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Hurry to work wonders!

Are a certain magic in the status of the parent, for many years excommunications from the childhood we almost forget that it is possible to dive in snowdrifts and to let kites that soap bubbles are not only financial term, and, it appears, besides reading “Sheets“ it is possible to go to surprising adventures together with Winnie in the evenings - Down, Niels or Tom Sawyer. It is interesting when the average adult was last time, for example, in the Paleontologic museum (if it, of course, not the employee of this museum)?

I suddenly everything changes wonderfully, and we remember how we were driven for the handle to the Park of Culture with an unforgettable big wheel from where so there was a wish to make out the house; and the ENEA where personally I hardly took away the father from some exotic technical novelties and dragged him to look breeding horses and pigs. And a zoo with eternal ponyashka (which of us has no photo on a little sad dlinnogrivy a pony)! Cotton candy smell (by all means pink!) and ice cream in a wafer cup. We give all this generously to our children, but a little bit we dissemble because all this is necessary first of all for us to live the childhood anew, in the cheerful company of younger generation. And it is not important that, maybe, they not always share our tastes and belief, and they have other interests. I once, it is inspired including protein in the open-air cage of a zoo, nearly lost own child because he considered that proteins - it is boring, and left to watch a tractor. They are others, but it and is good! The main thing - to present to our children now these wonderful multi-colored pictures that then, cheerfully smiling, the grown-up son or the daughter spoke to the offsprings: “Here when I was the first time in circus...“ or “And when we skied with the father and mother...“ .

I for the sake of it somehow time we think out for the weekend a campaign with tent (it is necessary to tell, the first in my life), we go to Borovsk, to the strange place with the name “Etnomir“ where among yurtas, yarang, tipiya and other exotic we put tent to delight of the son. And let all not absolutely really, let around the fenced territory, though big, and food in a kettle we did not cook, but the leaving summer presented us two sunny days and the starlit night frightening by the depth and infinity. Let the central lightning of tent broke at the most inappropriate moment, and we had to creep out of tent “on - plastoon“ (here where a dirty trick with us was played by the fragrant and fragrant herbal tea drunk for the night), and in the afternoon in tent was is suffocating hot, and part of night, free from the compelled contemplation of the star sky, I tried to wrap up the son more warmly. But how many emotions!

In - the first, the open-air cage with dogs of breed of a hask. Here my child settled for a long time and thoroughly.

their surprising beauty and kindness could leave nobody to

indifferent, all was allowed to children: to take on hands of puppies, to embrace adult dogs. And even such inexcusable, from the dog point of view, frivolity as withdrawal of a bone from a mouth of one dog for an entertainment another.

In - the second, friroup, and if in Russian, then the rope route which, after certain physical efforts, was successfully subdued and brought in an asset.


- an equipment miracle with an electric motor and pedals. The son operated, rolled mother and the father, the happy smile and gloss in eyes did not disappear for all twenty minutes of process. We so far marveled at the enormous furnace - the museum (the biggest in the world) where there take place excursions and it is possible to make the hands a souvenir - a charm; the Russian log huts, Ukrainian the farm, floated wigwams and yurtas before us, having issued in the concept of attempt of connection of traditions and culture of people of the world on separately taken site.

Thought, undoubtedly, good, but the way is necessary to creators still big! Nevertheless, what is costed by only one charm in style of peoples of the North which my usually restless child made of beads, beads and fur about an hour, having put out a language tip, with concentration and with enthusiasm, sitting in a huge yurta!

I, of course, tea drinking in the same enormous yurta, sitting on soft padded stools. From drinking bowls. When in the beginning you inhale aroma of herbs, you narrow eyes, you do a hot drink and you feel how warmly slowly spreads on all body... And such pleasure which even the broken lightning in tent not in forces to cross out! You leave, you are dipped into a starlit night - both it is silent, and it is beautiful, and it is a little terrible. Just this night “mushrooms went“ that is when we went to Borovsk, everywhere along the route mountains of the gold and slightly already bothered to all honey agarics and when came back lay - dealers spread out before themselves strong chocolate hats of mushrooms noble. It too event!

I now when you look at the world not only with own eyes, but also eyes of the one who is so dear by you will not pass any more, and you will surely notice and you will share pleasure. Differently, as told the Engine from Romashkovo: “If we do not see it, then, maybe, we will be late for the rest of life!“