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Doubts overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

Spain and, in particular, its Mediterranean coast, - still in fashion among the Russian buyers of foreign real estate. Everyone finds the niche to taste and a pocket: from the apartment with a terrace for summer vacation to a country house among fruit grounds and own business. The actual choice of housing of all types first shocks though everything depends on our own opportunities and preferences.

Many materials about real estate abound with councils as in practice to choose the house as the abroad what to look at and what not to be mistaken in. All this, certainly, is useful. But we will not be fond of search of the ideal house because most likely the ideal will be svezhezashpaklevanny. Therefore the easiest way to remain happy with the purchase are to solve for itself that you expect from stay in Spain and what life you assume to lead.

the Portrait of the compatriot

the Russian-speaking buyer (from Russia and the former republics of the Union) has the characteristic features:

the Russian Tempted in economic peripetias is inclined by

everything to recheck and to ask again that very tires local agents whose most - honest toilers for the to steam of percentage of commission. But, knowing a profile of the client, meet halfway.

the Serious reason

Anti-recessionary strategy of agencies consists in formation of the offer of housing under real demand, under preferences of concrete groups of buyers among which the group of the countries of the former USSR ranks high. And not only on solvency, but also on integration of Russian-speaking residents in society and economy. This last - is important because, for example, the British and Scandinavian residents in most cases live like “colonies“ with the schools, bars, churches and societies. Many come to Spain 1 - 2 time in a year on vacation, and, besides purchase of housing per se, their contribution to national economy of reception is minimum.

the Russian community in Spain, on the contrary, is very attractive to many sectors of the market, since furniture and finishing with leisure. With the Russian businessmen willingly run business and start related communications. And though the real organized community does not exist, and everyone lives in itself, to be Russian in Spain is a good beginning for any conversation.

of Eldorado or “bewitched coast“

On the majority of official forecasts of, both the ministry of housing, and independent consulting agencies, in 2010 the stop of falling of real estate prices in Spain is expected and a peculiar “El Dorado for investors“ will appear. Naturally, “pot of gold“.

Decline in demand for 2007 - 2008 brought closer housing prices almost to its cadastral cost, the secondary market with its operations of infinite resale was ordered, the great number of intermediaries disappeared and construction was reduced by 40%. It is logical that in these conditions today almost all market of new housing is presented by the construction companies advancing the projects at optimum cost with discounts about 20% for large investors and special offers for buyers (for example, full furniture or draw of the car). Investments in construction of commercial real estate became also widespread way of receiving profit, stable and for long term. Commercial centers, hotels and theme parks, contrary to falling of purchasing power, continue to attract investors.

the Ban on construction less than in 50 meters from the coastline of the sea, come into force since 2008, nonplused not one businessman. As for the bought sites nobody returns money, there is no other exit as instead of construction on these lands to organize alternative types of beach business. So, buying a lodge from the sea, be not too lazy to measure distance to water.

the Secondary real estate which is very popular among the Russian buyers (a factor of an obzhitost, long-standing trust) also endures the era of below cost prices, comparable even with the prices in the countries of Latin America, the traditional direction of the Spanish investments into force of low cost of transatlantic real estate. Since the beginning of crisis of the price of secondary housing in Spain dropped, depending on the region, by 22 - 37%. In large settlements there are many ancient private buildings in the started state which purchase assumes inevitable repair, but their historical heritage is unique for fans of all individual. A such investment - on the fan of rare things. After repair the average town house from two - three floors is suitable for full-time residence with a family or as long-term investment, for rent as the arrangement in the center involves many office workers.

If to you noise of city life is close to

, and you not the fan to take once again the wheel, the good decision - to buy the apartment of 1970 - 1990 constructions in the downtown. About noise. It is not the empty phrase as Spain - the second for noisiness level the country in the world after Japan. First shocks, but later you realize that it allows you to rustle after the own fashion, however, only till midnight too.

Two sweet weeks of sleepless paradise

While on the Mediterranean coast proceed demand consolidation, we read - buildings, in the central Spain magnificent stone houses with orchards and beautiful views stand idle, without speaking about the usual apartments bargained away. Though if it is good to weigh, these “noncommercial“ places - excellent investment because in 1 - 2 an hours` journey from the house. At the same time quality of life far from the raging beaches and industrial centers - is incomparable.


It is clear that almost any Russian is ready to exchange tranquility of provincial life for two weeks of a heat, the seas and food out of the schedule at a surf edge. If you from this majority, welcome to coastal apartments. Housing, as a rule, small-sized, 50 - 70 quarter. m, with the “American“ cuisine joint with salon, intended for vacation, but quite accepted for full-time residence. In price parameters belongs to cheap though its cost changes depending on the place and quality of the building. The one-room apartment in Benidorm stands twice more, than in the south of Murcia and Almeria. Staking on beach life, prepare for fascinating vacation where there are no days and nights, only July and August, only bedroom-slippers and a towel, and the view of the sea is followed by a soundtrack of vacationers who have the same right to enjoy life as you.

One more popular option, especially among visitors from Northern Europe, are so-called an urbanization - the complexes of residences sometimes reaching the sizes of the small town where the part of inhabitants lives some months in a year. It is some kind of “dacha“, the second residence for many capital inhabitants and foreigners. This type of housing is rather inexpensive (depends on proximity of the sea, quality and the social status of residents). From the beginning of crisis the second residence appeared it is too expensive for a large number of city dwellers from - for sharp raising of a mortgage in 2007 - m, and now banks have extensive base of this housing which is ready to be realized sometimes with 50 - percentage a discount.


Now when rates on a mortgage fell twice in comparison with 2008 to buy a cottage in an urbanization became a favorable opportunity for youth to get the first housing, independent of parents. Besides, its advantages - limited number of neighbors, at many residences are the municipal pool, and novelty of constructions (as blossoming of urbanization fell on the last 15 years). An urbanization are some kind of dormitory areas “luxury“ where there is everything for accommodation, but something is always missing for life.

Spain is corrected by

from “crisis of a brick“ as here call falling of real estate prices. More and more actively ideas among operators of this market about renovation of the approach to construction and improvement of the available housing, about expansion of the market of rent sound. After tourist boom the considered decisions and investments into this country which the few leaves indifferent come... And, despite councils and cautions, we choose that house, looking at which, outside or from within, on heart grows warm, and desire to live in it kindles the last doubts.


used statistical data of consulting agency Tinsa and the report of real estate agencies TP inmobiliaria, Look & Find, MT Euroformas