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Men need time for understanding of

During several cycles with my darling tortured to become pregnant happiness. As the result did not follow, and, it is worse than that, there were smearing brown allocations, decided to see the doctor which it is in turn absolutely heartless and quiet, I would even tell, “by the way“, noticed that at me a chronic endometritis and suspicion on a cyst (“though, most likely, that it is an intestinal loop“).

Directed to

to ultrasonography which confirmed an endometritis, rejected a hypothesis of a cyst (that pleased me much), but found multifollicular ovaries, and in everyone on of 7 - 8 follicles. Also recommended to make tests on STD. And, as we know, they include, at least, 20 infections, and we at that time had no such opportunity. Appointed the preparation leveling a cycle for 3 months, but did not manage to spend on drink also one course.

on August 21, 2009. Thought of acquiring the test, but drove away this thought: bothered to be waiting in spite of the fact that we tried over rise in demography not for long, I waited for it long before a meeting with darling. Decided not to spend neither moral forces, nor money, especially, all the same the doctor told that to become pregnant now not so - that simply. Clear business that nobody excluded such opportunity, but I somehow did not begin to think of protection.

A 22 numbers the wedding of my mother and stepfather had to take place. Therefore there were thoughts to acquire the test that the nobility in what standard to be at a wedding.

in the Evening after the next misunderstanding left darling, but somehow theatrically and very aggressively because he was also invited to a wedding, but refused to go that just unsettled me. For herself decided that with it all is over, actually, that he also confirmed verbally.

on August 22, 2009. At a wedding, except the groom (who does not take alcohol at all), I was the most sober that for me is not peculiar. Even in club refused continuation of a banquet and went home. Houses somehow felt depressed, and I wrote SMS favourite, in an hour we met.

on August 24, 2009. Sitting at work, once again pecked a nose, and swore to go to bed to herself a bit earlier. And here I began to analyze that I recently in how many I would not lay down, want to sleep constantly. Shared the fears with girlfriends which was declared unanimously that I am pregnant. Inside from this thought something smiled. By the way, I had a delay already of 4 - y day, but I on it did not pay special attention owing to the fact that I had an unstable cycle, there were delays and for 9 days. Generally, girlfriends, among them one big-bellied 15 weeks, directly - agitated me to descend in a drugstore. Impressive gait walked during the working day to the next drugstore without hoping for anything. As it appeared later, in vain.

on August 25, 2009. Morning. Having woken up, remembered about the test (I will notice that about its acquisition I told nothing to darling). Trying to master a dream and not to miss by a jar, lowered the test. Did not manage to put it as I see emergence of a strip where pregnancy, and already only then control is signaled... It is difficult to tell that I at the same time tested. Both horror, and pleasure, and fear, all together and at the same time. Hands shivered so that it was necessary to light and appease right there a shiver and to feel in these minutes poisonings return to habitual life. Heart beat as mad...

Cleaned teeth and began to gather very quickly what darling woke up from... Where it I so early, if for work to me by 10 o`clock? My any excuses did not help, he embraced me, felt how heart beats, and punished to be pricked in what occurs. Not so I imagined it; it seemed to me so. It comes home, I, so in a box in the form of heart present it the test with two strips... How was in reality? I silently get the test and I show it on what in reply at first silence, and then: “Your mother...“ The most surprising that earlier when I read or heard how men react to the statement for pregnancy, thought that they are blocks insensible that do not jump to a ceiling. And time do not jump then, do not want. Anything similar! Men need also time to realize even if it and desired pregnancy. Therefore I quietly reacted to such statement because shared its feelings, but at the same time knew that both of us want it.