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Pregnancy which is 16 years old of

Children... As it is pleasant to pronounce this word. I always adored children, even when itself was not really big. At school age nursed those who are younger, absolutely small adored.

Graduated from school. “Adulthood“ began. A meeting with the young man, the offer to be on friendly terms, a consent. And two years of cloudless friendship. Then wedding. Dreams of children. First pregnancy, failure. Well, nothing, we strong, will break. In one or two years the depression, this painful expectation of two strips begins to strain. And unfavourable diagnosis of doctors.“ At you, child, secondary infertility of inexplicable genesis“. As it cuts hearing when you hear it the first time. How so? If all are normal if at us do not find the reason? What it? In eyes grows turbid, there is a wish to divorce. It young still, suddenly is that which to it will give rise.


Sleepless nights, scutching of nerves to darling for whom it is possible no, it is even necessary (!) to deliver a monument during lifetime. Besides the experiences, my constant nervous breakdowns, hysterics, and... any reproach, never! On the offer on divorce a counter question: “And if in me suddenly the reason, you divorce? You will leave?“ As a knife on heart.“ I? Where I from you? Favourite, native, my dear person. My half. No, of course, is not present“. - “And so, I married you not only that to give birth to children, well God will give, will be“.

there Passed 10 years. Sharp belly-aches, test... Two strips?! To rejoice? Pains are the strongest. In hospital, urgently. No, no, cannot be, again? No! Shock, pain, disappointment. Extra-uterine, urgently to operate. After an anesthesia the first emotions, tears, and pity. Pity to, the husband, to not been born children. And a depression with a new force.

Attempt of EKO. Failure. Emotions overflow again. The world falls, the earth leaves from - under legs. Darling far from me. Slowly you begin to understand that here so people also descend from mind. Imperceptibly for and people around. It is necessary to get it together! To go home! For the first time I do not want to see the husband. It is a shame, terribly, painfully. But here I houses, and it nearby native. And words all only for me.“ It is not necessary to worry so, well, not this time, so in another. Means, so it is necessary, everything that occurs, occurs for something“.

here I suddenly begin to watch

I at the world other eyes. 14 years of marriage, darling, how many in you forces? That there were enough for us two. In total. As God willing, and will be. I talk to the husband that to me already all the same how we will have a child. I want to adopt. The husband against: “I will not be able, I will not cope, foreign child“. I do not argue, just I say that I will not bring up any more this question, but if it suddenly is solved, then let will just tell me. I will wait.

We are married

16 years. November, evening, usual day off. “I want the child“. “What, road?“ I in the seventh heaven or surprises. I did not wait for this decision as I understood that for my husband it is really heavy. “Truth?“ - “Do not ask again“. I all - ask again:“ If you it for me, then are not necessary... ““I considered everything“, - the husband tears off me.

I will not describe

Ya our inspections concerning infertility, treatments, humiliations and supports. As I will not describe adoption process now...

April, on the street sleet, slush, cold. But we do not notice it. We were pregnant 16 years! In heart, in soul, we looked for you! We go home! Three together! From synuly! We are madly happy, this small lump, our son, the child, a kitten, a rodnulechka. From an odeyalka only eyes are visible. “Who are you? Where we? What is going on?“ - “We are a mother and the father, we go home, to us home, now we will always be together“. And the sonny falls asleep.