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New Year`s Eve message of

Hi, dear Father Frost! I write you the letter already not for the first time. In the childhood composed messages with drawings itself, years through twenty began to write together with the son, and now the little daughter also joined us (the truth, she is not able to write yet while she only begins to try to draw the first pictures).

New year since the childhood was for me the most favourite holiday in a year, and even birthday did not bring so much joy. I looked forward to arrival of winter, rejoiced to the first snow, rode the sledge, skis, skates, built snowmen.

I Admit to

honestly - now, having matured, I ceased to love winter as in the childhood. Now this time seems to me long, sad and sad: children and adults constantly are ill, weather unstable - cold, slush, snow, a rain, the sun almost does not happen, darkness in the mornings and to evenings... From all this mood always not the best. And the New Year`s holiday is the only huge pleasure in this cold season.

New year is the most favourite holiday for all our family. And all of us already from the middle of fall wait for it arrival. Because it the most elegant, the most tasty, the most gift, the most joyful and magic! And for adults also the longest - the whole 10 days off.

Children, of course, wait from you, Father Frost, for gifts. The son considered the orders for a long time - it is the next robot from the Lego collection, but that very best modern, and some interesting computer game. Well, and his most important dream - a trip to the Disneyland! At the daughter inquiries are still more modest:“ Let Father Frost will bring me a doll, some soft animal and a chocolate“. It is more important for it that we in the house had a beautiful New Year tree (and that on it garlands for days on end shone).

And for me the most important desire is that all in a family were healthy that they quarreled less, rejoiced and smiled more (likely, it the simplest, but at the same time the most hardly executable). But let at least the new coming year will not be worse, than the year leaving!

Good-bye! With big festive greetings. Natalia and all my family.