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The Nesadovsky child of

For adaptation to conditions of kindergarten teachers allocate for the child and egoroditel there are three weeks from the date of the first visit of group. If after this term, the child continues ispytyvatpsikhologichesky and physiological discomfort from occurrence in unusual dlyany living conditions, the competent tutor or itself addresses zapomoshchyyu the psychologist of preschool institution, or directs a nakonsultation of parents of the child.

Having studied specific features of the kid and his family, the psychologist of a dayetrekomendation also appoints the special program for adaptation a dannogorebenka to conditions of kindergarten, in realization which he participates to onsa, tutors of group and parents of the kid. When, at last, it becomes clear

by p that what would get prettier there was a program, but all these adults very much were late with its realization, to help the child already difficult. The kid gets to category of “nesadovsky children“, and the best that the psychologist can offer, it “to take“ his houses of years to five. Otherwise - psychosomatics, that is diseases, diseases and once again diseases as the only way which is very well owned by children to signal parents atom that their rights for satisfaction vital potrebnosteyzhestoko are violated.

B than the reason that one children visit a garden voluntarily, a sudovolstviye, and the preschool institution is represented to others “mestomuzhasa“ while both those, and others go to one group, to one ity to tutors?

Parents of NESADOVSKY CHILDREN are PARENTS of nesadovsky children. That is, as a rule, parents are so psychologically not ready to visit a kpostroyeniya of healthy relationship with establishment which malyshbudt them forcedly several years that their alarms are also strakhimomentalno transferred to the child.

First that is evident at communication with mother “nesadovskogorebenka“ - it is her increased nervousness and absence of trust to a kpersonal of kindergarten. Very much disturbs the child: how mother mozhetostavlyat it with aunts which she does not love? She never smiles to them, seldom greets, does not congratulate on holidays and, at all, he never heard that it took an interest in their affairs, health, their own children as it does it with those aunts which they visit. If mother can leave me from a takimitetyama, then, maybe, she stopped loving me, maybe, it at all not sobirayetsyamenya to take away from here, the kid is anxious. These thoughts gain still boleekatastrofichesky character if mother hurries home to the younger child that forces the senior to feel outcast, the derelict.

What to do? If mother understands that it is not the child, and in her if it is ready to kizmeneniye, then chances of improvement of a situation considerably increase.

First that parents that quicker izbavitsyaot illusions, is that the child, the bigger value of a dlyapostroyeniye of its adequate relationship with world around an imeetlichnost of the ADULT who is constantly together with it is younger need to understand. How to gorkoslyshat from mothers “nesadovsky children“ that they send two - a trekhletnegomalysh to a garden in order that that “learned to live in collective“!? If at the child who is sent to a garden at early age not the slozhitsyanormalny system of relationship with adults, zamenyayushchimiroditel, it can cause an enormous stress.

A it means that mother and the father of “the nesadovsky child“ need to do nothing, besides, how to adjust their own adekvatnyeotnosheniye with world around, including, with personnel of kindergarten.

Before sending the child to a garden, it is necessary to find a takoyeuchrezhdeniye which will meet not only the requirements of a materialnogoa of physical convenience (cheap, it is close from the house), but to izaprosa of the kid. the Chosen garden it is expedient to p to visit

at first without child. To get acquainted with personnel, to estimate material resources of a garden to ioznakomitsya with in detail - the developing environment.

If the garden satisfies with

needs of the kid for careful tutors, good conditions of development, it is necessary to descend at first with the child on a visit“ to one kind and good aunt which has many children and toys“. That the child did not begin to worry, parents need to be uverennymiv to correctness of the words, it is natural to behave, without falseness, and the main thing - to be psychologically ready to the fact that the kid should nadolgoostavatsya without them.

It is for the first time better for p to come to walk and to look what child`s stepenbespokoystvo as far as he was disturbed. If everything goes well, and the child begins to ask when he opyatpoydt on a visit, it is possible to descend in group. A frequent mistake of parents is that they bring the child vpervy time into group since morning when a situation more nervous, a chemvecher, after a day dream.

Having come to group, it is necessary to greet a smile with the tutor, showing to the child kind and confidential relationship. At home it is important to speak about the teacher only good. It is desirable to takzheizgotavlivat with the child gifts to tutors before holidays.

is important also to be tried to be united and splotitroditel in strong parental committee, with tea drinking (together with tutors, of course), departures on the nature etc.

On days off it is good to p to play the vsamodelny floor game “The Road from the House to Kindergarten“ - the card witness marks and lodges - reference points:“ Our house ““ Mother`s work “, “ father`s work“, “Shop“, “Kindergarten“. And back it is required to remember reference points in the road from the house to a garden and, having come home, to put (to stake) them. The child goes a svoyeyfigurka, parents - the. Playing “The road to kindergarten“ on days off, the kid does not wean from a garden, and Monday does not seem to it in the awful afternoon.


Krom of formation of psychological readiness of the child to an usloviyamdetsky garden, it is important to train the kid necessary a navykamsamoobsluzhivaniye, possession of which will allow it to feel the sebyanezavisimy personality.

Dear parents of “nesadovsky children“! Try to carry out these prostyerekomendation, and you should not have painful feeling vinypered the child.