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Four days to...

Ya arrived to maternity hospital some days before childbirth. My mother accompanied me, we had two packages of things - for me, for future child and there are a little food. I called the doctor (by agreement), and he sent us to a reception to be made out. There I was met by the young girl, too “polite“, on her face and was written: “You, pregnant women, - as dogs not cut“. Unwillingly took my direction, looked and right there sent me with words: “You have no dress here“. What for “dress“ such? How do I know? I have all for the first time - for the first time in hospital, the first pregnancy, first labor. I call the doctor again and I say that I am not accepted, he promises everything to settle, and to me to sit so far to wait. Somewhere in ten minutes leaves this young person again and by the compelled normal voice speaks: “You pass. Without things!“

Mother remained to wait for

behind a door with two packages. I took with myself only documents and entered. There them was two. Another approached and gave me three pure multi-colored rags. And “our“ girl told me that I undressed completely and put on these rags herself. My heart was with emotion clogged in a throat. I felt some the criminal in prison (up to this point all nine months I felt like the hero). Undressed, put on a night dress, from above a dressing gown and took with itself a diaper on ultrasonography survey. Or rather, before survey this impolite girl processed all my documents and resolutely declared: “Hand over all the things to the family. It is possible to take in hospital only food and necessary objects of personal hygiene. We take off all jewelry, we leave only a cross on a breast!“ And, above all, after a pause she strictly said: “To take off pants!“

Yes. Remained only on it is bald to shave also in women`s penal colony. I was shocked, but did not begin to show to mother it. Went beyond a door with a smile upon the face, gave all things and said goodbye to mother. At this moment so everything shrank inside, so I did not want in this hospital, but I kept. At us, at women, during this period of life only one purpose - to give birth to our treasured kid and most to survive. And everyones... in maternity hospital and further adventures we will remember, laughing at them from ear to ear.

still should endure

Before childbirth three days in office of pathology. For these days as if the whole life passed, and, absolutely another, absolutely others and unfamiliar to me. What was only not for this period: and KTG put top legs, left and forgot about pregnant women; and droppers placed so many that I left maternity hospital with a blue hand; and there is a lot of miscellaneous still.

I that long-awaited moment here came. Everything began at night. I woke up from small pain, just slightly grabbed a stomach bottom. But I continued to lie and suffer. Tried to fall asleep, but any more in any way. Addressed the sleepy nurse, she advised me to write down time of fights. After several attempts to note time of fights I fell asleep. At 7 in the morning pains already were more concrete. About 9 in the morning I was examined by my doctor and told that I got ready for childbirth.

Already was all the same, I anticipated the meeting moment. Childbirth, after hours-long fights, seemed not such sick and difficult any more. As soon as child got from - under me, at once put it to me on a stomach, such hawt and mokrenky. Several moments it lay on my blown-off stomach, I held it for buttocks, and yet not cut off umbilical cord pulsed nearby.

All! My God, thanks to You! What happiness and simplification! All 9 months of incubation behind, childbirth too behind, remained it internally pleasure. The girl was born. I looked at it and could not come off. What this miracle! What perfection! And all this was made by me. I am a hero! All of us, women, heroes!