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Earlier when I listened to stories of little girls about how they gave birth, I paniced: really and me it is also necessary to suffer how to them? But now I understand that if the woman is really ready to the child`s birth, she will not be frightened of any difficulties.

we at first met my husband two years, then two years together lived in a civil marriage. And never we had a thought of children. I think that it was the accustoming period to each other - so to speak, adaptation to family life.

In the first marriage night when we with my, already official, the husband celebrated this event together, he told that he will be very glad if this night there is a small miracle, and we in 9 months will have a kid. I supported his idea, but the miracle did not occur.

Then former family life, but with a stamp in the passport began to flow. We for a while postponed a question of children, decided that for a start own comfortable housing is necessary.

At that time we already had a one-room apartment, but if the child appears, then in one room to us it will be close. Into the forefront there was a question of exchange of the apartment on more spacious. And the solution of this question every day was represented to us more and more unreal and unrealizable. And, therefore, children at us will appear too not really soon. This thought also forced us to change opinion on a situation. Perhaps, in soul already then each of us was ready to the child`s birth. And on the general family council it was decided that the apartment - that`ll come, and emergence in our family of the third little man will not prevent us in any way, all will have enough place.“ With darling love in a cottage“.

From this point in our house all contraceptives and calendar cards of safe days disappeared. I with all responsibility approached this question, made all necessary tests and began to buy the corresponding literature. Therefore, even yet not the pregnant woman, I already knew a lot of things about this happy period. I knew how to struggle with toxicosis (which did not award me with the manifestation), knew what tests on what term need to be made what threats and many other things exist.

Behind studying of different literature there passed 1,5 years, but the second stripe on the test did not appear. I ran every month in a drugstore and every time was upset when the test showed nothing new. The familiar doctor told that if conception does not happen in the first 6 months, then the diagnosis “infertility“ is made. It is necessary to look for a problem.

U me the hope was gone at once that without treatment at us something will turn out, and there was a fear that this problem can be not solvable. Around me there were many acquaintances who wanted, but could not have children on different medical indications. And always to tears it was a pity when heard about the next newborn left in maternity hospital who was initially not necessary to his biological mother.

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Ya every month tests and to look for on them the second stripe. In the middle of February I was going to take vacation at work in order that we with the husband could be examined in the Center of motherhood and the childhood and to find the reason of our infertility. By this moment at me “red days“ (I waited for them for February 1) just had to end, and it would be possible to make tests safely. But neither 1, nor 2, nor on February 3 these days did not come. There was a small hope that all - it “it“, but there was no wish to be disappointed again. And with purchase of the next test I hesitated.

For the fifth day of a delay, I all - came into a drugstore and bought the test. As I sobbed when on it the second stripe almost at once appeared. I sat and looked at this stick as on magic. And on my cheeks tears of joy slid.

of Minutes through 10 I ran in a drugstore again and gathered any different tests which were there. Suddenly the first was rejected, and I in vain rejoice? But also the second, and the third, and the others - all drew in detail two stripes.

in the Evening I showed a fan from sticks to the husband. He understood at once that it means. And on his eyes, without words, it was clear how he is glad to it. He embraced me, and we and sat several minutes, having embraced, digested information.

Now to us 30 weeks. We are already kicked, extended in a puzika, we react to sounds and to mood of mother. During this time I and our future father never regretted about the decision. I am frightened by neither fear of childbirth, nor that something at us will not turn out. We promised the kid that we will be the best parents and we will give rise to him still to a lot of brothers and little sisters.

P. S. After writing of that article there passed 4 months. Now I am the happiest mother on light. And the biggest desire - at least 5 more same peanuts.