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Pregnancy washing 9 months of toxicosis, 2 months of fights and easy childbirth of

was the considered step, very much wanted the child. Thought up a name 3 years ago. And here came true! To happiness there was no limit! In spite of the fact that toxicosis with vomiting I had all 9 months, I was happy.

On the third month of pregnancy I was hospitalized with uric though before pregnancy nothing disturbed me, in 2 weeks after that I was written out.

the Daughter at me had actively an effect

from 12th week. And from 5th month so stormed that I frightened by a time of people as will kick, to me it is painful and people think that I have fights. Did not allow to sleep at night, all it was knocked on this world... Now, with small, though we do not sleep sometimes, far more simply.

In the first day of the decree (the 7th month) 2 fingers get to maternity hospital with opening, it was before New year, there was no wish to lie there for New year at all. Say to me that I can reach (if I am protected) term, and I can give rise at any time. Generally, I left maternity hospital under the responsibility. It was protected as could, carried constantly a bandage, drank some tablets (I do not remember any more), did not lift anything heavier than a mug. Very much wanted to reach term. And all the same fights were from time to time.

the First fight was on New Year`s Eve on December 31, I strongly got a fright, and then began to get used to them... Tried not to get on eyes to other people that were not frightened. Though it was hard as we live in the hostel. I go to a toilet along a corridor, and I have fights if someone saw, wanted to call “ambulance“ at once... Then began to go to a bucket, and the husband took out... Did not want to give rise in a corridor. And so I went 2 months with fights therefore did not understand when I really began to give birth...

on February 26, 2009 woke up at 7 in the morning - a strong wish arose in a toilet, without speaking about fights, I got used to them... I cannot descend. I think, a lock. Drank tea with a zephyr, with hope that it will help to descend easily in a toilet... Not here - that was. Does not leave in any way. I think, I will go still I will have a sleep, I only lay down - there is a fight, takes place, in 5 minutes again and again. Earlier the interval was more rare...

I Awake with

the husband, I speak about it. He wants to carry to maternity hospital. “To me laziness, - I say, - can, tomorrow we will go?“ It is good, he did not obey me and carried.

we Come. Me at once in patrimonial what I if it is honest, did not expect... Look - opening of 7 fingers, pierce a bubble. And here began... And it was easy for me as it the same monthly to give birth. And monthly earlier at me were a time before loss of consciousness... And as gave rise - and it became easy.

the doctor Comes into patrimonial and asks: “Attempts were?“ And I lay and I speak:“ Well, time was“. And at the same time at me the head of the child sticks out... Only it leaves, I as will cry. He comes back and asks: “What is the matter?“ I climbed on a patrimonial bed, to me made a notch, and I gave rise. I can tell that I did not cry at all, except one shout because there were no forces on tears. They as if dried. As soon as I gave rise, at once wanted the second child and to go skating. But when I could not get from a patrimonial bed on a wheelchair, I understood that this idea disappears...

the Daughter Vitlaina was born

on the 39th week weighing 3925 gr., 57 cm, as well as predicted on ultrasonography. It was estimated on 9 balls!

of Ur, I reached term! At childbirth there was my dear husband Ilya, he very much helped me, turned on the music on the cell phone, encouraged. To it entrusted to tie up an umbilical cord. Vitlaina, when was born, did not cry, gave a sign later. The hat which we prepared for it to it was small... When I was sewn up, Vitlaina lay on me, and I was madly happy!

Then the father left, we were sent to chamber. Next day I could not raise the head. Called the neuropathologist, he told that I killed. Every other day it became easier for me. In maternity hospital Vitlaina had an alfalfa butterfly and loss in weight, but then everything became good. And in 7 days we were written out!