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Children`s esthetic hirurgiya:neobkhodimost or whim?

Choosing tactics of treatment of the child, children`s doctors of old school often like to repeat one aphorism:“ Adults should be helped, children need not to disturb“. It would seem, such approach is justified as some diseases are better transferred at younger age, and deformations, on the contrary, can progress after early the executed surgical interventions. At the same time there are some diseases which treatment in the period of the childhood promotes almost absolute recovery whereas postponement of treatment leads to development of the permanent changes which hardly are giving in to further correction. Treats also the field of esthetic and plastic surgery of children`s age.


knows a huge number of the malformations and congenital deformations demanding surgical intervention Today. Among them crevices of a lip and the sky are considered the most widespread. On the example of this disease the child can track distinctly influence of term of surgical treatment on further development and his adaptation in collective. 30 years ago in the majority of clinics of the world elimination of crevices of the sky was postponed until age of 5 - 7 years. Everywhere was considered that carrying out early operations will inevitably lead to formation of heavy changes of a bite and will cause an underdevelopment of the top jaw. At the same time such important factor as formation of the speech at children was not considered. As a result children badly adapted among peers, and after elimination of crevices of the sky the heavy speech frustration interfering normal communication often remained. All this led to considerable mental changes of the child as he became a laughing stock of peers and hardly could socially adapt. Achievements of the last years made possible to carry out expeditious treatment of crevices of the sky about one year. Such approach considerably increased percent of the children having the normal speech, and at correctly and in due time carried out orthodontic treatment of violation of a bite practically do not develop.

One more indicative example of expediency of early treatment of cosmetic deformations can consider by

remodeling of a skull at premature overgrowing of its seams. Between skull bones normal there are spaces, consisting from connecting fabric. These spaces are called seams, they define ability of bones raise in the period rough increase in a brain in the first years of life. At accretion of bones in the area of a seam develops kraniosinostoz which is shown by specific deformation of a skull. Besides, there is a brain growth inhibition that is shown by various neurologic violations. Earlier the available deformations of a skull at children disregarded, explaining to parents that they are a consequence of the wrong provision of a fruit in a uterus, rickets or other reasons. Parents were calmed the fact that over time the shape of the head can change. Expeditious treatment was provided only in cases when existence of the neurologic and radiological signs peculiar to premature closing of seams of a skull was accurately proved. Unfortunately, such approach was incorrect. It became obvious that by the time of emergence of strong indications of a disease the brain is already injured, and in any ways it is impossible to correct the developed violations. Modern methods of radiodiagnosis and computer biomodelling allow to conduct, today, examination and to make the exact diagnosis, and also to define tactics of treatment in one day. With development of modern cherepnolitsevy surgery became possible to operate children on the first year of life, providing at the same time not only the subsequent growth of a brain, but also almost completely eliminating deformations of a skull.

At first sight can seem to

that the presented examples do not reflect until the end of expediency of esthetic surgery in relation to children as in the considered cases it was talked of diseases at which refusal of early treatment will lead not only to cosmetic shortcomings, but also will cause of parents on a disproportion and deformation, teeth and jaws, ears, a nose and other areas in most cases are rejected for the reason that the child did not grow up yet. It is not right. Today very many deformations can be suspended or prevented, carrying out early surgical treatment. So, for example it is possible to extend with a surgical way a short lower or top jaw that not only will facilitate work on alignment of teeth, but also will eliminate the snore which is observed at such deformation. And it is very important as children with sleep disorders get on well at school worse, are often irritable and stirred up.

Sometimes children have a sight violation connected with wide in distance between eyes, such state is called an orbital gipertellorizm. Correction of a gipertellorizm leads not only to sight normalization, but also will allow to be formed to esthetically correct person. At elimination of a fold in the field of internal corners of eyes (epikantus or “the third eyelid“) not only cosmetic defect is eliminated with p with

, but also binocular sight is normalized. It is quite enough such improvement to take off the pathological fatigue of eyes interfering normal reading and development of labor skills.


In certain cases at children observes increase in language. At the same time language does not find room in a mouth and the mouth is constantly slightly opened. Sometimes the tip of language will stand before teeth, and appearance of such child suggests an idea of intellectual deficiency. From - for a language zapadeniye at such children interrupts a sleep, and there can even be a respiratory standstill in a dream. Besides, in the absence of specific treatment deformation jaws called by an open bite which is extremely difficult in elimination is formed by . Rather simple operation allows to get rid of all manifestations of anatomic discrepancy and at the same time to allow to develop normally to jaws.

Yes what to say about difficult cases when even the simple operation directed to lengthening of a short bridle of language or a bridle of an upper lip contributes not only to normalization of sucking at babies and to development of the normal speech at advanced age, but also prevents some violations of position of teeth on the lower or top jaw. It is only important to remember that in certain cases it is expedient to perform such operations in specialized clinics, but not on reception at the children`s surgeon of policlinic or the doctor of a stomatologic office as complications from incorrectly executed operations can in itself lead to big violations, than already available problem.


Even if to consider esthetic surgery from a position of elimination of not rough cosmetic disproportions only for the purpose of improvement of appearance of the patient, then and in this case justified carrying out operations at children. One of the most widespread examples is a lopoukhost. At elimination of this state there is nothing except that the child stops being object of evil sneers of peers to become quieter and self-assured that leads to formation of the balanced and harmonious personality. It is especially is actual at children of school age when the child begins to realize the identity and develops the behavior model accepted for it in society.

Important value has also mental condition of parents. For anybody not a secret that everyone wants to see the child the healthy, cheerful and nice kid. But sometimes our children are ill and unfortunately have a serious illness. Especially difficult that whose children develop with an intellectual delay, and if at the same time appearance of the kid suggests people around an idea of his mental inferiority to parents to have even heavier. In this case extremely to it is difficult for parents to adapt the child to society and they begin to feel alienation not only from relatives, but also from strangers. The mental trauma can be so big that parents can be deadapted and become socially reserved. In such cases elimination of some external displays of diseases of the children who are followed by an arrest of development can improve a mental condition of parents considerably. So, for example, at all known Down - a syndrome simple change of a section of eyes, puffiness the century, rotundities of the person and the size of language can hide external displays of a disease completely.

Thus, it is possible to consider that the esthetic surgery in relation to children is justified and not only from the point of view of the prevention of development of physical defects, but also grinding of sight of mental health, both children, and their parents. It is not necessary to hesitate to ask the doctor about this or that cosmetic defect which, in your opinion, is required to be eliminated. Address for council until you do not receive the reasonable answer about that as in what terms it is possible to make as operation or refusal of treatment will influence formation of the person. Remember that appearance of the child is an integral part of his social adaptation in the future.