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Ilankina of game (part 1)

We with the daughter adore thinking out games. I never focused attention on that as well as what we play. Games arose somehow by itself. For example? Somehow found the daughter with enthusiasm the lipstick painting a mirror. At the first moment it was terrified, but, having made out a tube, calmed down: all the same unloved color. Generally, the husband, having returned from work, found us with enthusiasm drawing geometrical figures.“ Triangle“, - I say, I represent the above-stated figure and I suggest to repeat Ilan.

A heard complaints of the girlfriend once, she could not think up, than still such carry away the child. Then the idea to write about our games, to share, so to speak, the acquired experience was born.


to Young researchers devotes


This game for kids which master space on all fours. You fill the regiments loved by the kid rags, multi-colored plastic flakonchik (in which it is possible to put large buttons, coins etc.) small pillows with a stuffing (just sew from fabric of a small pillow and fill with vermicelli, the rice rustling with a cellophane package, buttons, cotton wool and everything than the imagination will prompt). Now you can enjoy precious minutes of tranquility: your scientist is busy.


Fine develops small motility. You take a piece of dense fabric, on it you sew a heap of pockets. Cut out pockets the different size, a form and a coloring, it is possible to make several transparent (buy in office shop a transparent film for the printer).


to the child as it is possible to put in pockets different objects - from large buttons to small toys. Later the task can be complicated, having sewed on fastener pockets (buttons, hooks, flypapers etc.)

to the Child is more senior than

it is possible to buy a photograph album (card holder), to cut out rectangles of the suitable size and to paste on them colourful pictures. Besides it is necessary to show how it is necessary to insert these pictures, and then to pull out. Pictures can be replaced with the color figures from 1 to 10 pasted on a white cardboard and to teach the child to place them in the correct sequence.


the Flower mosaic

From a color cardboard cut out petals and serdtsevinka of flowers of different flowers and the sizes (petals can be oval, triangular, with cloves on the end etc., and serdtsevinka - round, in the form of hearts etc.).

Together with the child put from pieces flowers, let the most fantastic forms. During game focus attention of the child on the concepts “color“, “size“, “form“.“ Watch, at this flower petals of different flowers, but an identical form, and at they are the different sizes, but identical flowers“.

the Color lotto

On a white cardboard paste six color circles, for example, red, blue, green, yellow, black, brown. Now paste over with the same flowers cube sides from a construction set or stuck together independently (dice do not approach from - for the small size).

we Throw a cube. We call the dropped-out color and we suggest the kid to find a circle of the same color and to repeat after you its name. We put a counter on the won circle (the child can rearrange a counter from a circle on a circle). Continue, will not bother yet.

of the Pyramid

This game will help to accustom with concepts “more“ than, “less“, “the smallest“ and “the biggest“.


From foam rubber cut out squares, triangles, circles or cloudlets. And absolutely identical in a form, they have to differ from each other by the size. The pyramid can be any height, but it is better if you begin with four figures. The biggest is put down, on it the smallest is less, even less, and upward. Show it to the child. Teach to compare it, allocating that it is more that it is less.

If does not want to potter with foam rubber, it is possible to cut out figures from a color cardboard.

the Scarf and a ring

Besides for development of small motility. For this game the silk scarf and a ring is necessary. Show how silk, through a ringlet is easily passed, let the child will repeat after you.

can try to string on a thread large buttons or something else Later.

the Rock-garden an even layer apply to


plasticine On a plywood board of the small size (it for this purpose it is possible to melt a little). Collect small stones of a different form. The set of the young sculptor is ready. You sit down with the baby before a board and strengthen on it stones. Patterns can be strictly symmetric or abstract, it to whom as is pleasant. Be not upset if at the kid it does not turn out at once.

Here such here games

If to whom it is pleasant to p, we can tell still. Only later, and Ilanka here soccer with a ball of threads started that, it is necessary to support.