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What to begin with and how to play?

Main, than differ the developing games Nikitinykh from the numerous fakes and games called by “developing“ their multifunctionality and a boundless scope for creativity is. These games as Nikitin writes, - games for all family. Can play them and it is old, and mlad. The age is defined only by degree of complexity of tasks. At B. P. Nikitin games are followed by rather difficult tasks therefore for absolutely little intellectuals of a task parents should think out. But we will tell about it separately and on examples.

Why the developing games are necessary? Yes in order that the child will be able to play the same game both in a year, and three, and five, and in ten years. And some tasks to these games, I know it from personal experience, it is not so simple to solve also to us educated by the adult, who forgot sometimes what it is intense cerebration. These games teach our children, passing from simple all to more difficult tasks, to have pleasure and satisfaction from cerebration, to think, suffer and rejoice when the task is solved and won a victory. Here it is happiness instant: “I made it! Look, mother, at me it turned out“.

As to make so that acquaintance to these games was remembered to the child forever that the attitude towards them was special, and games remained desired throughout long time. B. P. Nikitin writes:“ The first impression of game is very important“. It is not indifferent at all as you lay out the first time cubes on a table. If you in the face of the child opened a cover and - boom! - with a roar poured out all cubes on a table that they scattered in the parties, be not surprised then when just the same taking out from a box, but not folding of trains and towers from them becomes the hobby of the child.

just it also happened To me. Having found with great difficulty for desired cubes “Put the Pattern“, I came tearing along home and, having just shaken out them on a floor, ran on kitchen to make for the child a lunch. For long time these remarkable cubes for us were lost. When I glanced to the room, my son already carried them in a body of the truck and built something of them. On half of year I had to clean cubes before we could start performance of the first tasks with their help.

Put the Pattern

Cubes “Put the Pattern“ as well as possible are suitable for the first acquaintance to the developing games. What do they represent? These are 16 wooden cubes with an edge of 3 cm in size laid in a wooden or cardboard box (existence of a box is obligatory). Sides of cubes have a certain coloring: a forward side at it - white, back - yellow, right - blue, left - red, top - it is yellow - blue, lower - it is red - white (see fig.). Nikitin in the book “Intellectual Games“ advises to begin to play them since one and a half years. They promote “development of spatial imagination, accuracy, attention, graphic abilities, ability to analyze, synthesize and combine“. It is necessary to begin with that, especially with the smallest that is simple, having sat down near with the child, to together consider cubes:“ Watch what beautiful cubes! Here I took 4 cubes: one, two, three, four. Look, it is the blue party, and it is yellow. What beautiful blue path at me turned out. Here let`s take hare, you see how he likes to jump on a blue path. And now the path became multi-colored: blue, yellow, blue, yellow“. Perhaps, your kid does not listen to you for a long time, and looks around? Means and the first acquaintance should be finished for several minutes earlier. At the child all the time has to remain feeling of “nedoigrannost“. Game has to be stored in such place where it it is visible, but it is impossible to get most in any way. But if suddenly there was a wish to play, then it is possible to approach and show. The child who is not able to speak can even easily make it.

At first all of you will do: to build paths, to drive on them hares and dolls, to collect the first tasks and to think out the, and at some stage the child will join you and then he can suggest to make also or to continue a path.

needs to be Played cubes periodically when you have a mood and time. Sometimes, when you feel that at this stage you reached everything that could, it is possible to forget them for several months, and then when you miss game, it is possible to return to it again, and most often return to game happens not just repetition of already known set of games, and a new stage, new jump from passive perception to active participation in game, from reproduction of the samples made by mother to independent activity.