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The aloe on guards of safety of skin of

Extract of an aloe contains almost in every second cream. And it is not surprising, it surpasses many in the useful properties of “natural healers“. Thanks to innovative technologies even kids could feel the curative force of an aloe today from the earliest age because nothing so will protect gentle and vulnerable skin as extract of this plant.

Just been born child obtains almost all information on the outside world through skin. Gentle touches, easy breath of mother on its cheek, the warm beam which concerned the handle during swaddling. The world of the kid is fragile, and even small negligence in leaving can sadden existence of the kid and mother. It is difficult to adult to realize it, but the rough seam on a jacket is capable to bring suffering to the baby, to distract from the important period during which the little “brand new“ man needs to be trained in life in the big world.

the First days and weeks of life the child by means of us, adults, adapts to existence. And we are obliged to facilitate as much as possible this time, having provided to the kid the best - the most high-quality food and comfort.

to Modern mothers it is much simpler than

, than to the previous generations. Comfortable existence to the kid is provided by disposable diapers which choice is big, and young parents need to choose only that brand which in the best way will solve all problems.

the Most important requirement - the diaper has to absorb well moisture, leaving skin dry. But competent parents understand that only it is not enough, skin needs additional moistening to keep protective function. The injured skin which is not receiving appropriate care - gate for infections which can have serious consequences for children of the first year of life.

Behind skin of kids needs special leaving. Still our great-great-grandmothers understood it, putting soft woolen rags in diapers and bathing kids in train broth, greasing folds with prokipyachenny vegetable masliyets and using talc as powder.

Fortunately, life of present mothers were facilitated by diapers which not only leave skin of the kid dry, relieving mother of efforts and alarms, and the baby from unpleasant emotions, but also look after skin. And there is it imperceptibly for mother and the baby.

It became possible

thanks to Pampers Active Baby - the only diapers in the East European market in which aloe balm is applied. When using such diapers need for use the additional moistening resources disappears though it is strict individually. Everything that is necessary for the kid, already is - balm is applied on a diaper.

At the first moment it surprises with

parents. Really, how will absorb the diaper containing balm?

it is Clinically proved that Pampers Active Baby with balm of the Aloe helps to protect skin of the kid even during 12 - hour a night dream.

the Manufacturing techniques of these diapers such is that the balm applied on the top layer of a diaper does not worsen the absorbing ability and at the same time protect skin from the irritating factors. The kid moves - and balm is evenly distributed on skin, humidifying and feeding all smallest folds.

Often parents are interested in a question: but whether there will be no allergic reaction whether the aspiration to optimize care of skin in trouble - dermatitis and an intertrigo will pour out? Fears of parents have under themselves no soil. The matter is that all new components and technologies which are applied by production of children`s goods undergo at serious producers the most careful testing in a set of parameters. And authoritative pediatricians and dermatologists give the conclusion about an opportunity to use this or that component.

according to the Russian and foreign experts, use of the Pampers Active Baby diapers with Aloe balm considerably reduces probability of emergence of irritations, in comparison with other diapers.

Why in the Pampers Active Baby diapers used balm with Aloe extract?

extract of the Aloe contains a large amount of vitamins, basic of which vitamin C, E and a beta - carotene. It also contains B12 vitamin which rather seldom meets in plants.

as a preparation for treatment of inflammations, including purulent, the Aloe finds broad application in surgery, stomatology, gynecology, therapy, at otitises, diseases of a throat and nose...


of the Aloe it is widely applied also in cosmetology. Therefore for certain cream with extract of an aloe is in a cosmetics bag of young mother...


It is surprising, but at such rich vitamin structure extract does not cause an allergy in 99% a case and can be applied even at newborns.

Therefore Pampers Active Baby combining reliable protection and gentle leaving in one diaper - the optimum choice among abundance of goods for children in this segment.