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We make Christmas tree decorations of

with children to Make Christmas tree decorations together with the grown-up children - special pleasure. You watch how eyes on their attractive faces soiled by paints and glue light up, and the soul is filled by an anticipation of a fast holiday.

the Christmas tree decoration “Goldfish“ to us is required to



  • egg from the kinder - a surprise
  • a tape for registration of bouquets golden (tail) and pink (mouth)
  • 2 golden beads for fixing of a tail
  • eyes (it is possible to buy in large drapery, to take beads or - buttons or to make) - a band payetochny golden - ornament on a back to a small fish - a scaffold
  • a needle, a thimble - all-purpose transparent adhesive or PVA (it is inconvenient the fact that dries longer) For work!
the Golden tape we twist
  1. scissors, we put so that 4 ends turned out.
  2. we do to
  3. In the center of one end of egg by a needle an opening.
  4. by
  5. From within egg it is carried out through an opening a scaffold, we string on it “tail“ - a tape, a bead, we will see off through an opening in egg again, we string still a bead, hardly we tie inside.
  6. Egg we paste over
  7. with a band from paillettes, beginning from edge and as if winding egg.
  8. When glue will dry up, we paste ornament from above, eyes a nose (we cut out from a pink tape)
  9. we Allow to dry finally.
  10. from above we attach a scaffold To ornament.

Show to the child the animated film “About the Fisherman and a Small Fish“, suggest to tell the Goldfish the desire and let in New year the Small fish “will execute“ it. Let`s believe in magic!


the Christmas tree decoration “A frog - the kvakushka“

to us is required by


we do to
  1. In egg openings for handles and legs of a frog.
  2. we carry out by
  3. Through openings for handles a wire piece so that two handles outside turned out.
  4. of the Handle is wound with a green yarn, previously having greased with glue.
  5. we cut out pads From green velvet paper or a cardboard.
  6. we Paste pads for the ends of handles.
  7. we Bend handles in “elbows“
  8. the Same we repeat for legs.
  9. From a green yarn we knit eyes: 1 row: 3 accusative to close in a ring; 2nd row: in everyone accusative according to 2 Art. N; 3rd row: to double a stake - in loops, to fix a thread.
  10. we Make out eyes.
  11. we Paste a nose (biserinka) and a mouth. It is ready!

of Happy New year!