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The first snow, first labor of

At last and I can write the story about the childbirth. Read the Samara forums and reviews of maternity hospitals, and I had an impression that to give rise free of charge and normally at us it is impossible. All give to doctors if only it is successful to give rise. My case - a full denial of this statement!!

U I was not opportunities to give 10 - 15 thousands for childbirth, and I very much was upset. So, went: everything began with the fact that PDR dropped out on a washing of our maternity hospital, and I was sent to “Pirogovka“ in 21 - e office.

PDR, and childbirth Came and did not smell... I already at home washed up all floors, before the husband wore heels... Well, our baby did not want to be born in any way... Next day I was called by my gynecologist and sent me to maternity hospital. Like, there is nothing to perekhazhivat!!

I Went to “Pirogovka“, I was examined by the doctor and sent home for the weekend, having told at the same time that if till Monday you do not give rise - come to hospitalization. In a reception of “Pirogovka“ I read conditions of paid chambers as I was going to lie in postnatal office only in paid chamber. Means, the price list at them is simple: 5 - 7 days - 8300 rub, more than 7 days - 16600 rub. These figures frightened me, frankly speaking. Having come back home, read reviews of paid office of “Pirogovka“ at forums and, having compared stories of acquaintances about “Kalinin“ (paid chambers from 450 to 880 rub a day), I finally decided to give birth in “Kalinin“ in any ways!!

there Passed days off, and we were not going to get out of a tummy, probably there to us was warm and cozy. On Monday I went in “Kalinin“ with the direction to “Pirogovka“.

In an accident ward me was “sent“ and told that without the direction will not accept me. As my spirit was firm and accurate, I went to the consultation to the manager with entreaties about the direction. The manager much to my astonishment without problems rewrote to me the direction, and I went in “Kalinin“.

Having seen me in an accident ward again? the doctor told: “Oh, was - did not become dusty...“ As a result of washing took, and admitted me to this maternity hospital. It was my first victory.

Wants to note that, having arrived to maternity hospital to a half of the ninth morning, I got to chamber in 16 - 00. it is A lot of women in labor in this maternity hospital. When I was accepted, told one interesting thing: “As you the newcomer to feed you today there is nothing... Therefore you go on a dinner after all and if though something will remain, then you will eat...“ I know our cooks: of course, at them all is counted, and superfluous at them, naturally, is not present. The benefit, I had cookies and chocolates, and I did not starve this day to death. In general, It should be noted that feed in this maternity hospital very well and very tasty.

So, my days in maternity hospital began

. Monday through Wednesday took analyses from me, did ultrasonography and other inspections, and on Thursday I was given “a magic tabletochka“ which had to me help to begin patrimonial activity. But Thursday passed somehow without fights and other harbingers of childbirth. And in the morning on Friday to me within standard inspection dug special drops thanks to which the oculist watches an eye bottom in eyes, but I at the same time saw 3 days near nothing. It was amusing to expect childbirth and to see nothing, very much was afraid not to make out a face of the baby at childbirth.

On Friday to me were given one more “a magic tabletochka“ which action began on 12 nights from Friday to Saturday.


. Fights went in 5 minutes at once, but opening at the same time was not practically. Therefore having received a dose of drugs, I went “to sleep“. It is clear, what to sleep did not turn out absolutely.

To 3 o`clock in the morning of fight is sent in 2 minutes... First thought: “My God that will be farther!!“ And sanitary preparation of an organism for childbirth and transition to an inner sanctum - patrimonial was farther!! Strangely enough, but time till 7 in the morning flew by quickly enough. Nearby one mummy gave birth at first, then brought another, and I all lay and waited when my organism deigns to pour out amniotic waters.

A the window this day was followed by the first snow... Brought me my first baby... As a result new change of doctors came to 7 - 30 , and to me pierced a bubble (it is not sick at all, and at all you feel nothing), and rushed. I did not expect such pain and before childbirth thought that I will try not to shout during fights... What I was naive... Anyway, I shouted. I very much tried, even persuaded herself not to shout and suffer between fights, but could not.

When new fight came, pain eclipsed everything around. Including consciousness. And between fights just cut down me as though someone beat the head, and I was cut down. In the head of any thoughts - only quickly it would come to an end! Even got down was not. Just painfully and all. The midwife quite often came to me, watched heartbeat of a fruit on KTG. The doctor got to me too very good when came, helped very much and encouraged.

as a result in 9 - 30 mornings I rose (if it is possible to call so my vskarabkivaniye) by a patrimonial table. I thought that 10 minutes - and everything, I am free from pain and from everything. But not here - that was. It turned out that forces makes an effort at me is not present at all, but it is worse than that: I very much felt sorry for myself. Dear girls, main to you council: do not feel sorry for yourself at the time of delivery!! It to you will only damage. It is very heavy to make an effort when these efforts do to you even more painfully... Such feeling at the time of delivery that now simply will break off you!! At the same time to me made a crotch cut which stretched too and hurt. I felt sorry for myself and therefore we had attempts 30 minutes... Oh, My God... It were eternal 30 minutes!! When my baby was born, except tears and jolting in an organism I felt nothing. I never so cried, it were just crocodile tears of happiness... It was my the second in maternity hospital and the main victory in life!! My first thought after the delivery: “The following childbirth - only Caesarian!!“ But, girls, this thoughts abandoned me for the 2nd day after the delivery, and everything was forgotten...

everything is farther than

A standardly: gave rise to a placenta (it in general very simply and is not sick), imposed to me seams on a crotch (without anesthesia - painfully, but it is tolerant!!) also laid me on a couch with ice on a stomach for 2 hours. The midwife speaks: “Have a sleep so far.“ I thought it is impossible to fall asleep in patrimonial, already other girls give birth nearby. I was mistaken again - cut down me minute on 5, probably.

Then me was transported in postnatal office. Lay 2 hours in a corridor there, and then chambers were released, and we moved to them. The child was brought in 4 hours. Showed as as with it to do. Here also played a drop role for eyes, the child at me close grew stout, and I could not give him a breast normally... The bad word I remembered the doctor from prenatal office!

Initially I wanted

paid postnatal chamber as I thought that in the general chamber (lie in them on 6 mummies with children) one child will cry, and the others will wake up and will shout, and I will not be able to have a rest plainly. But also here I was mistaken - children in general at each other do not react!! Besides, for me it was important after the delivery quietly to descend in a shower and a toilet - in postnatal office with it any problems too. The shower is always free, the toilet is seldom occupied too (2 souls, 2 toilets and 1 bidet there). So, dear future mummies if you want paid postnatal chamber for the same reasons, as well as I, then you should not waste money.

the First days passed

difficult, loss of a heap of blood affected an organism, and the head went around. And then all went like clockwork, for the 2nd day I already flew and ran on ladders. From unpleasant procedures there was still a removal of seams for the 5th day (in day of an extract). But all the same nothing will be compared to pain of childbirth, and all the rest is tolerant.