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Our kid Markushka of

As it was...

Expectation of pregnancy lasted near 8 - mi months. Infinite tests, from month to month. And this happened.

October... November... December... January... “All! It is more than any test, bothered to spend money,“ - I solved. In one of winter days (as now I remember - on February 10), we with the husband had to take the train going to Moscow, and from Moscow to fly by plane to Italy. Delay 3 days. What to do? This question tormented me all day. The next test for pregnancy always lay at me in a dresser. All right, this will be the last. Hurrah! Two strips!! I do not trust!!

we Go by train with the husband to Moscow. I speak: “And I have a delay...“ Husband:“ Well and it is good“. At once did not believe. Arrived to Moscow, I bought some more different tests. Again two strips! Well, why it happened when we fly to Italy?!

As I endured there, about the still absolutely small pregnancy...

Arrived from Italy, I to the favourite gynecologist Lyudmila Viktorovna forward. Ultrasonography showed pregnancy (4 weeks and 5 days). The husband was in the 7th sky with happiness. It was the finest time!

Pregnancy took place

normally. Delights of toxicosis passed by me. But with a small tone I lay in a day hospital. Made three ultrasonography... Boy. The husband was even more glad. I asked it a question all the time: “And what if all - is born the girl?“ He answered that he is glad to any child that will love it not less.

during pregnancy we went to the wood with tents for 2 days. Bathed in Volga, went with pleasure to the favourite work till 35 weeks. Generally, led active lifestyle!

the Midwife said that a fruit big. The doctor told that childbirth can be earlier. Term was on October 18. And on October 6 we celebrate my birthday, we gather with girlfriends at my place.

All pregnancy I drove the car, my husband joked: “Perhaps you in the car will give rise?“ And that you think? I go to shop on October 8 in 14 - 00 to buy a gift for the kid of the girlfriend (to it there was 1 month) I go out of the car, I walk upstairs, and suddenly rushed... Waters departed (this moment you will not mix with anything). I quicker in the car, went home, the bag was collected, called “ambulance“ and went to maternity hospital. Fights were not for a long time. My doctor appeared in time, childbirth began...

my most favourite little man on light appeared on October 9 in 01 - 15 o`clock in the morning. My first words were: “And why it is black?“ As if it has to be svetlenky! the Husband - that is the Armenian. My Marik was born weighing 4030 gr., 54 cm in height. Childbirth took place well, next day I almost forgot about them, other cares appeared...

the Sonny has an effect

in the first day: it seemed to me that he cried always. To this day we call this little man to whom year and is fast 2 months “enerdzhayzer“! Its battery never sits down, even at night.

Markushka Is similar

to the father as like as two peas, but my character!

Here such remarkable kid at us - Markushka!