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The last output pregnant

By calculations, our with the husband, today we wait for the birth of our baby. Today Sunday, so, to a round tummy 39 weeks. Sunday is a day of week which we take for a reference point of my pregnancy. But the mood is not similar to it at all as if today to give birth. It seems that else to go long, and a tummy still absolutely small!

Ya I wake up every day with fear that there is no tummy, I begin to feel - on the place, and at heart it becomes joyful. But here the baby begins to move, and already not to fall asleep at all. She asks that mummy got up and ate something useful!

This Sunday morning was incredibly solar! Having hardly woken up, I decided to prepare a favourite dairy oat squash. On the way to kitchen I remember that still yesterday everything drank milk, and a squash without milk - at all not that! Well, annoyingly, and it is necessary to eat. When I eat, and the baby eats. Prepared an oat squash from fruktika. Just added some muesli to porridge and when all this became impregnated with hot water, it became inexpressibly tasty! And in the refrigerator on pleasure there were fruit. I cut them in a plateau. The breakfast looked on a table beautiful, tasty and nutritious.

came Now it is time to awake the sleepy husband. But for a long time it did not drag on. It was only necessary to remind that to us 39 weeks! Having supported with an “elegant“ breakfast, I began to stick with requests to me to help with cleaning of our apartment to arrival from maternity hospital: we planned to be tidied up today and to leave to parents. They live closer to maternity hospital, and in addition at us disconnected hot water long ago!

the Husband was not against to help and tried to make everything about what I asked. Oh these pregnant women! Darling did everything though it was very tired with yesterday`s tournament on paintball. In a different way I it also did not represent : all the time tried to distract and take rest. And all - hands reached the most difficult: we began to wash windows on our balcony glazed from a floor to a ceiling. During washing I thought of the daughter who very quietly sat in a puzika. Sometimes sentenced aloud as it will be good to it to live with us. The husband supported. It distracted us from mechanical work. There was a wish to finish and see result of our today`s works. We prepared one more “room“ for our printsessochka: a balcony where there will be in the fresh air a carriage, and in it - the baby! While washed glasses, represented how I would prepare in kitchen, sometimes glancing in a window at a balcony on the sleeping angel.

the husband began to wash with

After cleaning on a balcony a window in the room where there will live our daughter. It was very dirty. Probably, dirty even since building. But, nevertheless, the beloved husband coped and made all honestly. I am proud of it, he is the best husband on light!

I pottered in kitchen at this time, wiped dust, collected our favourite otkrytochka with kittens and notes in a separate box.“ I preserve“, - I pronounced about myself, sticking with an adhesive tape that pink box where our family notes and other values were stored. Yes I also began cleaning “to preserve“ the apartment to arrival of our baby. It there was a wish to be tidied up absolutely, to close all windows - doors and to leave the house to our parents. And here, while we were tidied up, suddenly hot water appeared at home!. I presented how at last I could be washed in soul, watering on myself as much as necessary warm or hot water!. These thoughts could not but force me to stay at home. In addition, I already convinced myself that we will better keep just the apartment clean and to keep order. I approached and told about this Vova. He, fortunately, agreed to it.

After a while darling went to shop with the list of products because the refrigerator was empty: we were going to leave. I completed cleaning in the house at this time. Time was already later, about eleven o`clock in the evening. I remember this time because we sat down to have supper in twelve nights. I was infinitely happy in the afternoon. All of us made, ourselves were tidied up, prepared the apartment for a meeting with the baby. We are good fellows! I love the husband! And Vovchik told that I am happy in the afternoon because I both managed to cry and to laugh and to pokapriznichat - generally, experienced all possible emotions in a day.

Day off passed

. I still with puziky. We very much were tired. The husband already sleeps, and I nearby. Still I turn and I cannot fall asleep.

At that moment still did not knew to me that exactly in a week, next Sunday, we in such air euphoria will thaw and be touched over the most beautiful and long-awaited Vasilisa.