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The captain`s daughter of

washing Pregnancy was very desired and long-awaited.

the First pregnancy came in 2006, unfortunately, ended with an abortion on the 8th week. I remember how, without having departed from an anesthesia, saw a face of the husband holding me by a hand and whispered: “Do not take away my baby, do not take away...“

How many tears were shed then how many it is endured.... And if not darling, I do not know that it was farther.

was allowed to Become pregnant to me in half a year. And what you think? Exactly in half a year the husband goes to long business trip into the North Caucasus. Months of expectation of darling, happiness of a meeting and months of unsuccessful attempts stretched.... There came 2008. One by one girlfriends gave birth. Lent time came. Marriage at us venchanny, and in a post matrimonial proximity is not allowed. And there comes the post, and I have thoughts: “The same nearly 2 months will be gone...“ But there came Easter, and in several weeks the test showed 2 stripes. To tell that I was happy - not to tell anything.

But together with happiness also the fear came: experience of the first pregnancy was not forgotten and sat down at my brain.

of 5 weeks - interruption threat. The doctor in ZhK in general told that pregnancy already stood, it is necessary to do cleaning. Fighting back tears, I go for ultrasonography. The heart fights!!

we find

Through acquaintances the good expert, and here I already on preservation in NIIAG of Ott. Dzhanashiya Manana Mamiyevna is a doctor from God, my Angel Hranitel. Actually, at it I all pregnancy was also observed. In parallel with consultation where as a result of the doctor I changed, went to reception to the young great expert.

Somewhere in 16 weeks the husband leaves again. “When this war will end?“ - I think.

So to the exit in the decree, we with the daughter lived without father. We learned that there will be a daughter at the end of September. Also addressed it already by name: Ksenyushka. Other options were not and could not be.

I can tell

About pregnancy that, despite the constant diagnosis “interruption threat“, proceeded it remarkably. Practically there was no toxicosis, hypostases.

of PDR to me was put for January 26.

Having arrived to the next survey in Ott, to me suggested to lay down on prenatal to prepare a neck for childbirth. There I safely arrived on January 23. I was going to give birth according to the certificate.

24 - go numbers together with my remarkable neigbours in chamber went for a walk on institute, walked through a step on a ladder...

there arrived the husband with sausage In the late afternoon. I wanted some sausage whether you see.

the stopper Departed, began to take a stomach. Told nothing to nobody, t. to. thought that all this seems to me. I then did not eat some sausage. At night lay and considered fights, asked the daughter to wait till the morning. There was no wish to give birth at night to me - darkly and terribly.

Early in the morning on January 25 crawled to the nurse chewing cheese sandwich. There was no wish to interrupt studies it to it obviously. Called the doctor from a rodilka, looked at me. Enema, shirt, call to the husband: “Began“.

Came to a rodilka and... Burst into tears. So to me it became terrible suddenly. I understand what will not resolve any more, and I am afraid to give birth.

Vaguely I remember

that day. Droppers, KTG, an excruciating pain, one by one approached doctors, felt, touched, conferred. In the late afternoon punctured a bubble. Here I also saw “the sky in diamonds“.

On hours 23. 00. I ask: “Well, when already? Today or tomorrow?“ I do not receive a certain answer.

At last, I get over on a table. To Creech from pain. It is necessary to add that I shouted and before, begged to make Caesarian or to beat me. It is necessary to pay tribute to doctors, they courageously suffered me.

I here, I lie on a table, there are practically no forces. I pray. I pray to Ksenia Peterburzhskaya. And here she - here she is my Ksenyushka, my daughter. Small, lukewarm, red, flops to me on a stomach and looks for sisyu. I pat her on a back, I pay, I laugh... While the daughter is washed, weighed, I am sewn up. The small gap turned out. Phone calls - it is ours the folder. “Well, how you, give birth?“ - “Not, I gave rise already!“ There is shock! Ridiculous I, gave rise, and I do not tell the husband a detail that 3300 gr., 51 cm and other some necessity. Called. Darling is happy. I am happy. Dreams come true, miracles happen.

Here we nearly a year together. I, Dimka, and our Ksenia. Captain`s daughter.

On a question: Whether “Still I want to give birth?“ I answer: “Yes“.

there has to be in our family the major`s son! And maybe, then and colonel. That then we with the general had many grandsons!