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, each woman dreams to have the child - the pleasure of motherhood is incomparable with anything. Establishing a family, each couple aspires to it. However, what to do if the happy moment does not come even after long efforts in any way? Such situation begins to bring a certain intensity in the relations with darling, the despair leans. The only exit - to address the expert for consultation.

It is possible that you or your partner have an infertility. However, you should not be afraid so of this word - not all is lost! Modern medical technologies for treatment of similar problems now actively develop, and, perhaps, in your case the positive result will be achieved. The main thing - for itself to resolve that you want the child and you will make everything that your wish was fulfilled!

Be ready

that, perhaps, not one procedure is required before you see any result. Infertility is at all not cold therefore treatment can take very long time. During this period it is especially important to support, encourage each other. Trust, and at you everything will turn out!

But at first we will deal with the reasons. Contrary to a popular belief, infertility - by no means not purely female trouble. Men can quite have problems also. Or even at both partners at once. The statistics gives such picture: in 30% of cases the reason in the man, the same share of “responsibility“ belongs to women, another 30% - the general difficulties at both partners, the last 10% fall on couples with infertility of not clear origin.

If to speak about the reasons of impossibility to have children at men then it is worth allocating consequences of earlier postponed injuries, diseases, an unhealthy way of life, problems with weight, age etc.“ Female“ there are also enough deviations - it is violations of a menstrual cycle, various diseases of a uterus and pathology of tservikalny slime (the slime produced in a uterus neck), and also late age and the wrong way of life. In more detail about all possible problems, and also how to overcome them, you can read here.

But one more most serious problem connected with infertility is is a lack of information of the people who faced this trouble. Many just do not know about modern methods of treatment, about auxiliary reproductive technologies. And by that doom themselves to childlessness.

One of progressive ways of treatment at violations of fertility at partners is EKO - extracorporal fertilization. You should not be afraid of new words, EKO - available to everyone, very effective method of a solution of the problem of infertility! Let`s talk that such EKO.

the Essence of EKO consists in the following: at first fertilization of gametes is in vitro carried out, and then there is a transfer of embryos in an organism of future mother. Actually it is multi-stage process at which by means of medicines stimulation of ovaries at the woman is carried out, not one as a result ripens, and several ova which are taken from an organism under anesthetic. Further they are impregnated also specially processed sperm of the partner or donor in vitro. Thus healthy, qualitative embryos turn out. Transfer of the best embryos in a cavity of a uterus is carried out on 2 - 5 days. two-week painful expectation then it is already possible to take a blood test for check on pregnancy follows.

the Probability of approach of pregnancy to one attempt of EKO makes 30 - 35% - much higher than all other ways of auxiliary reproductive technologies.

be not upset if it did not turn out from the first. Often for achievement of result it is recommended to carry out 2 - 3 cycle EKO.

If you doubt whether it is worth using EKO for the solution of the problem, then for bigger confidence take an interest in features of this technology - now it can be made even houses! Here.

you can pass “Virtual round of EKO“ - 9 animation rollers will not take away from you a lot of time for viewing, and will visually acquaint you with all stages of passing of procedure of extracorporal fertilization. Creation of such virtual “textbook“ - very important step on the way of increase of degree of awareness of couples on opportunities of modern reproductive medicine. Be aware of the last technologies!

of EKO - it is available and it is not terrible! The first successful attempt was carried out in 1978. Since then more than 5 million children born by means of this auxiliary technology already live in the world. And still there live 10 million happy parents - join them and you!