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Dancing debut of

on September 1 our daughter Nastya went to 1 class. Flowers, spheres, gifts and first call... Everything was very touching and beautiful. And there was concert in the evening. Our local studios, circles showed the talents and invited everyone to register. We, having looked at a concert, already gathered home when our daughter firmly told: “Let`s go, we will register in dances!“ Well, on dances, so on dances. It is solved! Bought all necessary for occupations and began to be engaged.

academic year Began

. Lessons, books and, of course, occupations by dances. It was hard, but Nastya persistently was engaged.

there Passed 2 months and us, parents, invited to open occupation. Children showed all the “skill“. The daughter took of all terms unfamiliar to me (a position, a plie, the grandee you zht) the hint. Parents with affection looked at the beginning dancers and in soul saw them on a scene.

We very much were surprised to

when we soon began to distribute to our children suits. The first in their life performance on a scene was necessary to them.

statement of dance, rehearsal, fitting and adjustment of suits Began

. Whole month of persistent occupations. Then delivery of number, delivery of the program, dress rehearsal. Children already stepped on the stage and understood that they should act on big public soon. And it after only 3 months of occupations!

I “hour X“ here came! A concert only in the evening, and all day the daughter worried and waited. Also we worried. Probably it is, even more, than Nastya.

Well, here and evening. The hairdress is ideal, the suit is ideal - in dance all has to be ideal, not only the movements, but also all image. Our number was the last, and we long waited in a ballet class when already when... And at last our conductress came, and all children quickened and prepared at once. Parents fast ran to the hall, to look at the little actors.

the Packed house to the people, all wait and look at a scene. And here the flickering light, music and our children... Such adults, such beautiful! All movements, somewhere sometimes not really correct, seemed for us the best, the most true. Number flew by as one instant, music ended, and an applause was distributed. The audience ran to give flowers and gifts. Of course, it were relatives and parents, but for children it was the holiday.

Dance ended with

, children escaped from a scene. The leader declared everything that a concert came to an end. The final song began to sound. And our children long in a class with enthusiasm told then about the debut, about the dancing debut. The head of all congratulated and, having kissed children, promised parents that it is not the last dance this year.

A when we went home, long discussed how it is disturbing and at the same time as it is pleasant - to see the child on a scene. Our little dancers became small asterisks which were lit on this scene today. And each parent in secret thought that here it, happiness!

Expensive, parents! Believe in the child, in his dream, trust together with him and try to go together to it. At you all will turn out, and sometime you too, going home from a concert or from chess tournament, or from competitions awake to hold the small asterisk by a hand. We already have it - it is our daughter Nastenka.