsibility“, is not absolutely right at any age. It is not necessary to be mistaken! All the same the part of cares (and even all their freight) will fall on your shoulders. Be ready to it, and then the pet will not become the reason of quarrels and disappointments.

our purpose - that the child helped

in process of forces. It is possible to stipulate some concrete duties: walk with a dog, visit to the veterinarian purchase of a forage, etc. The main thing - without fanaticism. The main plus of emergence in the house of the new inhabitant - positive emotions. That is what so is not enough for us today.

But emergence in the house of the pet cannot be the emotional decision.

About efforts...

Recently on reception to the veterinarian the young lady brought to

a squirrel: a pier, was unwell something...

“And what you feed it with?“ - the doctor asked. - “Nutlets, sausage...“ - “Sausage?!“ - “Well, it a predator!“

- Cannot get an animal if you cannot create a condition for its normal existence, - the chief physician of veterinary clinic Andrey Komolov warns. - Any living being demands special approach. Even small fishes if not to follow certain rules, will suffer. Remember: the concept “animal, simple in contents“ does not exist. Just there are informed and uninformed owners.

So rule first: before bringing the pet, learn (though from books though from the Internet) it is the most detailed about its contents, problems with health and to that similar.

A rule second: be ready to financial expenses. So, adult dogs and cats (even house) once a year need to do inoculations. Important point: if you are not going to be engaged in cultivation of kittens or puppies, then it is desirable to sterilize an animal. It will save a dog (or a cat) from a breast cancer and inflammatory processes in a uterus. And if it is about a dog (or a cat), then the animal deprived of normal private life can become aggressive: the dog will begin to start fights with other dogs, the cat - to hunt owners, etc. In these cases castration will be required. And it is impossible to feed dogs and cats with what we eat categorically. At least because all is contraindicated to animals salty, fat and fried. So a right choice - commercial forages or qualitative natural products which are prepared especially for an animal. And if regularly to break the mode of feeding, then problems with health (so, expenditure for services of veterinarians and medicine) not to avoid.

Moreover - to turtles, except special forages, the terrarium, special temperature condition and your knowledge are required for

- how to provide them conditions for hibernation (if it is about Central Asian).

A to fashionable rodents to a tag - special sand for bathing and special forages.

Even to wavy popugaychik should buy

the “correct“ cage. By the way, they do not take out drafts, and they cannot be taken in hand.

... And pleasures

Seven-year-old Yura is the child hyperactive. And since it went to school, problems with behavior only amplified. But recently in a family the adult cat of Musya appeared - it was beaten to the house at own will. And unexpectedly solved part of educational problems.

- It is brisk never loved plush toys, - mother tells, - and to Musa - such soft and warm, - like. And now drags it with itself in a bed in the evening, presses to itself, something tells it, and then quickly fills up. And she suffers! Waits until the son falls asleep, and only then leaves.


Of course to believe or not in medicinal properties of cats and other animals - a personal record of everyone. But some psychologists all - are sure: to children - introverts on advantage and to iron communication with animals who are pleasant for taking in hand (cats, hamsters, guinea pigs). Long contemplation of slowly floating fishes calms nervous system of irritable kids. And - to extroverts the friend - a dog with whom it is possible to communicate not only when she wants it, but also when it is necessary for the owner will please children. Or a wavy parrot whom it is possible to teach to speak.

I still important point: the pet can become the good friend for timid children, it is difficult for them to find a common language with peers. Moreover, the pet teaches the owner to communication: for example, walking a dog, the child inevitably finds new friends, getting to club of adherents - dog lovers.

It is careful: mercy!

A few years ago the sixth-grader Alyona came home drowned in tears: on parking near their yard it saw the dying dog from the unstitched belly of which guts hung. Parking lot security guards explained that it was taken away on sterilization, and in a week after return seams dispersed.

- Rescue

- an ita! - sobbing, the daughter to parents appealed. And those gave up.

the Dog by means of veterinarians was nursed more than a month. Considerable money and many forces were spent. And when Nayda (Alyona so called the rescued dog) finally recovered, new problems began. Staying at home one, the dog loudly howled and scraped a door. Stole food from a table. And during walks strove to escape from the hostess. However, having run about, all - came back to call.

Neighbours swore from - for noise, mother with the father - from - for the cutlets which were gone from a plate and the torn door upholstery. And Alyona gave up. It just lowered during Naidoo`s walk from a lead. The dog on a habit rushed to run about at liberty, and Alyona quickly left away. What became farther with an animal - there is no mention. Houses the girl shortly answered a question of parents: “Escaped!“ . On acquiescence more in a family did not remember Nayda...

So to take or not to take

? In sense - a homeless animal in a family? The answer will be ambiguous. It would seem, from the point of view of mercy and the educational moments - to take! But only if are really ready to bear responsibility for the pet.

- the First that needs to be made, - doctor Komolov warns, is to show an animal to the veterinarian. Homeless animals can has the diseases dangerous to the person. For example, rage. And, besides, it is absolutely unknown what mentality at them: what with them was while wandered. And at what people lived earlier? For example, with the former homeless dog can be difficult to walk from - for the fact that he of all and everything is afraid. Or for fear will begin to bite. So, selecting an animal on the street, be ready that the help of the zoopsychologist - the expert who corrects anomalies in behavior of dumb animals will be required.

What to do if the cat ignored a stream?
to wash away a pool, special means are, but it is possible to manage also podruchy. If only they did not contain chlorine (it will only strengthen an urine smell). It is possible to use laundry detergents with a mark “bio“, and for fixing of result to process “crime scene“ strongly smelling means, for example, Gold Star balm. And it is even better - vodka.

Special case № 1

Recently to twelve-year-old Ania trouble happened: at an entrance it was attacked by the stranger. The girl managed to escape, but she strongly was frightened. And parents made the decision to get a dog that that protected their daughter during walks. But Dzhul`s riesenschnauzer the security guard was unimportant: on the street constantly ran away, and Ania chased it on dark lanes and gates.

Cynologists approve

: for a specific objective at an animal only the expert can develop and fix skills. But the main mistake of parents in this situation - the breed choice. For communication with the child the preference needs to be given not to dogs - security guards or dogs - hunters, and potentially nonaggressive and not really large dogs. So, for example, it is impossible to get for the child of a Rottweiler. This breed demands not only trainings, but also creation of strict hierarchy in a family. The child is physically weaker than all, and it is dangerous even if the dog is perfectly trained.

Moreover, the law forbids to walk dogs of large breeds even to teenagers not that to children is younger.

A in general, it is desirable for any dog to complete a course of the general training, even to a Yorkshire terrier. Especially if still in a family there were no dogs yet. Let the cynologist will tell how to behave with the pet what typical mistakes in education should be avoided, etc.

the Special case № 2

When to Dasha was 3 years, the father brought to the house of a hamster. The daughter was delighted: it was pleasant to it that so soft zhivotinka, fluffy. It took a hamster in palms and ironed, and squeezed. Squeezed... Squeezed... Generally, the animal was hardly managed to be rescued from suffocation. Parents from a fright shouted at Dasha. And that burst out crying, without having understood what it is guilty of.

What to do in a similar situation?

“Not to lose vigilance!“ - psychologists advise.

needs to stop similar actions of children in time, explaining to them what so cannot be done and that the hamster (a small fish, a birdie) can get sick. And personally to show the correct attitude towards an animal: the kid will surely copy behavior of adults.

the animal still is desirable to select

A for age. So, 5 - 6 - it will be interesting to summer child to look after hamsters or guinea pigs.

years to children on forces to feed with

In 8 - 9 a parrot or small fishes and to track order in an aquarium. Still in a couple of years - to comb out a cat and to shirk a dog of medium-sized breed.

However, all this age framework is rather conditional. To 15 - 16 years all the same not to do the child without the help of the adult. And on parents the maintenance responsibility of pets lies.

Zodiac signs and pets (on Internet materials)
the Aries - nature impulsive. It will hardly suit animals who demand laborious and long leaving, like small fishes. But he, for example, with enthusiasm will prepare a thoroughbred dog for victories at exhibitions.
to Tauruses to liking big, fluffy and tender animals: for example, collie or Siberian cat. It will be especially pleasant to it to grow up an adult animal from a little cub, to feed him, day after day to watch how it grows. to Twins daily obligations for care of the favourite can bore br with soon. Means, someone who does not demand many efforts is necessary. For example, kitten. And supervision over aquarian small fishes will affect soothingly mobile nervous system of Twins. Cancers are very attached by br to the pets: they talk to them, confide to them the secrets. So the animal has to live at least long enough. As at most - it is bright to express emotions and pleasure from communication. Perhaps, a dog - the best choice. breed of a pet is the most important than br For vain of the Lion . And he will make everything to be proud: will master training elements, will train it in different tricks. And, most likely, will want to show achievements (for example, a cat - a sphinx) at the corresponding exhibitions.
of the Maiden often reveal in communication with animals. This child will perfectly cope with daily cares on care of them: will not forget to feed and give to drink in time, will regularly clean a cage, etc. And both the hamster, and a turtle, and a parrot will approach.
the Pet of Scales has to be, first of all, beautiful and quiet. And to have at the same time an outstanding family tree - Scales are quite vain. It is possible to buy, for example, in elite club of a kitten which will grow in an impressive cat.
to the Scorpion like mobile and vigorous animals. Perhaps, exotic, but also the decorative hamster will approach. The main thing that need to care for the pet will help to cultivate with the Scorpion so necessary to it in life patience.
Inquisitive to Sagittariuses any pet in pleasure. Many of them love dogs and horses. At the same time the Sagittarius seeks to know as much as possible that it is interesting to him, so he with pleasure will study everything, as for his pet.
Capricorns belong to everything seriously including to animals. Also it will be quite good that cheerful nature of the pet diluted this gravity. Buy it a cheerful puppy or a wavy popugaychik.
For of Aquarius a pet - an object of research: he with pleasure will watch how the hamster washes whether it is possible to teach a turtle to run quicker. And the fashion and a family tree do not matter here.
to Fishes
does not need to be bought by Compassionate of anybody: they will bring to the house of the frozen kitten or a doggie with the killed paw: these children are ready to sponsor any small animal needing care. But there is a danger: Fishes, having taken a strong liking to the pet, will not be able to leave him, without having tested a true grief. Means, it is necessary to choose an animal - the long-liver.

Special case № 3

When to Sonya was 7 years, she began to dream of own dog. But the diagnosis “asthma“ did not give up hopes. And only after a number of medical researches it became clear: the only animal who did not cause an allergy is a rat. And what? Wonderful small animal: sociable, bright. However, lives only a few years... Generally, to Sonya`s majority at the family dacha the whole rat cemetery was formed.

Conclusion: if parents do not intend to develop immunity to losses in the child, they should take an interest in terms of life of pets.

So how many on average animals can live if owners create them all necessary conditions for existence?

  • of the Dog - from 8 to 16 years (the breed is larger, the less live).
  • of the Cat - of 10 - 18 years.
  • Guinea pigs - 8 years.
  • Hamsters - 2 - 2,5 years.
  • of the Rat - of 2,5 - 3.
  • of the Turtle: Central Asian - 40 years, krasnoukhy (natatorial) - 15 years.
  • Parrots wavy - of 12 - 15 years.