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“Kesarskiye“ childbirth of

the Doctor - Zoz Natalya Borisovna
the Midwife - Lichagina Lyudmila Petrovna

the Scene of action: maternity hospital № 9, office “Family childbirth“

in the Italics - comments of the husband

So, here my story about childbirth. At once I say that it will be a question of planned Cesarean section. During pregnancy to me it was not put in principle, but practically on each survey and ultrasonography said that the baby krupnovat, and my basin is small. I got ready for natural childbirth. Here is how events developed further.

the first time fights, probably, training seemed to

In 36 weeks on KTG. In 37 and 38 weeks a situation on KTG same, and I already began to feel them, sometimes is even quite strong; plus the pre-natal hypoxia increased. In 38 weeks the doctor from ZhK released me absolutely, having told that I can give rise at any time. In 38 weeks there was a planned survey in maternity hospital at Zoz. Looked vaginalno (very carefully - any unpleasant feelings!), the neck was maleficiated, and disclosure 1 finger. Natalya Borisovna calmed us the husband: “We wait, everything at you is good.“ “Hurrah!“ - I thought. But not here - that was... From this point I was afraid of nothing any more and acted in all: washed the floors, walked for hours, did not use elevators (only on a ladder!), it is active “used the husband“, candles with a belladonna and a nettle. Effect - zero!! PDR came (on August 24); all family already got exhausted, in particular the husband, I was tortured by fights.

On Monday August 27 we go to maternity hospital to Zoz to survey. She is surprised that we did not give rise yet. Looks again vaginalno and does ultrasonography. Still: the neck is ready to childbirth, 2 fingers of disclosure, KTG shows fights, on ultrasonography - a placenta 3 degrees of a maturity. The recommendation - hospitalization on prenatal office. “What for?“ - I ask (if everything is ready and we wait only for patrimonial activity).“ Well, we will look, we will observe. But the baby costs highly and does not fall. Perhaps it is necessary to rodorazreshatsya planned Caesarian by section,“ - Natalya Borisovna answers me. We agree that in the morning I come with things and I give up in maternity hospital.

the husband hands over to

On Tuesday me on prenatal, and paid chambers did not appear, and the first half of day I lie in 6 - local free. There it is somehow absolutely sad... I am in time on morning survey by all experts: and the manager of office, and nachmed, and Zoz - everyone climbed and looked. Press on a stomach, try to lower a fruit head in a basin, and it does not go. Unanimously solve - planned Caesarian. And here to me it became so joyful! I will meet the son! “On Thursday it agrees?“ - “Yes, of course, I though today“. On prenatal I lie the rest of day of Tuesday and all environment, do the droppers which are (simply feeding) take blood and urine. The meeting with the anesthesiologist is organized, I choose the general anesthesia (I do not love these medical features!). I go along corridors and I smile in a full mouth, all nurses and midwifes shocked:“ Usually before operations here all tears are shed“. I call Lichagina and I invite her on planned Caesarian since I want that it prepared me and it accepted the kid.

I here Thursday August 30. Operation is appointed at 10 in the morning. After a lunch of the environment I eat nothing, only water. Yes, before going to bed on Wednesday give sleeping pill. On Thursday morning do an enema (absolutely normal procedure), had a shave the day before itself so praise and do not shave. By 9 in the morning there come the husband and the shining Lyudmila Petrovna. We pass with all packages into our beautiful postnatal chamber. I put on a ridiculous night dress, I kiss the husband. And we from Lichagina go in the elevator to the 5th floor to patrimonial office. Time 9:45. In a corridor I lay down on a wheelchair, Lyudmila Petrovna puts to me an uric catheter (it, perhaps, the most unpleasant in all my labor - feeling of burning and as though all the time there is a wish to write) and it is lucky me to the operating room. I get on the operating table, to me bind legs and hands, bare a stomach, put in a vein a needle, on other hand - a tonometer, wash a stomach with warm water and smear with iodine. In the operating room it is very quiet: 2 nurses work at devices, the doctor is already ready - the assistant, stands the smiling anesthesiologist nearby and allows to breathe oxygen, Lyudmila Petrovna just holds me by a hand. Asks whether I am nervous, and asks to calm down: “You know what number of a medical record at you in maternity hospital? 5555!!“ I look at the watch - 10:05. I hear how Zoz comes: “Hello, whom did not see today“. Only I want to greet as the anesthesiologist speaks:“ Well, give“.

to Sege in postnatal chamber. Yulka left. Time 10:00. I go from a wall to a wall - did not allow to go to the operating room. I look at the watch: 10:16. I think, Yulka has to be cut already, likely. At the same moment the midwife with lots of blankets flies and says that here, say, and it. We with it go to the special hall where I watch how the child process, wash, weigh and measure: 3 750 gr., 53 cm. After all procedures I am interested how many points will deliver to the child? The midwife speaks - 7/8. In the card of an extract then I see 8/9 across Apgar. Suggested to return to chamber, remained with the son. At least one - under control. How there my Yulka?.


In the operating room I am awoken by the anesthesiologist, asks to squeeze a hand. I strong squeeze and I see 10:25 on hours. Further I wake up already in postoperative chamber at 11:00. Before me my husband with synuly and Lyudmila Petrovna, all smile, put the son to a breast, Lichagina sends my nipple to him to a mouth. But he so long waited for me that did not begin to take a breast - fell asleep directly on me. What pretty! It is a pity that I cannot stroke it: the same a dropper and a tonometer on hands. The husband me it is gentle - kisses gently, thanks for the son. Lyudmila Petrovna allows to drink and reminds that the earlier I will begin to move, the better (aha, I even cannot move toes - everything hurts). My feelings: as I am happy and as well I slept! There are no dark corridors and crocodiles, any headache, nausea, is shivering a little. I lie under a blanket, on a stomach ice, the uric catheter, naturally, is inserted, between legs - a diaper. So I will lie till 18:00 until I am transferred to our individual chamber. All this time my husband replaced to the kid mother: fed, changed clothes, etc. Coped perfectly well!!! Now they with the son - the best friends!

Except for the fact that mother to us was promised to be returned to three in the beginning, then in six, and was brought to eight, and it against the fact that in reanimation not to pass, from the child not to leave, and it is incredibly difficult to catch doctors in corridors! Thank God, hours the doctor delivering came into five - it was succeeded to ask on how there took place operation in details. Calmed down a little. Yes, still: in eleven when carried the son to Yulka, the child, having already got tired, fell asleep, and could not take a breast. Promised me that “in one couple of hours we will repeat“, but instead in three days brought a small bottle with a pacifier and mix. I very much wanted that the child “tried“ mother in the beginning. However, as soon as days later he “tried“, it became clear - mother to him much more expensively.

Accommodation in maternity hospital very much was pleasant to

. It is not a pity for the spent money at all! Zoz to me made such accurate shovchik that it absolutely and is not visible. And still tried and to me hemmed muscles that I was quicker restored! Every day Natalya Borisovna came to me, was interested in health and gave any advice (besides rounds just of the doctor on duty). Lyudmila Petrovna came too when was in office. Very much helped me with a breast when milk came, gave to confidence that it is necessary to feed (to me it was so sick in the beginning - horror!) .

Wrote out us for the 6th days, the milk came for the 3rd day, before there was a feeding up (now entirely I feed itself). So the fact that he did not try a breast at once - it does not matter. Then ate one and a half years mother with appetite, and no mix was necessary!

of the Girl at whom will be Caesarian - be not afraid! Severe pains only the first 2 days, further - every day it is better and better. Today we are only 14 days old, and I cope with the kid itself day from 8 in the afternoon: I do not feel a seam in general, I go in a bandage, I nurse.

our mother who was afraid of blood test to a faint behaved so as if also operation was not. In the first evening began to turn in a bed (“Gymnastics!“ ). For the second day rose. I understand that the doctor tried - never saw such beautiful seams (as if just stuck together skin end-to-end, Yulka told - muscles hemmed too), but mother never complained of pain or discomfort. And for the second day started walking. I will tell honestly - looked as a miracle. There was a wish to trust in medicine, but I think, here nevertheless an internal spirit.

P. S. Now I cannot even present how we lived without ours earlier synut Nikolay! Now to it 2 years, and he quite often remembers how he “sat at mother in a tummy and did not want to leave“.