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Without sparing a stomach of the of

New year and Christmas, so, parties, feasts Come... And their consequences for a stomach to which these days it is necessary hardly.

As we spend long holidays? We drink at parties, we overeat on a visit, we try unusual dishes on travel. All this does not do well to a stomach. And women, statistically, have diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path by 6 times more often than men. Holiday vanity for 50% of women turns into a severe stress which consequences - belly-aches or exacerbations of diseases. In what the reason and whether it is possible to celebrate and have fun, but at the same time not to harm a stomach?

Reason: overeating

Problem: heartburn or indigestion

the Overeating, especially surplus of the heavy, fat, badly digested food, for example, fried pork or cake with whipped cream, - the classical reason of indigestion. Its symptoms - burning in a stomach which often is followed by nausea, swelling, an eructation and sour taste in a mouth.

Burning is caused by inflow of acid to a gullet and can be aggravated if you decide to lie down after food. Heartburn can be also caused by mint additives, whether it be chewing gum, candy or chocolate with menthol as the artificial analog of mint causes a sleep and relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter - a muscle which holds food where it should be.

the Professional advice
Elena Biryukova, the endocrinologist, to. m of N, hl. the doctor of the clinic “DNKOD“
  • Greasy food strengthens load of a liver. Thus, when you drink and have a snack on something fat, the organism receives double blow. It is better to have a snack on cereal products, bean or potatoes.
  • For decrease in effect of alcohol can be drunk before a feast of low-fat broth.
  • to
  • as a garnish for meat, a bird and fish best of all suit vegetables. And for acceleration of digestion of meat, for example, it is possible to eat a piece of bread which intensifies production of the enzymes splitting proteins.
  • Vinegar irritates with
  • a mucous membrane therefore marinated products complicate process of digestion of food with what you mixed them.
  • Contrary to a popular belief that it is impossible to combine proteinaceous food with fruit everything is exactly on the contrary. Fruit are caused in a stomach by alkaline reactions, and meat and fish acid so they, in fact, counterbalance each other. Therefore fresh fruit are quite good addition to meat, a bird and fish. And some fruit help to digest meat better. For example, pineapples split not fats, namely proteins, improving digestion of proteinaceous food (meat, a bird and fish). Besides fruit contain the cellulose promoting absorption of fat and cholesterol.

heartburn symptoms will help to Withdraw the antatsidny funds which are neutralizing excess acid in a stomach and removing heartburn symptoms. But their frequent reception can cause a lock and promotes washing away of calcium from an organism therefore before application of such preparations consult to the doctor.

I should not lay down to have a rest after food, try 3 - 4 hour to stay in vertical position.

Reason: in advance you cook food on the big company

the Problem: poisoning

the Food cooked in advance on a large number of people is often stored by

long time at the room temperature that allows viruses and bacteria to breed.


If at you began belly-aches, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or fever within six hours after food, perhaps, you caught colibacillus. To avoid problems, it is necessary to store the prepared dishes in the refrigerator, to carefully wash chopping boards and knives, to regularly wash hands.

Professional advice
Svetlana Vladimirovna Matveeva, chief physician of Clinic of Marshak.
Reactions of the person to alcohol in many respects depend on a psychological state. Try to sleep and plan on the eve of a holiday day so that to avoid vanity and tiresome trips behind the forgotten gifts. It will help you not to resort to alcohol in order that “to remove stress“. do not drink
  • on an empty stomach when in pretable vanity forget about food and the glass under peal of bells becomes first “dish“.
  • do not mix incompatible alcoholic beverages: vodka or cognac and beer, cocktails, wine and liqueurs. It can result in pathological intoxication.
  • do not arrange to
  • competition at a table. Tolerance (stability) to alcohol at each person the and if someone instead of alcohol drinks mineral water, then it is not a sign of disrespect and not a reason for “duel“. Do not forget that New year is a holiday, but not an alcoholic marathon.

On appearance of products cannot distinguish existence in them of bacteria, but the main thing - avoid some rare meat. If all of you - got sick, it is necessary to prevent dehydration - it is possible to suck ice pieces, to drink low-fat chicken broth and rather weak tea without sugar. Protivodiareyny funds will be withdrawn by symptoms, but doctors believe that diarrhea is and the way of an organism to get rid of pathogenic bacteria, and medicine will slow down this process.

the Majority of the bacteria which are transmitted through food live from several hours to several days and do not demand treatment by antibiotics. But, if in three days you keep poisoning symptoms (belly-ache, vomiting and/or diarrhea), surely see a doctor.

Reason: the Problem is too much alcohol

: the severe pain in a stomach giving to a back, temperature increase and vomiting, perhaps, a pancreatitis attack.

Usually search of alcohol at a party threatens

only with a hangover, but consequences can sometimes be very heavy, up to life-endangering. Pancreatitis is an inflammation of gland which makes digestive enzymes.

the Attack can happen as after one night of libations, and from - for continuous alcohol intake. The attack usually begins with pain in the top department of a stomach. During the day pain amplifies and flows to the area of a back. The stomach becomes very sensitive, there can be fever, nausea and vomiting, pulse becomes frequent. You do not hesitate with the address to the doctor, hospitalization and serious treatment can be necessary for you.

of 6 rules of a festive feast
Irina Anatolyevna Zalem, to. m of N, therapist, expert of the program “Netallergiya. ru“ Have a bite
  1. ! One couple of hours prior to a festive dinner eat a bowl of soup or broth. It will allow to prepare a stomach for reception of alcohol and to avoid alcoholic blow.
  2. Have a snack on hot, better mucous dishes with the minimum content of fat (for example, julienne, jelly, a jellied fish or baked vegetables). Such food envelops a stomach and helps to prevent strong intoxication.
  3. Have less than sweet! Sweet or semisweet champagne (and actually sparkling wine) is transferred much worse than from - for contents of sugar in it. The real champagne is a brut.
    the Same concerns also some sweet carbonated drinks.
  4. do not mix drinks and products, opposite on quality. For example, cold appetizers with fat, and easy alcoholic beverages - with strong. The first leads to indigestion, the second - to organism intoxication.
  5. you do not carry out
  6. all night long, sitting at a table. Walk, move, dance.
  7. Before going to bed, open a window leaf in a bedroom and drink a glass of still water. Next day drink more than unsweetened herbal teas, water for restoration of loss of liquid in an organism.
suffer from

of the Woman from pancreatitis more often than men as alcohol acts on them stronger. Some doctors consider that the female organism can acquire no more than two different drinks in an evening. So be limited to one - two glasses of a spirits one look, and the organism will be grateful to you.

Reason: abuse of sedatives

Problem: the irritation of walls of a stomach and/or an ulcer

Many women too often accept the anesthetizing preparations to appease migraine or menstrual spasms. During holidays they are accepted even more often - for removal of pain in muscles, arisen from - for carrying heavy bags with products, or the headache caused by tension and vanity. The frequent use of soothing reduces natural protection of walls of a stomach against acid and can lead to an inflammation of walls of a stomach and emergence of ulcers. And it leads to attacks of severe pain or chronic dull ache in the top part of a stomach. Do not abuse analgetics and consult to the doctor.

Reason: stress

Problem: painful spasms of intestines

At 25% of the women suffering from the so-called syndrome of the angry intestines (SAI), the stress became a cause of illness (other reasons - certain products, drugs, or even periods). SRK is a state which leads to the chronic pain in a stomach bottom sometimes accompanied with a lock or diarrhea. Only right treatment of SRK does not exist. Doctors consider that it can be caused by failure in exchange of information between a stomach and a brain. To reduce manifestations of this syndrome, it is important to learn to cope with a stress. Register to the pool or in yoga and surely include long foot walks in the schedule.