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My gray-eyed prince of

Approach of spring that year was marked not only very warm weather when almost all women suddenly began to knock heels of shoes on asphalt in March, but also strange manifestations of my organism. At me appetite completely was gone, there was a weakness and drowsiness that I connected with avitaminosis. Jackets in covering began to be buttoned hardly on a breast, but I took regularly contraceptive pill, such side effect is described in the instruction there.

I one morning when I indifferently chewed salty crouton, time from time with disgust glancing in a plate of the husband where ham and fried eggs lay, the husband resolutely told: “Natasha, descend to the doctor, you very pale, it is a pity to look at you!“ I also thought of it. Also trudged to the therapist, maybe, I think, vitamins will write out some. The therapist directed to ultrasonography.

I here I sit in turn in a maternity welfare unit, with astonishment peering into a piece of paper with result: “Pregnancy of 10 weeks. Prelying of a placenta. Interruption threat“.

the Gynecologist habitually asked

questions, writing out the direction on hospitalization. On my question as there can come pregnancy at reception OK, she stuck with a nail with manicure into a card batch: “Wons I conduct pregnancy of the woman after sterilization, and you here about OK speak...“

In an accident ward while I was weighed, was examined, written down, I try to cope with the gushed feelings: confusion, fear, pleasure, nervousness. I was “pleased“ with presence at me of a “narrow“ basin and it is powerful below norm on 15 kg.

“Woman!“ - exclamation of the nurse interrupts my thoughts, - Go to chamber“. What I am “woman“! I am twenty one years old!

I had

About the next 30 weeks diary in the form of the general notebook similar on school, with risunochka, pictures from magazines, dried flowers and leaves. Well? and of course, the main result - the son who, frowning brows, now diligently writes the report on vegetation of Africa.

Here some records from my diary.

“on May 1. I got a bed at a window. Well the fact that it is possible to watch life on the street it is bad what from cracks noticeably blows. Estimated a bed - only laid down, such weak grid failed almost to a floor. Got acquainted with girls. We are four. Light, the pregnant woman from “married man“. Christina with heavy pathology, she cannot even get up in a toilet. Ira with the second pregnancy, at it everything is normal, decided to be reinsured, so the first kid died on the 7th month of pregnancy. The youngest of us - 18, senior - 27 years.

on May 20. After the first injections my veins protested and hid. And now each injection just torture, yesterday the dropper was done by the anesthesiologist, more nobody could get into a vein. Intramuscular pricks - the separate song, after them you go, howling and lame on one leg. We put cabbage leaves and we do a setochka of iodine.

on June 1. All the time I talk to the kid, it seems to me, he a little bit moves. But nagging pains do not stop. The mother-in-law put a lot of food again, it is good though girls have a good appetite. After words of the manager that if I do not eat, it is necessary to enter solutions intravenously I began to force to accept food.

To Christina 5 days do not come and the husband does not call. She cried. Consoled in all chamber. As it is good that I have so careful husband: also calls, and under a window for hours costs before dark.

on June 25.“ The married man“ Sveta returned to the wife what she was reported by the fellow worker about. It seems that Sveta was ready to it, was not surprised at all.

on June 29. We read everything greedily romance novels, delivers them for rent the next little shop. Christine allowed to rise and go along a corridor.

on July 5. I was allowed to go home for the weekend! Under a subscription. Two days we lay with the husband, holding hands, and just spoke and dreamed aloud. In the morning with bags we went back to maternity hospital, and crowds of people on the beach to sunbathe and swim in the sea. The sun just shines!

on August 7. The next ultrasonography, I have a boy! Though I already knew. The diagnosis “prelying of a placenta“ is removed long ago. There was “a threat of interruption of the obscure etiology“. Intravenous injections to me are not given long ago - just there is already no place. Intramuscular remained, I put a hot-water bottle after everyone.

on September 6. At Christina fights and bleeding began at night. It was quickly taken away. Till the morning could not fall asleep, worried.

on September 7. After Caesarian at Christina the boy, 2 kg. It was transferred to reanimation of newborns. We pray for them.

on September 9. We have a new girl Tanya with twins, the military wife. Discussed bandages and tried on. Won against Sveta`s bandage brought from America.

on September 29. Autumn time! Beauty what of a window. It is a pity, in chamber it is impossible to feel this smell of the fallen-down foliage. Only smell of drugs. In chamber new hobby - all of us persistently knit. I have golubenky wool, at others different shades. Knitted a hat, but it is more similar to a beret it turned out. But socks nice left.

on October 3. Fir-trees the “forbidden“ chocolate. Was never his admirer, and here just enjoyed each piece. Still I dream of a hot bathtub - to lay down in foam and to close eyes, inhaling a pleasant smell. The shower already bothered.

on October 30. The stomach grew up, however. Though not such big, as at others on the same term, but all-. My sports past - a strong abdominal tension affects.

on November 3. At Sveta grapes from the refrigerator were gone. Accuses Ira - that famous sweet tooth, sugar spoons can is. Ira denies everything. Shouted at each other, then both cried. Hardly reconciled by the evening.

on November 18. The term of childbirth comes nearer, and from time to time rolls ice horror on me. Having read a lot of books, I understood how it is important to do exercises and to study correctly to breathe. And I did not do! How I will give birth?

on December 6. It seems to me, the tummy does not grow at all. The baby small, so the doctor told. Well and it is good, with a narrow basin of it and it is necessary to me. Appetite is good, especially there is a wish for a beefsteak svezhezazharenny.

on December 11. Strange grabs a back. Radiculitis, can? Friday evening, only doctor on duty. He examined me, told that everything is normal, preparatory fights.

on December 12. Passed all days off, grabbing a back and a stomach. If it is preparatory, then what then real fights? Horror. I cannot fall asleep, I begin to doze and I wake up from pain.

on December 13. Monday. Morning. The manager with the pursed lips with my card in hands came to chamber. Behind it trips, it is guilty having looked down, the doctor on duty. It is visible, got it hot. The manager listens to heartbeat of the child, then leaves. I hear how in a corridor instructs:“ If within an hour does not give rise, we will kesarit. Prepare the operating room“.

Evening. I gave rise! I write, having hardly departed from an anesthesia. After arrival of the manager delivered me a dropper with a stimulator, fights amplified. I was taken away in rodzat, and there from the second attempt my son was born. Three five hundred, 55 cm. To me it was only shown, right there carried away as I began severe bleeding. Further I was given an anesthesia... And I remember nothing. Recovered in chamber. I cannot get up, lost a lot of blood. I ask the midwife to bring the child. I consider and cry with happiness. Here it, result - my gray-eyed prince! And the real first snow went for the window at last ...