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My Vasilisa I adore

Ya since the childhood kids, constantly nursed neighbour`s. Yes that there - even soon got a job in the cafe specializing in carrying out children`s holidays. And, of course, I had a dream to give birth to the kid.

here at last I found

I the man of the dream who wanted to marry me and wished that I gave birth to it to the daughter. So we also planned that at us the daughter Vasilisa will surely be born the first.

Well, here at last 2 treasured stripes, the husband is happy, I too, but so far was not really trusted because the second stripe hardly was seen. To confirm our doubts, we went to consultation where all and was confirmed. Of course, to our happiness there was no limit, and we began preparation for a wedding.

Together with emergence of pregnancy there were also many fears: and suddenly an abortion or the kid will have some deviations? Then very much was afraid of childbirth. But, thank God, with me there was always nearby a loving man who calmed me and supported in everything.

the First month I did not even notice the “pregnant state“ since everything was as usual.

But I rejoiced not for long, from second month terrible toxicosis began, and I not that is, and even could not inhale food smells - me just turned inside out. I began to lose the weight because practically did not eat. It was especially heavy to go in such state 40 minutes to the subway, nobody will give way, and I still had terrible dizzinesses. I, owing to the modesty, could not tell, but, I consider, people around should let know that to you it is heavy and that if you stand, then can pull out on them, the first months as well as the last - the heaviest!

results of the first analyses taken from me came At this time, it turned out that I have problems with kidneys. The doctor told:“ Such feeling that you pisat pus“. I, of course, got a fright terribly, but there`s nothing to be done, it was necessary to be treated by antibiotics.

By the end of the third month, just by the wedding day, toxicosis ended with

, and in this are happy day I was is happy doubly. Pregnancy did not prevent me to celebrate and dance actively all day.

Here both the holiday ended with

, and “pregnant everyday life“ began, the tummy gradually began to grow. And here long-awaited happiness: I received the first kick. I remember how to my happiness there was no limit. I called the husband at once to please, but as he did not try to feel in the evening the movements of the daughter, nothing at him turned out.

Under the Newest year the next results of my analyses came, and the gynecologist, having decided to be reinsured, directed me to treatment in hospital. The village I below to wait for “ambulance“, and at tears on cheeks flow. I call darling and I say that I in hospital am put, he was shocked, first time to consultation could not go with me. Brought me to scientific research institute of Dzhanelidze where people after accidents are brought. I sit in a reception, I look how people on wheelchairs by are carried, and it in my - that situation! Generally, the urologist looked at me and allowed to go home, having told: “What it you in general to hospital was sent - that?“ to me all fairly frazzled Nerves.

After New year we had a planned ultrasonography. The daughter defiantly turned away, but the ultrasonographer told that it is similar to the girl. And we - that also did not doubt.

So farther and my pregnancy proceeded: urine bad, quickly gained weight. We came to the last ultrasonography, the doctor looked and speaks: “The girl at you“. And we with the husband exchanged glances and started giggling. She bewildered looked at us and speaks:“ And what, I am last time something another told?“ And we just were convinced once again that as we wanted, and it turned out.

then Mishka showed to

A the daughter`s face, he with such children`s delight looked at it and told that it very much is similar to it. And so it also is!


Though I was also tormented all pregnancy by bad analyses, I felt perfectly. Therefore the second time I did not agree to go to hospital and at the end of pregnancy ceased to fulfill all requirements of doctors, the organism will best of all prompt what health at you. We for days on end walked and did not refuse to themselves pleasure to have sex thanks to what it was much simpler to give birth further.

In the last month hemoglobin strongly fell and urine constantly bad was, already nothing helped. And the gynecologist told me:“ Better to you, Katyushas, before term to give rise“. And I began to ask Vasilisonka to be born before term.

of PDR was put for May 20, and the following reception appointed on 15. And here I wake up the 15th at 3 o`clock in the morning and I understand that “here it began“ though neither the mucous stopper, nor amniotic waters departed yet. At me only pulled a waist, and the bottom of a stomach did not hurt, and I doubted whether it is worth calling “ambulance“ or to wait. For now decided to go to a bathroom and to execute out of necessary hygienic procedures. Then checked all bags, and at 7 in the morning we called “ambulance“.

Having examined me in the rodzal, the doctor told that it is harbingers, put a dropper and took urine through a catheter. It is necessary to tell, a catheter at fights - it is very sick. Then I was translated in prenatal though pains did not stop.

Called the husband and asked it to bring food since fed there disgustingly.

So there passed the whole day, but fights did not stop, all night long I was tormented because it was impossible to lie, fights were every 10 minutes, there was a strong wish to go, but since all slept, was afraid to wake.

So there came morning, at the woman lying nearby waters departed, and I and continued to suffer: to sit, it was impossible to lie already.

Then the mucous stopper gradually began to depart, and here I was delighted: means, process goes. Again the husband kept the appointment, and we together paced along a corridor because in that state it was to make easier only.

in the Evening when the doctor on duty distributed drugs, I asked anesthetic, there was a wish though a little to have a sleep. Distances a tablet, but it did not help.

When at 23 o`clock became me absolutely unbearable, I went to the person on duty again and told what at me pulls a waist every 3 minute on what she felt a stomach and told that hardly I give birth, but called the doctor from a rodzal. That looked and told: “Urgently in rodzat, disclosure of 6 cm“.

at once punctured with

In the rodzal a bubble and put the device KTG. But doctors did not manage to depart from me as attempts began, and in 15 minutes I appeared on a chair. 3 times it was extinguished, and my beauty Vasilisa was born. At 00:20 on May 17 weighing 3500 gr. and 51 cm in height

, unfortunately, did not do Without cuts, but it nothing in comparison with that happiness which I tested when I for the first time saw the daughter.

In 5 minutes the afterbirth was born

, and then I was sewn up.

us was brought Then to chamber where I put to Vasenk to myself under a flank, and we together fell asleep a sweet dream!